October Yuri Games Bonus

I mentioned updating the Halloween Yuri Games post with extra games I forgot to mention but figured it best to make a new one instead.

Red Rebellion Cover

First up is Red Rebellion by Aikasa Collective. The highly anticipated second project of the studio after their wonderful debut title Mizuchi. This next tale will be centered around Red Riding Hood and Robin Hood inspired ladies along with more yuri side-couples.


Robin is desperate for a hero. Families are starving. Her village is falling apart. The people can’t afford the taxes, and the lords only care about themselves.

She enters Sherwood Forest knowing only one thing: Robin Hood is not real.

Either she waits in vain for a hero who doesn’t exist, or she takes on the mantle of the legendary outlaw. She knows it’ll be dangerous, but she risks death either way.


Robin is not alone. A witch provides guidance. Red Riding Hood gives her hope.

As more and more choose to join her cause, Robin finds herself at the heart of a burgeoning rebellion. She’s cautious and smart, and brilliant with a bow… but there are so many pieces in play, so many people relying on her.

Who can she trust? What should she risk? Will her plans be enough?

If Robin fails now, how many will die because of her?

  • Multiple Girl x Girl Couples, Main Couple Focused
  • Multiple Choices and Hours of Playtime
  • Choose the story’s path by selecting from multiple character outfits
  • Two Endings
  • Beautifully Illustrated CGs, BGs, and Large Cast
  • Original Medieval Soundtrack
  • Historical Terms Glossary
  • Extras: Music Player, CG Gallery, Character Profiles
  • Language: English Currently
  • Accessibility Options – Fonts, Song/SFX Captions, Self-Voicing

Currently the plan is to launch a Kickstarter on April 2023 or so. Until then the interested can add the game to their Steam Wishlist HERE or keep track of the Kickstarter page until it starts HERE.

Samurai Maiden Kissing sequenceNext up is a game I should have talked about more sooner but since its release date is not far from the day I publish this post why not cover it “better late than never”. It is D3 Publisher‘s Samurai Maiden or as I like to call it Valkyrie Drive‘s spiritual successor.

A temple in flames. Swirls of black smoke rise high into the sky.
The angry shouts of soldiers can be heard all around.
Before you stands a bearded old man… Wait, is that Nobunaga Oda?!

A young woman from the 21st century with sharp swordsmanship skills finds herself in Honnō-ji during the Sengoku period! Together with a trio of newfound ninja friends, she races through the Underworld beneath Honnō-ji, confronted by enraged corpses at every turn!
Nothing can stop this all-female powerhouse team, as the young woman turned samurai slashes up enemies while the ninja wipe them out with their fierce ninjutsu!

And when things get tough, activate the Devoted Heart technique to have samurai and ninja lock lips to enhance their abilities!
There are so many exhilarating, epic battles to take on!
Slay the Demon Lord of the Sengoku period and forge everlasting bonds with your ninja friends!

A brand-new female-led sword-fighting action game is here!

Like I said this is pretty much a new Valkyrie Drive game and I am here for it. Since it did not do well enough for Marvelous to consider continuing the franchise might as well have someone else make something similar and go from there. Fingers crossed the concept of “warrior maidens powered by yuri” gains enough eyes on it this time to be a solid success. Samurai Maiden is scheduled to release on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and Steam on December 7th, 2022.

Tales From the Under Realm After Midnight CoverThird news is a reminder of the release of the next story in the “Tales From The Under-Realm” series (The first entry was Hazel. Also a cool yuri game), After Midnight.

The Nameless God is back in Tales Of The Under-Realm: After Midnight!

This time, the omniscient God with the ability to peek into a person’s past after they’ve died will be uncovering the life of a young woman serving as a guard in the town of Lothark, under Guard Captain Samael.

Her life takes an interesting turn with the arrival of two exotic beauties from Dingirra: Nadja and her daughter, Cynthia. They end up taking over a club of dubious reputation called the House of Hands. Cynthia works there as a bartender while her mother dances.

Our protagonist quickly strikes up a friendship with Cynthia which earns the jealousy of Tara, the protagonist’s childhood friend and fellow guard with a habit of letting her shyness keep her from expressing her feelings properly.

Changing relationships are the least of our protagonist’s problems, however.

Samael has secrets of his own– like what he’s hiding in the basement. When his daughter, Evelyn, tries to find out with the help of three other students from her magic school, she’s the only one who returns. A few days later, the father of one of the students goes missing as well. If that wasn’t enough, a merchant is found dead at Nadja’s place.

And that would only be the start of a series of murders, all with one thing in common: happening after midnight.

Who is behind them? What do they have to do with our young guard? Will she too become a victim of the mysterious assassin? And who will she choose when pulled between Cynthia and Tara?

There’s only one way to know: join the Nameless God and discover what happened in the town of Lothark those cold nights After Midnight.

The game is available now on Steam.

Death Becomes You Cover

Lastly a reminder of another yuri game to check out on Halloween, Death Becomes You by Quill Yuri.

Death Becomes You is a murder mystery visual novel set in a magical university.

Who murdered your best friend?! You find 4 suspicious students at the scene. As all of them turn on you and accuse you of the murder, how can you find the truth and prove your innocence?

Untangle the reasons behind Lyra’s death by building friendships with 4 of your fellow magic students.

Choose who to investigate in the 4 routes of the story to untangle the dark secrets and relationships between your fellow magic university students. Who had the motivation to kill Lyra? Or did Lyra have secrets that she was hiding?

The game is available on Steam.

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