The Magical Revolution Episode 2: Dads Talk

You know one of my biggest rules on the blog are NO SOURCE SPOILERS? Well considering a lot of the 20-Gay-Three yuri anime adaptations I will put emphasis on another rule. NO COMPARING THE ANIME WITH THE SOURCE AFTER EVERY EPISODE. What I do here is cover and review ANIME, not compare with the source material. I am not here to discuss differences, which did it better or what was not in the adaptation. I am here for the anime AND ONLY THE ANIME.

With that out of the way let’s continue the main hype Yuri show of the Winter season.

Anis taking Euphillia to meet their dads

When we last left our heroines Princess Anis crashed the graduation soiree and upon seeing the beautiful duke’s daughter/Prince Al’s fiancee dumped by him and humiliated in public she took action by pretty much abducting her without context. On her latest (of many sacrificed) magic brooms they flew over to meet their dads to announce her plan to date Euphyllia.

Anis brings in an exhausted EuphylliaAs King Daddy-O and Duke Papa discussed concern over the prince and princess’ equally wild personalities our heroine rushed over to announce her plan. Daddy-O reacted as one would expect. After explaining the situation and Euphyllia confirming she’s indeed dumped the king’s rage at his honi son frightened her, fearing how her own father would react to her failure to unify their families through wedlock. Anis noticed her stress. The way Duke Papa worded his “it’s not that big of a deal” reaction didn’t calm her at all as she prepared for her punishment. Papa thankfully noticed his error.

Euphyllia's cute faceTo break the tension Anis outright said:

Anis: I have the perfect solution. Give her to me! I’ll do everything in my power to make her happy!

Daddy-O: This is no time for jokes!

Anis: I am dead serious Father.


Anis: So which one is right then? Anyway I want to make Euphyllia my assistant.

Euphyllia: Me?

Anis: (OH GOH! So cute! Her charm is off the charts!)

Back to serious mode Anis explained that becoming her assistant would help clean up the stains of her sullied reputation after the public humiliation. She specifically meant becoming her magicology spokesperson unveiling her inventions and take credit for them. Anis had no issue with doing so because she mainly wanted to work on her research plus her own bad reputation scared other potential assistants away from the job.

Anis hopes Euphyllia comes to love magicology -and her-Euphyllia: You do not mind me taking credit for your work?

Anis: Nah. I do my research because I love it. I hope you’ll fall in love too.

Euphyllia: W-w-with magicology, right?

Daddy-O: Anis. Do you remember what you said when you forfeited the right to the throne?

Anis declared her desire to marry another woman“I’m not marrying a man! If I ever fall in love it’ll be with a woman!”

This isn’t all an excuse for you to court Euphyllia, is it?

Anis: W-well you’re not entirely wrong…I just uh…don’t want to get knocked up…?

Daddy-O: Don’t desecrate the sacred royal ritual!

Anis: What’s the big deal? My child wouldn’t have any magic either.


Duke apologizes to Euphyllia for not being a good fatherSeeing the king and princess’ bond Duke Papa apologized to Euphyllia for not being a good father. Euphyllia didn’t understand and thought he’s forcing himself to not punish her. He praised her for being a great daughter…too great. She followed the life path he carved for her no questions asked and he’s ashamed to not give her the choice to follow her own path. Something like that. Euphyllia again tried to be a good kid but when he asked if the burden of becoming queen was too much for her she broke down.

Later King Daddy-O worried if accepting Anis’ idea was the best course of action and the duke was like “I sense it’ll be good for both girls. Besides, there is no law saying there is only one way for a royal heir to inherit the throne (coughtwoqueenscough). The thought of Queen Anis terrified the king.

Anis gives Euphyllia the nickname EuphieBack at Anis’ pad she bestowed her future bride the nickname Euphie. As she showed her assistant wife the workshop and hot maid Ilia delivered the sass Euphie thought about Anis’ free spirit and way with “advanced”, aka our world, technology. Classic “isekai protagonist wows people of a fantasy world with basic modern technology we take for granted”. She thought Anis was exactly what this world needed to bring positive change. A world where power and authority weren’t decided by the ability to wield magic. Something like that. Anis admitted she kinda envied magic users. We heard this discussion with Tilty already but got the bonus of the royal family being blessed with their power by the magic spirits because of their strong affinity…except for Anis. Things were getting serious again so it’s bedtime.

Anis invites Euphie to a great time in bed“Hey hot stuff. Let’s ‘warm’ up the bed together.”

Modern Yuri fans kinda nicknamed Anis “Isekai Chisato” but I see her as lesbian Johnny Bravo with more respect for women.

Anis comforts EuphieWe end the episode with one final dash of heartwarming gayness as Anis showed that not only did she want Euphie’s taco but greatly respected her. Euphie still wondered why she went so far for her and Anis said because she remembered when Euphie too was a free spirit with a beautiful smile. She hadn’t seen that smile in a long time since she got engaged and now wanted to help bring it back. She knew how hard Euphie worked to fulfill her family duty but the time had come to fulfill her own desires.

