Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Episode 7: Rowdy Party

Let’s continue, shall we?

Miorine bonked Suletta

After Elan Prime’s group, the heads of Peil Technologies, had a meeting with Papa Jeturk and an anti Baron Bad Dad guy to overthrow him (or something like that. I only pay half attention to the backstage politics stuff.) we joined our heroines at Miorine’s pad.

Miorine: Quit spacing out Suletta. Wait. Are you still worried about Elan?

Suletta: I haven’t seen him since that day. I’m worried.

Miorine: Do you enjoy annoying me?

Suletta: Haven’t you ever worried about someone else-

Miorine: No. My only concern is getting off this dump and heading for Earth. By the way you better stop spacing out or you’ll fail the exam again.

Suletta and Miorine in dressesWhile I didn’t watch the recap episode what I did notice was the bombardment of SuleMio art in dresses. Did we get what we hoped for? Interesting note is Miorine lent Suletta one of her dresses, leading to viewers getting a small hint of how big our lovable redhead’s chest is.

During their discussion they both got an invite to an “incubation party”. Basically a mix of a ball and an event to promote business ventures to invest in. Something like that. Miorine said hardly any get enough support so attending one was pointless but Suletta wanted to go in hopes of finding Elan. Miorine agreed. We’ll come back to this in a bit. Suletta invited Nika and a good boy (forgot his name). Chuchu most likely didn’t come because she loathed space peeps in case anyone asks.

Shaddiq approaches SuleMioAs they explored the venue the crowd gossiped about Suletta spooking her. Miorine helped her ignore them and focus as only she could when they’re approached by Shaddiq. He and Miorine were old homies see. He asked if she came to join Baron Bad Dad but she quickly said it’s to help Suletta find Elan. He’s surprised to see her take interest in helping someone because she wasn’t this social at all back then. After she mildly tsundere’d off I think he hinted at admitting defeat or losing interest in her. We’ll see if that goes anywhere.

Lady Prospera intimidates MiorineNext our heroines were greeted by Lady Prospera. Suletta properly introduced Miorine to her. It started off friendly but once Prospera used a classic mama trick to send her daughter off somewhere the real discussion began with her potential daughter in law. She hyped up Baron Bad Dad as this big deal and wondered why Miorine didn’t like him. She said it’s because she neglected her and didn’t take her seriously. There’s something worse he did involving her late mother but didn’t mention it instead saying she refused to accept him as her father. Prospera was amused by her rebelliousness and said “For someone who hates their dad you sure like to take full advantage of the benefits. If you’re serious about rebelling I suggest putting aside your pride for the greater good (the greater good).”.

Shaddiq helps NikaAn interesting moment between Nika and Shaddiq where he “thanked” her for something. Something else we’ll have to keep an eye on.

Suletta reunites with -Elan-Back with Suletta she had a mishap with Younger Jeturk, still bitter over her causing Guel to get kicked out of their house. “Elan”, who was actually Elan Prime forced out of hiding because his new stunt double wasn’t finished yet, played his part in the scheme by reassuring Suletta everything was alright then invited her on stage for the main event.

Suletta exposedThings went fine at first until the Peil Technologies reps started asking questions about Suletta and Aerial as part of their scheme to expose Aerial as a Gundam. Suletta tried to deny it but when she said she felt a kinda psychic bond with Aerial it’s pretty much over. Oh and Elan Prime feigned shock.

On a positive note before the big scene coming up Suletta’s scared when she realized she’s on stage but thanks to Miorine literally helping her stand straight earlier she got enough courage to talk to the audience before Peil messed with her. SuleMio with those baby steps. Love to see it.

Miorine steps up for SulettaSeeing her eventual Bae in big trouble Miorine stepped up to protect her by legit using her benefits as Baron Bad Dad’s daughter for the greater good (the greater good). She proposed starting a new company from the ashes of Shin Sei’s and Peil’s to research Gundam technology for the benefit of humanity. The company would be called GUND-ARM. Sounds like what Elnora’s past group were doing.

Also she thought all this up pretty fast just to save her tanuki soul mate. Not bad for a “caged” fox/white canary who only thought about going to Earth a second ago.

