Love Live! Superstar!! 2.10: Singing For Truth

Our heroines were about to face their biggest challenge yet. Were they up to it?

Chisato letting Kanon have it

Before we get to said challenge had to share me laughing my butt off at Chisato giving Kanon the “disappointed in her girlfriend” look when it’s revealed that time Kuma Kanon went to Kinako’s home she didn’t tell anyone, not even her bunbun soulmate. She eventually bounced back saying it’s the perfect time for all nine girls to practice together. No more split teams by talent level training.

Kanon's yoga meditation not workingTo start off the kouhai were split with senpai with similar roles such as Chisato/Dr Shiki being the more flexible members and Kanon/Kinako the heart of their respective teams. Again the kouhai saw themselves as not up to par but their senpai encouraged them to train together as equals to learn from and inspire each other.

Natsumi, Keke and SumireThen there’s Keke and Sumire who taught their adopted daughter Natsumi about tsundere couple chemistry. They bicker a lot because that’s how they show their love, by obsessively arguing with each other over the pettiest of things.

Margaret Wien interviewSoon it’s time for the semifinal groups to conduct interviews. When it’s Liella’s turn their message was victory for everyone who believed in them. When Margarete Wien came up however she’s like “To show school idols how inferior they are to a performer who knows the true meaning of singing.”

Kanon and Chisato discuss Margate Wien's wordsBeing the victim of Wien’s mind games of course Kanon couldn’t stop thinking about her declaration. Bunbun soulmate came to comfort her. Long discussion short Kanon could sense she knew how powerful songs were but her desire to win felt cold. Like she wanted to win just to prove her point and nothing else.

Sumire and Ren pajamasJust sharing this pic to show how beautiful Ren is with that hairstyle and jammies.

 After the conversation their fellow senpai noticed the kouhai training. Wien’s challenge pumped them up. Kanon had an interesting idea for their schedule.

Natsumi wants a snowball fightHaving a fun time in the snow with everyone. Though everyone enjoyed it they couldn’t stop thinking about training. That was until Kanon played guitar. It became clear it wasn’t just goofing off. She wanted to create memories together as friends and draw inspiration for a song that encapsulated the bonds they shared with each other and their supporters. That made training go smoother.

After a ritual confirming they’re ready to rumble.

School idol ritualSeriously they looked like they’re performing a school idol ritual. Part of me thought they’d throw the written lyrics into the fire to receive the blessing and guidance of the legendary school idols.

Margarete Wien's true powerAt last it’s the moment of truth. As always Wien teleported near Kanon to play more mind games. This time she’s like “Bare witness as I harness the power of song and dominate the music world”. Basically her ultimate goal was to become Japanese Goth Queen Beyonce. Still didn’t explain her obsession with Kanon but I have a feeling we’ll get answers soon.

Mei Song For AllOnly showing Mei this time for my main homie Sir Nickolas.

Our heroines were intimidated by Beyonce Wien but Kanon was not deterred. She led the gang into battle as they sang their hearts out in another excellent performance. Typical cliffhanger made us wait to see who was victorious. Great stuff as always.

The preview was just a teaser that we’ll finally find out what’s up with Wien. Didn’t say anything about who won.

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13 Responses to Love Live! Superstar!! 2.10: Singing For Truth

  1. Ruby says:

    Ren is so pretty with the side braid there!

    I’m soo curious about who won. If Wien wins, then I don’t really know, but if Liella!
    win, then I bet Wien will be pissed.
    It looks like in the sneak peek for next episode Chisato finally catches Wien.

    It’s interesting. I see a lot of people saying that Liella!’s song sucked. While I did like their song, it wasn’t my favourite of theirs. I think they have too many members now. They could do smaller performances, or make the big group dancing more interesting.

    But Wien’s song, while impressive, didn’t make me smile like Liella!’s.
    Wien’s song doesn’t sound like an idol song. Of course she’s trying to show up idols. She’s still so extra.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      You’re a little too late to nag about too many members. Maybe there will be maller group songs in the School Idol Festival 2 game.

      I don’t do idol/song performance analyses around here just so you know.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ruby says:

        Ah, I see I didn’t explain myself properly.
        I love all the new members. I just think with the songs it’s a little much with 9 members all at once.

        Buuut, I know they’re doing the whole “we all have to sing together” so I’m mostly okay with it.


  2. Alexis says:

    Chi-chan enojada con Kanon es terrorífico porque Chi-chan puede jugar la carta de “dormir en el sofá” y eso a nadie le agrada. Natsumi es hija espiritual de Sumire y Keke… lo apruebo, aunque el carácter de Natsumi es muy parecido al de Sumire, hasta tiene su frase personal “OniNatsu” pero me gusta más el “Galaxy”.

    Es divertido ver a Margaret apareciéndose a Kanon

    El 28 de septiembre es el cumple de Sumire



  3. chikorita157 says:

    It’s obvious that Wien really wants to get everyone riled up, but hopefully Liella will pull through for sure. If they lost, Keke would have to go home. I won’t be surprised that Wien might not make it given the reputation she created for herself calling school idols are amateurs.

    Still, it’s funny to see that Keke and Sumire is back to bickering after that moment from the last episode. I guess the defrosting didn’t quite last. Also, seeing Chisato become jealous was funny along with Natsumi freezing and wanting to start a snowball fight.l

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      If I’ve learned one thing from watching anime for nearly three decades it’s to never expect predictability. You never know when they could swerve us.

      Because they’re a tsundere couple. Petty bickering is how they show their love for each other.

      Not a good idea to lie or keep secrets from your girlfriend Kanon.

      The best part was Natsumi tripping. It was well timed.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. tbiscut74 says:

    Natsumi freezing to get “the shot” is funny! Got to admire the dedication, huh?

    Jealous Chisato is very cute.

    The sign that Keke, Sumire, and Natsumi were making was very cute.

    The LL Announcer is as adorable as ever!

    Best Girl Ren beautiful as always! She’s beautiful with any hair style!

    Liella’s fun time was fantastic! All of it was good!

    I Loved Wien’s outfit!

    Looking forward to seeing who won!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Nick says:

    Nice to see the first and second years training together. Kanon and Kinako make for a good team. And it was great to see Mei and Ren back together. They made for a very enjoyable duo a few eps again when Ren started her gaming addiction. Glad to see they’re together again.

    Wien is still up to her old mindgames with Kanon. Still can’t figure out why she’s so dead set on Kanon, but like you said I’m sure we’ll learn the truth soon though. The preview looked to be hinting at that.

    More excellent performances this ep too. Wien put on a jaw dropping show as always, but Liella put their best foot forward as well and we’ll have to see who comes out victorious.

    Great ep this week and I’m looking forward to the next one!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. yurimylove says:

    another hilarious episode. it’s fun that all the Love Live series are sprinkled with exaggerated physical slapsticks from time to time.

    I love the nickname you gave Chisato — “bunbun soulmate” is perfect for her.

    Liked by 2 people

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