This show will heal souls if it keeps this up. Need more! MORE!

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28 Responses to The Magical Revolution Episode 2: Dads Talk

  1. Ruby says:

    I too need MORE! I only read the first chapter of the manga, and as soon as I saw it was going to be animated, I knew I had to wait.

    And, I’m enjoying it so far, especially with on key detail. I don’t mind romance series based on manga/light novels, but often they never reach the point when the relationship develops, so I’m glad the MC says she’s a lesbian. No tiptoeing around it.

    Like, I’m hoping they get together in the anime episodes we have, but if they don’t, at least we have that.

    And Anis is right, Euphyllia is adorable!

    I can’t wait for the next episode.

    And the animation is so pretty! I love the close ups.

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  2. Having a canon lesbian right out of the gate is so refreshing! It’s literally not a question of if, but when, and there’s no room for doubt. On top of that, Anis is such a great protagonist. I can see the comparison to Chisato for sure, but I think your Johnny Bravo reference fits really well too. Euphie remains such a delight, but I’m looking forward to her once she’s gotten more comfortable in her role as assistant and can truly enjoy her newfound freedom. I think she and Anis will have a great partnership in more ways than one.

    Something I liked most of all about this episode outside the wonderful gayness is the openness of Anis with her father about her sexuality and the fact that neither he nor Euphie’s dad seemed absolutely opposed. I’d even say the Duke was in favor of their union, and Daddy O seems like he can be convinced with time. As you said, he’s probably more horrified by the idea of Anis being Queen with her troubling antics, more so than her having a relationship with another woman. Guess we’ll see in time.

    In any case, this was an excellent episode with so much gayness, it’s almost too good to believe. I am very much looking forward to more. This is already a season favorite so far.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Two episodes in and Anis is already a Yuri icon. Bless her.
      Excited to see their relationship blossom over time.

      Mad respect to Duke Papa and King Daddy O for being mostly supportive. The duke realized their union would benefit his goals regardless. It’s just this time it’ll be with someone Euphie legitimately loves. Daddy O will have to eventually cope with the possibility the kingdom may be ruled by a loony queen.

      Truly a blessing two episodes in.

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  3. Alexis says:

    Volví pero no en forma de ficha.

    Esta serie va con viento en popa, me gusta la franqueza de Anis, ya desde pequeña sabía lo que quería y ahora solo será cuestión de tiempo para que Euphy corresponda los sentimientos de la Princesa Saqueadora quien ha hecho honor a su sobrenombre al tomar lo que el principito no supo valorar. Coincido con el seguidor de arriba, el problema no es que Anis sea lesbi, el problema es que parece que está chiflada con sus investigaciones, el sr. conde ha tomado previsiones y está seguro que su hija será reina pero esta vez por propia voluntad y si no les parece a los nobles deberían ir pensando en convertir al reino en república.

    Una pregunta random, apenas ayer vi un trailer de una nueva serie llamada “Pole Princess”, veo que el equipo de la prota tendrá una instructora sexy y las raivarus también son sexys ¿abrá coqueteos entre las chicas?

    Me da gusto estar por aquí de nuevo


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    • OG-Man says:

      Sera muy interesante ver la historia de nuestras heroinas y descubrir como Anis gana la corazon de Euphie y como ambas traeran la revolucion titular.

      Por ahora solo hay un Episodio 0 de Pole Princess. Aun no sabemos que tipo de serie sera.


  4. chikorita157 says:

    Once again, Anis continues to amaze and it’s surprising that she came out at a young age, probably the first I seen so far at least from the yuri genre anime I watched so far. Of course, it’s obvious that Anis might had subconsciously develop a crush on Euphie after seeing her use magic during her childhood. Regardless, the moments with them are undeniably great and I can’t wait to see more.

    When you catch up with the premieres or have the time, read my posts. Also, I wonder, what shows are you planning to cover besides this one?

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  5. ArcaJ says:

    This is the show I needed, this year! Anis is 100%, unapologetically GAY! Euphie is taking the very first steps in finding out who she is and what she wants from the world.

    The idea of magicology seems like it would totally upset to power balance in this world. I see where the “revolution” of the title comes in.

    “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” –Frederick Douglass
    Such a revolution cannot exist without conflict. Whether it be nobles who object to their loss of status, or to the idea of a princess marrying another woman; this upheaval will not go unchallenged. I wonder if the nobles will use Al as their champion for “traditional values.”
    This post got a bit heavy, but with all the fun and Gayness, there is a story that needs to be told. The writers set up the kingdom this way, and you can’t foment a revolution without some drama.

    If “I Favor The Villainess” has taught us anything, it’s that you can a Yuri romantic comedy and social commentary exist in the same story.

    I wish Anis and Euphie all the best.

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  6. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Really solid second episode!

    Anis put some really solid arguments to dear old dad for keeping Euphie around…aside from wanting her for herself of course. Poor dad just gets saddled with two trouble children but he’s there hanging on.