Miorine puts her pride asideUnfortunately being BBD’s daughter wasn’t good enough to convince investors. Remembering what Lady Prospera said she literally threw away the accessories as a sign to be taken more seriously. She approached the only one who could sway their decision through his support, mean old dad. To her surprise he agreed but warned her of the dangers of meddling with Gundams. That or he bluntly said “it’s your funeral kid”. Meanwhile Lady Prospera was called by Younger Jeturk to talk turkey as part of the big plan but Miorine’s success threw that out the window as she not only partnered up with her but kinda gave her blessing to marry Suletta. The episode ended with her telling Suletta “Yes dear. Aerial is a Gundam. Cat’s out of the bag. Teehee”.

Great showing by Miorine. Big step up for her. Love to see it. Hopefully she’ll take a bigger one in due time.

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19 Responses to Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Episode 7: Rowdy Party

  1. What an amazing comeback episode! I honestly didn’t expect most of what happened this episode, but I am not complaining one bit. For starters, it’s really nice to see Suletta and Miorine getting more and more comfortable with each other, such that they are pretty much spending their time together. Even when Suletta is sulking or worrying over Elan, Mio continues to be a supportive bride, but also remains herself. She can say all she wants that she only cares about herself and getting to earth, but we all know the truth.

    They both looked absolutely stunning in their dresses. Nice to get confirmation that Suletta is the ‘bigger’ of the two. It was nice that Suletta brought along Nika and good boy. I agree with your theory on why Chuchu didn’t come instead. She likely would’ve had a rough time around all those space peeps and the last thing they needed was to cause trouble as Earthians. I am too curious what’s going on with Nika and Shaddiq however, and this mysterious deal. We shall see.

    Glad Suletta could get peace of mind the “Elan” is alive, but I really hope she’ll start to lose her infatuation with him, especially after that stunt with his company setting her up for an interrogation. Not that he did anything directly bad to her, but I think it’s clear she’s not nearly as important to him as she sees him.

    Things got a little tense for our tomato, and I felt bad for her having to go through such a stressful and confusing situation. However, the amazing Mio Mio came to her rescue in such a spectacular fashion, I was thoroughly impressed! She really put it all on the line for Suletta’s sake, coming up with such a big business proposition in minutes and even tossing her pride aside just like Prospera suggested to get her father’s help. I wasn’t a fan of how Prospera was kind of mean-spirited with her before, but I suppose it was for the sake of the ‘greater good’. Though I’m certain this too is falling into her bigger plan somehow. It’s nice however that she gave them her blessing at the end.

    Suletta and Miorine are making such great progress, and I’m hopeful that Mio will continue to become more confident in the future, to perhaps eventually take the big step in professing her love for Suletta directly. Because while I think Suletta is slowly getting there, I think she needs a bigger motivation to really look at Mio as more than just a dear friend. Our Suletta is a little naïve, so she needs things spelled out for her to really understand. I think if she at least comes to realize Mio loves her romantically, she’ll consider her feelings and come to the conclusion she loves her too in time. Until then, we will be watching their baby steps carefully.

    Really great stuff and we still have a lot of episodes to see how everything unfolds.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Baby steps to greatness and we are here for it. Miorine will soon be unable to deny her feelings. One day she will finally spell it out for Suletta.

      Hope to see Chuchu near Nika again soon. Her presence was missed but as I said this event was so not her thing.

      Curious what Nika’s connection is with Shaddiq. More drama for sure but how much remains to be seen.

      Lady Prospera’s approach was a bit rough but she wasn’t wrong in her assessment. Thankfully Mio Mio got the message and blew most of us away with awesomeness. Hopefully Suletta got the hint her bride does care about her. Again Miorine will eventually spell it out for her setting our desired development in motion.

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  2. Unbelievable! Lady Prospera ditched Suletta, her own daughter. If it wasn’t for Suletta’s fiance, Miorine, then Suletta would’ve been found guilty and expelled, and Aerial would’ve been dismantled. And not only that, Lady Prospera knew that Aerial is a Gundam, and Suletta didn’t notice the truth until now!

    But wait, Elan’s mobile suit, Pharact, is also a Gundam, and Gundams have been declared “illegal” according to Miorine’s evil dad, so why couldn’t they frame Elan, too? This doesn’t make any sense at all!

    And what also doesn’t make sense is the part where that jerk Guel is invited to a ball and was still given orders by “his” dad, despite the fact that Guel was disowned by his dad and was kicked out of the Jeturk House!

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    • OG-Man says:

      Lil Bro is Papa’s new lapdog and was ordered to call Prospera away to discuss “other business”.

      Guel was in this episode?

