BOCCHI THE ROCK! Episode 8: Rockin’ Show

When we last left our heroines they’re about to make their stage debut but unfortunately the day before an unexpected storm hit the neighborhood. Would the show go on despite it?

Kikuri greets Manager Onee-chan

At first things didn’t look good. Even Manager Onee-chan couldn’t hide the sadness of her precious imouto’s big show possibly ruined before it even began. Many of the guests our heroines sold tickets to couldn’t make it but a select few did such as Drunk Rock Lady, later named Kikuri, and the two cuties Hitori sold tickets to.

Super Saiyan HiyoriKnowing she already had loyal fans made Hitori go Super Saiyan along with her delightfully creepy joy. Unfortunately their optimism was short lived as not only did the storm mess with their debut but some of the guests weren’t interested in seeing them perform. Their first song was a mess. Nijika tried to keep everyone together but as they began playing Hitori noticed they’re all off. It’s so bad an interested guest left and the loyal fans went from bopping along to concern.

Hitori awakens her hidden powerKita was nervous and even Nijika who seemed in control earlier was about to give up saying to just get the next two songs over with and call it a day. It looked like Hitori was about to agree but the worried looks on the two fans’ faces pushed a button inside. She couldn’t give up. She had to do something to get the band back on track thus revealing her hidden power as Kikuri, the only one who didn’t stop bopping as if waiting for this moment had a “There she is” look in her eyes. The band proceeded to pull a banger.

Kikuri on stageArca J’s role model ladies and gentlemen.


Kita loses her coolWe learned Kita’s weakeness. The one thing to break her pure wall of optimism, being reminded of her first name Ikuyo. Ikuyo Kita roughly means “I’m here! Let’s go!”. Ask her and she’ll boldly say her real name is Kita Kita. Before the big scene near the end the senpai gave Hitori some sage advice after her latest breakdown. They told her not to focus on becoming famous but enjoy the journey and do your best.

Name dropOn to the big scene. Hitori noticed Nijika hadn’t come back in a while and went looking for her. She went outside to reflect and was glad to see Hitori. She figured out her secret alias “guitarhero”. Wit the jig being up Hitori explained she waited until she grew stronger before telling everyone, especially Nijika. Nijika was happy to know that cool guitarist was in her band because it meant she’s one step closer to fulfilling her dream. See, her mom died and dad was disappeared so Onee-chan’s the only family she had left. Earlier Kikuri asked Manager why she quit her band. She didn’t want to say but Nijika revealed it’s to take care of Nijika and open Starry to make her happy. Truly a siscon. Nijika wanted to carry on her legacy and use Kessoku Band’s eventual fame to boost Starry’s credibility to one of the best music clubs in Japan. Hitori then revealed her dream of helping Kessoku Band be the best it can be and become rich and famous so they’d never have to go to school again. We ended the episode with Nijika excited to hear more of BOCCHI’s rock. BOCCHI THE ROCK.

Great stuff as always.

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11 Responses to BOCCHI THE ROCK! Episode 8: Rockin’ Show

  1. tbiscut74 says:

    Another Amazing Episode!

    Kikuri is now my Best Girl. Love Her!

    The whole restaurant scene was fantastic!

    Excited for more!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Before the live, Bocchi in the box does the infamous cardboard Gundam pose. GUNDAM!

    The concert scene really shows, Bocchi does carry them hard despite her social anxieties. Thanks to her it went from so-so to a good live!

    Love the restaurant scene.
    Bocchi ovethearing the conversation between the two office workers was hilarious and we get Bocchi overthinking her future (which is something I can relate all too well sadly)

    Kita is really cute when she’s embarrassed like that haha

    Great scene between Nijika and Bocchi, finally she figured out Bocchi is guitar hero.
    Also she said the anime title, roll credits!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      She’s the protagonist so of course she’s their real glue.

      When you’re on your own worrying about your future is a daily occurance from what I noticed.

      Hitori taught Kita well.

      Great scene.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. chikorita157 says:

    Sure, we know that Teru Teru Bouzu never work, at least it’s nice to see Kikuri and the two girls Hitori sold tickets to show up. But it seems that Hitori stepped her game up and saved the day once again, which redeemed their performance.

    As always, Hitori’s episodes is funny, especially when she over think her game of life. Also, it’s nice to learn more about Nijika’s dream. Hopefully Hitori will help her achieve that dream.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. cirno9fan says:

    Not really much I can add. As usual, this show is really good. Whether it’s with the comedy, or the serious moments. It handles everything with rare levels of skill.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. ArcaJ says:

    I loved that Manager opened Starry just for her sister. I hope Nijika’s dream comes true. I want Starry to be the kind of place where famous bands pop in for a one-night-only live set, with no warning! The only ones who saw it were at the club already, and since nobody had their phones out, it only exists as a rumor.

    Also, Kikuri is trying to live out every Rock Biopic AT ONCE.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. yurimylove says:

    the band is playing better together now, progress.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. K says:

    Things were looking very bad for Kessoku Band at first but Hitori’s rallying solo guitar riff knocked the team out of their funk and their performance wasn’t a total dud as result. Nice fight! I liked that Kikuri kept on bopping even when things were dire at first. She might be a drunk but she’s an insightful drunk and that’s cool in its own way.

    I just imagine that bad future Hitori was thinking of when she overheard those salarymen being in the same timeline as her nightmare scenario some episodes back. Also, Iku-I mean Kita sure has issues with that first name of hers. I understand why it feels so lame to her, though 😉 .

    Ane-Manger’s reason for opening up Starry and Nijika’s dream were lovely and admirable. That just gives me more reason to root for their success and with Hitori by her side, it very well could be possible…as long as her optimism’s not clouded anyway 😉 .


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