    Anis’ enthusiasm is infectious, and i hope Euphie gets to open up a lot more in future eps.
    Interesting bit of worldbuilding that magic is apparently something the royalty can do, and giving everyone access to it via the magic devices is opening a can of worms for a lot of the oldies in the royalty.

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  7. Takadou Akane says:

    New rule read, and understood. I will further refrain myself.

    Onto the anime itself. By holy Lily, it was good! Look at that bright smile of her when she announced her “preference”! That’s how it should be!

    I also really enjoyed the dynamic between the fathers and daughters. Anis and King Daddy-O’s antics put a stupid grin on my face, while Duke Papa’s realization of his shortcomings as a father made me nod my head. Good stuffs.

    I like how Anis was equally aggressive as she was considerate toward Euphie. Keep it up girl!

    Overall, an other great episode. Looking forward to the next one!

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    • OG-Man says:

      Way to go Anis!

      Cool to see Euphie’s dad take a step in the right direction.

      King Daddy-O’s struggles having two crazy kids is relatable.

      That’s the way Anis. Horny and honorable too.

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  8. LuzeP says:

    The gayness level went up from 10 to 90 in just 2 episodes. I love it. Anis understands she can’t just force Euphie to be her wife, she needs to win her over. Especially after she got dumped by the horny prince and she was sad. Although Euphie never really liked the guy, she was just being a good daughter. Too god.

    By the looks of it, Euphie will fall in love with Anis soon. Because Anis never failed to mention how much she likes Euphie in every conversation. Anis is more gayer than Chisato. A lot gayer. Amazing episode. Looking forward to see more of them.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Anis BADLY wants Euphie’s taco but knows she has to earn the privilege. Smart girl.

      Euphie did her best for the family but now can focus on her own goals.

      Fingers crossed.

      Yes. As glorious as Chisato is she danced around the bush a little bit and even used the dreaded “F” word despite knowing what she really wants. Oh well. Season 2 will hopefully ramp things up but we’ll get there when the time comes.

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  9. Zack says:

    Duke Grantz deserves Father of the Year for this episode. He realized that things became distant between him and Euphie, and apologized for putting so much pressure on her. He’s okay with her possibly dating another girl.

    Not only is Anise already aware that she’s attracted to girls, but has known since she was little. Most protagonists in Yuri usually go through the whole “but we’re both girls” phase. She skipped that step entirely. Although, it looks like Euphie will the one to go through that instead.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Very cool to see him understand Euphie and quickly make things right. Him most likely being supportive of her falling for a another woman is also a nice touch.

      Intrigued to see how Anis earns Euphie’s heart going forward.

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  10. Jeanettelith says:

    Once again i am convinced that dads are cool. 🙂 I’ve read a lot of yuri and it’s kind of curious that it’s the dads who are the coolest in it and the moms are usually part “villains”. 😀

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  11. cirno9fan says:

    I see lots of people saying “She already came out at such a young age”, but really, it was at at least the age of a teenager, probably an adult. I think some people tend to lose that this is an iseakai, and Anis is the one who isekai’d. She already had many years to come to terms with what she felt (probably hurt her in the past thanks to good ol society, which we may/may not learn about before the end of this show). as for how fast into a show she declared this, she’s one of the first yeah.

    Also see comparisons to all sorts of characters, but two other protagonists stand out more to me as Anis being similar to: 1. A certain Danchou from Million Arthur. Though Anis is probably more respectable of space/etc. And then you have Eruna from Mikagura Gakuen, though Anis is probably more bold than her. So it’s kinda like a mix between the two.

    Really makes me curious to see how her mother is.


    Even better episode than last week! Everything’s moving at quite a pace in this show, and a good one at that. Not a rushed one. I really like how Euphy’s dad is handling all of this. He’s clearly supportive of his daughter. Anis’ dad is also supportive, but wants some grandkids…maybe magichology might find an answer to this one too? But that’s for the more distant future!

    Euphy is ❤

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  12. yurimylove says:

    yet more anime lesbian “assistants” yay!


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  14. Nick says:

    Kinda sad you’ve gotta have such a big warning at the start of the review now. Oh well.

    Second ep was very good as well! Rick said I’d like it so here I am, liking it. I’ve seen so many screen caps of Anis holding Euphyllia’s cheeks like that Star Wars meme, so now it all makes sense. That was a nice moment. Also Anis declaring her intent to marry a woman at a young age, she’s a girl of culture. She’s had her mind made up for a long time now. Euphyllia is very cute, I can see why Anis wants her so bad. I mean look at her! Wow!

    Gotta say I’m enjoying this show quite a bit. I’ll probably be a little slower on watching it as the group I’m watching from has their release a few days after, but I’ll try my best to stop by once I’ve seen it. Would be nice to get the jump on Rick for a change and tell him he’ll like the ep instead of the other way around.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      It’s hard for you to break that sub tradition. Thankfully Rick got you to join us. He is a good man. So are you of course.

      Anyway sexy lesbian revolutionaries FTW!


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