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    • cirno9fan says:

      Peil technologies said they would take a punishment for that, in being having their gundam destroyed/etc, and said “Shinsei (or whatever the company’s name is) should do just as we did, right?” And that is how Aerial was going to get dismantled. It was all a plot to get rid of Aerial (and Suletta ultimately), that Peil was attempting to pull off with Guel’s dad’s assistance. So then he could again have a son that “owns” Mio, kill Miodaddy and take over everything. i’m sure he offered them something nice as part of the deal.

      I didn’t see Guel at all. That should have been his younger brother.

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  3. Tayumayu says:

    this episode is epic…waow…i am speechless, miomio and suletta in their dress look so damn fineeee. also, this episode taught our fav heroines that “adult mind battle is no joke”. things just…intense…

    gotta love that yoasobi cameo there, oh so very subtle XD, kinda sad can not see nikachu together but oh well, maybe other time we get the oportunity

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  4. LuzeP says:

    I have to admit is hard for me to see Suletta, our heroine, be this gullible. If this was a slice of life anime, I would understand. But this is Gundam. Everyone has their own suspicious motive. Even Nika has one. Whatever that is. I’m not complaining. It’s a good story and I’m craving for more.

    All this time, Suletta seemed to rely on anyone but Miorine. I do understand why. Miorine is planning to leave her. I hope now after Miorine has done for her, she will rely on her bride. And help her to build that Gundam company. Although we still don’t know how she reacts to her Aerial being a Gundam especially after she realized her mother lied to her.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Poor dear will eventually have to wisen up. Hopefully she now knows she can depend on Miorine more though the tsundere bride needs to spell it out for her eventually.

      Mom and daughter’s relationship will be rocky going forward.

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  5. Zack says:

    I don’t really understand the politics/business side of the story either. I think each of the three companies had something different planned, but I’m not entirely sure what.

    By the way, the guy who was with Suletta and the others was Martin Upmont. Martin is the one who is technically the leader of Earth House, but that can be easy to forget considering that Nika is the one who actually takes charge.

    I liked how Prospera called Miorine out on how she was still relying on her father’s influence despite hating him.

    Also, it looks like the 21 years ago thing has been confirmed to be the prologue. Although, some people still have doubts from what I’ve seen. If it is true then it would raise some questions. Mainly, how come Suletta is 17 and not 25 like she theoretically should be? The theories I’ve seen amount to either she was cryogenically frozen at some point for a few years, or she is a clone of Ericht Samaya.

    The thing with Shaddiq and Nika is concerning. If you remember from last episode, Nika got her hands on some thruster packs for Aerial. However, when the others started praising her for getting them, Nika seemed reluctant to accept that praise. Almost like she didn’t like what she had to do to get them. My theory is this; I think Nika has some sort of deal with Shaddiq that involves supplying Earth House with parts to build mobile suits with (he might be secretly helping them in other ways too). However, a deal has to go both ways. So the question is what exactly has Nika been offering in return? I have two theories for that:

    1. She has been spying on Suletta for him and secretly been giving him any information she can attain on Aerial. This would unfortunately mean that Nika is a traitor. It's also unfortunately the theory that I think would make the most sense. If true then it will definitely cause some drama. 
     2. This theory is the one that imagine most people on this site will hate the most. Fortunately, it's also the one I think is the least likely. Basically, Nika is sleeping with Shaddiq. Shaddiq has already been said to be a womanizer in a previous episode so it's a possibility that he gets around a lot. This theory doesn't necessarily joss the possibility of a Nika/Chuchu ship, but it would mean that the former is guilty of infidelity. The reason I don't personally believe this theory is for two reasons: Shaddiq may be a womanizer, but he so far doesn't seem like the sort of asshole who would pressure a girl into having sex with him. And Nika doesn't seem like the type who would be that desperate.

    Either way, I don’t think Nika is a bad person. I think whatever is going on, she’s probably doing it for Earth House’s sake.

    Back to the plot. Elan Prime continues to be an asshole. He basically set Suletta up to be thrown under the bus, and then started wondering who could have done such a terrible thing. You know that meme where that guy shoots someone and then asks “who killed [x]?” That’s what that scene reminded me of.

    Fortunately, Miorine comes to her not yet girlfriend’s rescue. Honestly, it’s becoming more and more obvious that Miorine likes Suletta, and not in a platonic sense.

    A bit concerning that Peil Technologies CEOs were smiling at the unexpected business merger.

