Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Episode 1: Mecha Utena

It’s like this with this show. I’ll cover it as long as it continues to impress me…but the moment I get “scuba divers dread” I am done.

Eri and Elnora

First of all an OG style summary of Episode 0 (which can be seen on Youtube). A group of scientists were testing Gundam technology in an effort to help people, especially ones with disabilities, grow stronger, among other “good for humanity” purposes. The problem was piloting Gundams took a heavy toll on pilots as seen in the climactic battle. The key to victory was a Super Gundam that could help make a breakthrough if given enough time. Elnora, mom of the main heroine, hoped to master its power but the risk was too great so they didn’t go all out. Meanwhile Baron Bad Dad (you’ll see why I call him that soon), a military dude who rose to power and manipulated his way into becoming “Lord of the Space Peeps”, led an anti-Gundam movement. During his big inaugural speech on “Why Gundams and Earth Peeps suck” he sent a (I think) secret assault squad to eliminate the scientists. As this was happening our main heroine Ericht, Eri for short, wanted to celebrate her 4th birthday with Elnora and Papa but they’re all focused on the Super Gundam. Thanks to Doc Granny Eri had a talk with her “imouto” when the assault team attacked. As the above pic showed it didn’t end well for the scientists. Only Elnora and Eri survived.

Gundam accepts EriThey survived because Super Gundam resonated with Eri to the horror of Elnora. To protect them Papa sacrificed his life trying in vain to kamikaze the most likely arch nemesis of Eri later on.

Sad but effective tragic origin story. There’s even a most likely yuri couple too.

On to Episode 1.

Gundam rescues drifting astronautWe joined an older Eri doing her thing with a team when she spotted what appeared to be an astronaut drifting in space. She took her special Gundam (most likely Super Gundam repainted) to the rescue. However…

Miorine and SulettaMiorine, the pretty grouch, didn’t want to be saved. She was trying to escape the Space Academy and head for Earth. We would also learn our heroine went under a new alias, Suletta Mercury. We also learned she and Mama Elnora found refuge on Planet Mercury. So Suletta attended the Space Academy at the behest of her mom but she had never been to a school or around strangers so lots of shy stuttering followed. That was until she saw Miorine again, who told her to take responsibility for ruining her escape back in space. Suletta remembered.

Douche mobile suitAlso they’re on the floor because an out of nowhere duel started and Miorine got Suletta out of harm’s way. The winning pilot was a douche who declared himself Miorine’s suitor due to the rules of the academy made by Baron Bad Dad, Miorine’s father. Basically victors of duels had the authority to get whatever they wanted, or something like that.

Suletta eats a tomatoSuletta followed Miorine to her special little greenhouse. She took up gardening to honor her late mother. Seeing from Suletta’s lack of knowledge on Earth stuff she figured Mercury was a backwoods planet (more on this later) and helped her a bit. That’s when douche boy ruined the cute moment by trashing the greenhouse and asserting his douchy dominance over his “fiancee”.

Suletta smacks doucheSuletta seeing no one stopping douche boy literally spanked him and was like “Respect her authoritah!” and he said “You know who you talkin’ to bitch? The future Lord of the Space Peeps! Victors in duels have power so if you’ve got a problem with me how about we settle it in the ring”. To Miorine’s surprise she accepted.

Miorine tries to change her fateIn a small twist Miorine piloted Super Gundam after helping install the school map app on Suletta’s phone. It didn’t go well for the grumpy one as she had no idea how to pilot her.

Aerial defeats douche mechThanks to “friend of lesbian” Suletta snuck into the ring and got the blind tag (headbutt) and was like “Aerial’s MY Imouto. Only I get to pilot her. Now sit on my lap and we’ll kick that dork’s butt”. That’s exactly what they did. During the battle certain viewers realized Aerial was no ordinary mobile suit. I’m only assuming Aerial is Super Gundam by the way. I could be wrong and Elnora has her hidden somewhere back home.

Suletta's groom suitMiorine: Well, you beat him. That makes you the new Holder. My fiancee.

Suletta: WHAT? But I’m a woman!

Miorine: Huh. Mercury must really be a backwoods conservative planet. That stuff is pretty common around here yo.

Confession. I have yet to finish watching Revolutionary Utena. I saw the movie though. Even so I still got Utena vibes from this premiere, which is a good thing so far. You have my interest show. Don’t screw it up.

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34 Responses to Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Episode 1: Mecha Utena

  1. Ruby says:

    Yeah, this show is almost exactly like the first episode of Utena, except with giant robots. Like, there are so many Utena references it’s crazy!

