Studio Elan and Coattails Mega Announcement(s)

The mad lads did it. Triple Joshy and Syon Khan actually did it.

Elan Festival 2022

First of all the business-y thing. Studio Elan and Studio Coattails have come together to perform the Fusion Dance to create:

The Coattails of Studios Elan


Here are the two studios’ words on this historic fusion.

Today, we’re excited to announce that the Studio Élan family is getting a little bigger, as we’ll be officially merging with Studio Coattails. As the co-developers of Highway Blossoms, we’ve worked closely with Coattails for years and have several overlapping members and projects. So, we decided to make it official and join forces once and for all. From here on out, Coattails games like National Park Girls and other currently unannounced titles will be released under the Studio Élan name instead.

Pachi pachi.

Lots of cool stuff coming our way with this merger including other kinds of games besides VNs and KNs, or something like that.

Although our focus is and will continue to be on making sapphic visual novels and games, with this new expansion, we may occasionally release other kinds of games in the future as well. In addition to making games, Studio Coattails also provides voice acting casting and directing, and will continue to offer and operate this service under the Studio Coattails name.

National Park GirlsOn to the big game news. The final episode of National Park Girls has a release date. Will Eve fulfill her destiny and repopulate the American parks of the United States…if you know what I mean?

Eternal Evergreen Part 2 is scheduled for a January 2023 release. Get pumped!

Visit the main National Park Girls store pages on Steam and to buy each episode separately or the combo pack in anticipation of the grand finale.

Please Be Happy Release DatePlease Be Happy. The big SE’s third major release at long last has a release date after many roadblocks that mainly started with the letter C.

Please Be Happy is the story of Miho, a Korean fox spirit or gumiho, who arrives in Wellington, New Zealand as part of a lifelong search for a particular human. Set in a fantasy version of our own world, PBH is a relaxed, slice-of-life story about finding fulfillment and what it means to be alive.

Two lovely ladies for our lovable kitty to romance.

Please be Happy is scheduled for a November 21st, 2022 release on Steam and Demo is included. Console ports are planned for 2023 so peeps preferring those need wait a bit longer.

Good stuff right here. Let’s give it up for



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