    I liked how Miorine basically swallowed her pride away just so she could get her dad to finance her name business venture.

    Random thought: I remember seeing a height chart for the characters, and Miorine is actually pretty short without her heels.

    Anyway, it was honestly surprising that Delling actually gave 3% to his daughter’s new company. As someone on Reddit pointed out, it also shows some trust in his daughter. He could have just payed the whole thing and the claimed it was his idea or just outright refused to give any of his money, but he gave just enough to convince others to invest as well. And without taking control away from Miorine. Could Delling not be as a big of an asshole as we thought? Don’t get me wrong, he’s still done some pretty awful things. The whole massacre in the prologue and making his own daughter a prize to be won at the school are just a few examples. But I wonder if there’s some small part of him that does care? Perhaps his treatment of Miorine is a form of tough love to insure that she’ll grow up to be an independent woman who won’t need to rely on him? Just a thought, I don’t know what to think yet.

    Anyway, now Miorine has her own company, GUND-Arm Inc. Next order of business, a sub-division designed to sell little miniature plastic replicas of the mobile suits to kids and teens. The name of this sub-division? Bandai. This will be followed by another sub-division to make animated cartoons featuring the Gundams. This company shall be called Sunrise.

    Oh, and Suletta has discovered that her mom has been lying to her about Aerial. That is definitely going to create some drama. Honestly, this episode really made Prospera look kind of menacing.

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    • OG-Man says:

      He is Good Boy to me.

      She’s a bit harsh in her approach but wasn’t wrong. Partially to show viewers she can be sinister too and not just cunning.

      You know that wasn’t what we’re talking about when discussing size.

      I’m just waiting to see what happens. Not really doing much speculating on my end. Keep your theories saved up just in case.

      It’d be interesting were it revealed he’s showing Miorine tough love all along. Still doesn’t excuse his crimes.

      Miorine’s feelings are growing. She just needs to spell it out for Suletta when the time comes as our lovable redhead isn’t good at reading people. Not many people are actually but you get the point.

      Nice merch jokes.

      Oh yes. Rocky relationship with mama going forward.

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  6. cirno9fan says:

    After a slew of not so interesting episodes, finally got a good one again! Still don’t have a lot of faith in this show to deliver in the end, but not enough has been put forth to give me reasons to eject.

    I suspect Prospera had a backup plan well ready for this silly plot by Gueldaddy and Peilcouncil, but was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t necessary in the end, and things went over much more smoothly than they probably would have. So Mio is proving herself a valuable asset (my guess is her mom already had some tendencies to be quite the schemer, but her happy relationship with her husband kept all that in check. But now that he was killed after they were betrayed so ruthlessly, she’s taken on that persona in full, and is probably the worst out of all the “councils of ebil” that run things.), which greatly increases her chances to be considered worthy enough to not be an intended victim in whatever Prospera is planning.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Fancy way of saying you give no flubs about Elan or his stunt doubles. I don’t either but didn’t think the episodes were bad.

      Being a mysterious chaotic neutral masked manipulator it would be expected for Prospera to have plans A to Z and be ten steps ahead of most. She most likely didn’t expect Miorine to step up as strongly as she did.

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  7. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Ah yes, the first episode after the banger that was episode six, and this show doesn’t give us any time to breathe.

    First the OP was updated to show off two new mobile suits – these were revealed as model kits previously and now I’m excited to see them in action in animation!

    The main event is of course, the party.
    Miomio agreeing to go to the party so Suletta can look for Elan. This white haired tsundere does care.
    Seems like Nikka and Shaddiqq have something going on. My gut says it had something to do with Mirasoul fight unit from the last episode but we’ll see.

    Prospera Mercury was so intimidating this episode, I loved her scenes with Mio.

    The witch trial was excellent. I just love how the entire sequence was done, it really made Suletta feel small and vulnerable as accusations rain down upon her.
    And then Mio comes to the rescue with her new company proposal! Even though she was unprepared and clearly grasping for straws she tried her best to save her groom, even swallowing her pride to do so.

    And of course that ending where Prospera straight up admits the Aerial is a gundam to a shocked Suletta! What a way to end this episode.

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  8. yurimylove says:

    “Aerial is a Gundam… also, there’s no Santa Claus”

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  9. opaco1234 says:

    Miorine shouting herself as a bride mean she is confortable with that title.
    Also, the support of her father if mean they links isn`t completely lose


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