    The script writer, Ichirou Ookouchi, for this series is a big fan of Utena. He wrote an Utena light novel. He’s also done work on Princess Principal. Guess he’s a yuri fan. So, I do have a little faith.

    Of course, I’ve watched a lot of shows that start off great and turn into utter shit, but right now I’m hopeful.

    I hope the show does go a bit beyond playing with Utena themes though. And, while Utena was good, it’s depressing. It plays with a lot of themes.
    I consider all the characters on it to be bisexual. Each of the shows the creator of Utena -Kunihiko Ikuhara- made has different flavours of sexuality.

    He worked on Sailor Moon and wanted two girls to get together- respect.
    Utena is the bisexual anime.
    Penguindrum is the straight one.
    YuriKuma Arashi is lesbians.
    Sarazanmai is gay men.

    Oh, Utena is all on YouTube, but don’t read the comments!

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  2. cirno9fan says:

    You know me for being odd, but first the prologue and then the first episode, and I really feel like I’m watching a comedy. A really enjoyable one, but a comedy nonetheless. I saw some people saying that there was some “contrast” to the prologue with having the jerk over the top narcissist…but did they not get all the very blatant “Council of Eviiil” vibes from the prologue?? To me it’s just more of the same XD

    The main character is very interesting, and I’m really interested to see where everything goes. Haven’t seen a gundam in QUITE a while, but this was a good start! The two Main cast have a pretty great vibe going, and the world itself is such a ridiculous evil corporate overlords world that it’s hard to take serious XD
    (And hi, was on a bit of a break)

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  3. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    The day Gundam shows up in this place, I never expected that, but there you go!
    I rewatched the prologue before the episode- the base attack and young Eri unknowingly killing enemies is still haunting. Well done!
    On to episode one, the setting is a bit different from the usual Gundam since there’s no ongoing war (that we know of!).
    Suletta is adorable.
    Although it also goes to show how she’s not used to people.
    Mecha action is on point!
    Funnels /remote weaponry such as those on the Lfrith/Aerial are usually reserved for near the end of Gundam series, as you can see how impressive they are here! I’m curious how they’ll make the enemies more threatening when our heroine is armed with them from the start.
    And of course the ending.
    I expected little, maaaaybe a few moments between Miorine and Sulleta but no our white haired princess outright declares the latter her fiance! I dropped out of my seat. If this ship does take off, seems oddly fateful that Suletta is now engaged to the daughter of the man who ordered the base assault in the prologue.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Took them long enough to make an entry that caught my eye.

      Probably because the war already happened before the prologue.

      Suletta is already a wonderful lead and got a tsundere princess to boot. Hopefully they grow strong together before stuff inevitably gets crazy.

      As cool as the mecha action is my favorite “animation” moment was Suletta eating the tomato. The attention to detail yo.

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  4. ObssesedNuker says:

    Gotta appreciate Miorine’s spunk.

    Old traditions say I have to marry some asshole guy.
    Fuck this, I’m gettin’ out of here!

    Same traditions now say I gotta get married to this dorky, awkward redheaded girl.
    Whelp, there’s no bucking the old traditions. You gotta do what you gotta do.

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  5. Alexis says:


    Recuerdo que alguien hizo una broma de que en Love Live Nijigasaki lo unico que les falta es tripular Gundams, avanza el tiempo y estrenan Wicht from Mercury ¿que está pasando? porque también recuerdo que una vez le conté que quería ver una versión yuri de Macross… la matrix ataca.

    A diferencia Recoil que no la vi y sinceramente no creo que la vea, voy a ver esta serie, conozco la franquicia porque vi Gundam Built Fighters, el opening de Gundam 00 lo tengo en mi smarphone y porque por lo general el prota pierde a su chica y unos gritan “I’m Gundam”.

    Por qué llama al tipo ese como “Peeps”
    Uthena por siempre



  6. Adren A Bailey says:

    There is a gundam yuri Visual Novel

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  7. opaco1234 says:

    This was seriously the biggest surprise to go farther with yuri than usual, make Sunday very entertainment.
    People think on Utena, but i see this two assemble more Ruby x Weiss


  8. Zack says:

    Only one episode and a prologue, and this series already has my interest.

    In particular; the fact that this is the first Gundam series with a female protagonist. I already like Suletta. I can relate to her nervousness around other people.

    I don’t think we’ll have to worry about an Amanchu situation with this series. For starters, Gundam has always had homoerotic subtext with its characters. And secondly, I heard that the script writer for this series has worked on Princess Principal and is a big fan of Revolutionary Girl Utena. the latter definitely explains things with this episode.

