Akiba Maid War Episode 7: WAR!

Was this the titular war the show had been hyping up?

A week had passed since the last episode and there’s a clear calm before the storm vibe as our heroines prepared for the Maidalien attack. What worried them more though was Nagomi disappearing since the tragedy. Not even Ranko knew where she was. Ranko’s head was clearly not in the game as she missed her little sweetie.

To show how much she cared about Nagomi as she handed out flyers one day she faintly noticed a pink ninja in the distance and could tell with 99.9% certainty it’s Nagomi. She’s right of course but to think her eyes and senses were that sharp. Actually I shouldn’t be surprised. This is Ranko we’re talking about. That and more fuel for NagoRan/RanGomi. Do the right thing writers. Give us age-gap yuri damn it! Dare to be bold! It’s been done before.

Nagomi did her best to pretend she enjoyed the ninja life but it didn’t take long for her to admit the opposite. Her heart called to the maid world but she’s too scared and ashamed to show go back to Oinky Doink fearing she’d hold everyone back, especially be powerless to stop the death of those she cared for. Ranko didn’t word it precisely but she wanted to say Nagomi’s kind heart was precisely why she should be a maid but Nagomi wasn’t convinced. By the way Ninja Nagomi was one of the few funny parts of this episode which of course was by design.

The next day at the dojo cafe Nagomi was visited by Nerula fanboys mourning the passing of their beloved idol. They didn’t blame Nagomi at all. In fact they came to bring a special Nerula trading card and revealed she touted Nagomi to the heavens as potentially the savior of the maid world. Okay not that far but she saw her as the ideal maid in this cruel yakuza maid world. After work she went to the site of Nerula’s murder. Her heart of course broke when she’s called by the ramen shop owner. He had a cool wise old man talk with her. The important part was when he said “Some things gotta change in order to stay the same”. We’d later find out what that meant for Nagomi.

Army of sexy killer maids led by a hot loose cannon.

The Oinky Doink raid was on and as expected of the show it’s an intense battle. Our heroines did their best to hang on but there were too many alien maid babes plus their leader wasn’t a pushover.

Fortunately Nagomi put her WEEK’s worth of ninja training to good use kicking hot alien maid ass. She wasn’t strong enough to fight Manami alone but she showed she could hang with her. Remember this while watching her be a badass. She trained for ONE WEEK. Reminded me of Frieza unlocking his Golden form in a similarly short time of training.

The tides had turned as the Maidaliens were forced to retreat. Manami refused to accept the outcome but her right hand convinced her to flee. She called for backup but the higher ups already made a deal to merge Maidalien with Creatureland and become equals meaning she’s on her own. Realizing it’s pretty much over she had her right hand leave as she prepared to face the pink avenger and her (hopefully) hot older soul mate.

Things can still change but this was exactly what I hoped for Nagomi. Not her becoming Ranko 2.0 but a noble badass who fought for truth, justice and the “moe moe kyun” way to honor her fallen friend. So good! She obviously didn’t forgive Manami but knew it wasn’t right to kill her instead “convincing” her to live the rest of her life without taking more lives.

Unfortunately Manami’s time in this world would be short-lived as she tried to talk some sense into the Maidalien weenie bosses but got showered with lead for her trouble. The days of old school honor were long gone. On a very small bright side not only did Manami loyalists led by the right hand babe defect from the main group but instead of merging with Creatureland they’re absorbed to become their servants. Serves those bastards right. Looks like the real final boss may be the Creatureland leader.

So technically not the titular war but a close enough preview of something bigger down the line.

Great stuff.

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9 Responses to Akiba Maid War Episode 7: WAR!

  1. tbiscut74 says:

    Another Great Episode!

    This was an action packed episode! Don’t underestimate the Panda!

    Also really glad that Nagomi stay true to herself!

    And Nagomi makes the cutest ninja! But she is a maid always, so probably in an alternate universe she’s a ninja.

    Very sad Manami dead. She was a cool character. Rest in peace my crimson bat wielding beauty.

    And most important thing this episode, is more NagoRan greatness! So very eager for more from these 2! Ranko has a Nagomi sense to be able to find her in that ninja getup. Nagomi can’t hide from her soul mate!

    Excited for more!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Glad Nagomi didn’t become a cold vengeful killing machine. Anything can happen still but fingers crossed she stays a noble badass.

      Ninja Nagonin will be missed.

      Manami was a pretty cool antagonist. Sad to see her go so soon.

      Fingers still crossed NagoRan is the end goal.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Fighting for justice? Letting a villain escape? Failing to avenge her loved one, like her dead friend? Yeah, Nagomi is definitely NOT Batman, or in this case “Batgirl”.

    With the way she is currently fighting, how can Nagomi possibly defeat the most powerful maid in the city?


  3. chikorita157 says:

    It’s a good thing that Nagomi didn’t go down the path of Ranko and avenging Nerula’s death, but her approach does reminds me of Chisato. At least Nagomi meets Nerula’s dying wish by not killing anyone and does a good job fighting without resorting to guns.

    Funny how the former Maidalien leader kills Minami and throw her body in the ocean. Nice knowing her, but still well deserved.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Ninja Nagomi will be missed. She’s adorable and cool.

      So glad she didn’t become a life drained avenger.

      Wanted to see more Manami personally. Fun antagonist gone too soon. Wonder if her replacement can fill her shoes.


  4. K says:

    It’s quite amazing that Nagonin became a capable ninja in just a week 😉 . Of course, as much as she tried to deny it at first, she has the soul of a maid. Her actions in rescuing her fellows and standing up to those extraterrestrial invaders without killing them was very commendable. Nerula was right in her assessment of her sister and she would have been proud of her.

    After bearing witness to Nagomi’s idealistic radiance, Manami called it quits and decided to return to her home planet. Unfortunately, she died before making it back. She was an entertaining villain who could not adapt to the different Akiba she found herself in. Opposite to what her moniker suggests, she went out with a whimper, filled with lead by greedy opportunists and turned into fish food. I wonder if we’ll run into her faction in the future…

    Speaking of opportunists, Ms. Ugaki might just be regretting the stance she took with the Creatureland Group, seeing how Maidalien is just another group of underlings instead of equal partners. Maybe you should have taken Manami up on her offer of world domination instead of being peaceful aliens 😉 .

    Liked by 2 people

  5. OG-Man says:

    Sad to see Ninja Nagomi and Manami go. Both were cool.

    So glad her hope hadn’t faded just yet.

    Would be cool to see her loyal faction return.

    Ms Ugaki made a bad business decision indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. yurimylove says:

    i learned today that playing darts for a week will make you a skillful ninja

    Liked by 1 person

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