    There’s actually a short story that’s set in between the prologue and episode 1: (this is a fan translation).

    I personally don’t consider the short story a spoiler since it’s an officially released tie-in, but I’ll be vague about some of the major highlights:
    1. Some things are confirmed in regards to Ariel, Suletta’s Gundam. All I’ll say is pay attention to who is narrating the story.
    2. The story goes into detail about what life on Mercury is like as well as why Suletta feels the need to protect others.
    3. We learn just why exactly Elnora chose to send Suletta to a school full of the children of all the people responsible for deaths of her husband and friends.
    4. The short story confirms who the title Witch of Mercury refers to, and it’s not who you would think.

    As a Gundam series, I know the characters are going to be put through hell, but I honestly want to see how it goes.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Suletta’s a cool lead and it’ll be interesting to see how she grows stronger alongside Miorine.

      Can never be too careful but that does alleviate some concern about my most hated anti-yuri sin.

      Kotori already summed up the tie-in but I may check it out for full context.

      It’s Gundam X Utena. Pain is to be expected with such a combination. Hopefully our heroines come out on top in the end.

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  9. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    A short web novel was also released from Gundam Aerial(!)’s point of view! It’s available on the website but it doesn’t seem translated yet.

    But one of the key takeaways is that Elnora spent the time between the prologue and the series proper planning revenge. While Suletta isn’t in on it, Elnora intended for her daughter to get caught up in the duels system of the school and use her overpowered Gundam to become the top duelist and win Miorine:s hand. With this marriage to the Rembran family secured Elnora is presumably gonna do the next step of her revenge plan, whatever that is-but it won’t be pretty I’m sure!
    Also I’m thinking that masked woman is probably Elnora now… Masked characters in Gundam are really big on revenge.

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    • Zack says:

      I agree on the masked woman being Elnora. Ever since Char Aznable from the original series, Gundam has almost always had a mysterious masked person who causes trouble for the protagonist. And from what I’ve read in that short story, it looks like Elnora might be the Char of this particular series.

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    • OG-Man says:

      So the masked chaotic neutral character is a Gundam trope and not occasional. Got it. Wouldn’t surprise me if she’s the masked woman. Seeing her husband and treasured homies killed would obviously mess her up. She’s already emotionally unstable in the prologue.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Also it amuses me Elnora’s master plan included gay marriage.

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  10. philipbaxton says:

    This looks really good. I wasn’t a fan of Utena so I hope it’s not like it. I will say this was a really strong opening


  11. Well, this was certainly quite a welcoming experience for my first Gundam series! I really enjoyed it, even with the depression in the Prologue. I really love Eri too. I’m glad we have a nice and earnest female MC who can stand up for what’s right. Totally worthy of being the first Gundam Female MC imo. Miorine seems like the classic Ice Princess type, but I think she will offer us a different experience than normal, at least that’s what I hope. It’s super cool that she’s got no issues with a female fiance, though gay or not, anyone would be better than that POS dude.

    I have heard that Gundam isn’t the happiest of series, so I’m keeping that in mind, but I also have high hopes for our yuri couple. To be declared fiances in the first episode is pretty epic tbh and the two honestly look really good together. I will proceed cautiously, but I am optimistic we’ll have a reasonable ending at the least, considering the team working on the series. Can’t wait to see what’s in store.

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    • OG-Man says:

      A sad start but not unusual for a franchise usually known for its serious tone.

      Hopefully Suletta and Mirione will etch their name in the books of great female mecha anime protagonists. It’s a small book but it has more than a few chapters so that’s good.

      Fingers crossed the important peeps, besides our lovable heroines, make it out okay. That and their relationship goes as far as possible.

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  12. Oh wow. This new Gundam anime does give me the “Revolutionary Girl Utena” vibes. I hope it doesn’t end up in a tragic ending with a betrayal scene and letting the bad guy win at the end!

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  13. yurimylove says:

    let’s see if this can dethrone Kannazuki no Miko as the “queen of mecha yuri” anime 😀

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  14. Tayumayu says:

    while i do get my worry bcs the script writer, Ichirou Ookouchi previous work on princess principal. i realy2 love this gundam series (first one for me). I’d say i will also be cautious with my hope and expectations, the whole thing of “ow, mercury is stuffy old school place eh? here being gay is common yo, now yer my bride” is gold.

    and yes, miorine..u gonna gradually love ur redhead babe :3 (izeta flashback)


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