475th G-View: Extreme Hearts

A simple anime with a simple concept presented in an enjoyable way. Super sports idols. Find out what I mean as we take a look at Extreme Hearts.

Extreme Hearts Cover

Genres: Idols, Music, Sports

Number of Episodes: 12

G-Rating: 7/10

It is a show about sports idols. Nothing new but what helps this one stand out is the setup. Instead of focusing on one sport it is multiple.

Hiyori's comebackThe most prevalent ones are baseball, football/soccer and basketball with others like volleyball and rugby getting some shine too. That is not the only reason I called this a Super Sports Idol show. See, the girls’ extreme gear help boost their abilities to perform even cooler and sometimes crazy moves we most likely will not see in the real world. Also backup robot teammates and managers. It is similar to the Battle Athletes series.

RISE's debut performanceThe main differences between this show and that series is of course is the idol stuff (which personally I was more invested in our heroines’ performances but their rivals had good ones too) and the biggest of all no hostility or grudges between our heroines and their rivals. No hatred, no seeking revenge or career threatening games. It is all about girls competing at the highest level possible to be the best and get their names on the map to inspire youngsters to become great too one day. That is quite refreshing. Granted the girls do have personal struggles but none of it is what one would call super serious. Just things the girls need help to overcome and grow stronger from it with the power of teamwork. Again refreshing from a sports anime. All packaged in a classic underdog newcomer team story. It is as chill as the games that are not part of montages are thrilling.

RISE and ChihiroThe presentation is solid. The girls’ designs are the expected mix of cute and sexy with smol and stacked cuties. The animation during matches are good with maybe eagle eyed viewers noticing slip ups but honestly nothing that really ruined the flow of the games. The songs are fun to listen from RISE and their rivals. Again I was mainly invested in RISE’s but admittedly there was another team I cared about quite a bit too. The hint is “black and white”. Also I only featured three of the five members of RISE because it is more fun for viewers to see how the other two members join themselves. Fun stuff. All five are likable cuties and hotties as are the various rivals who despite not all getting much time in the spotlight are entertaining.

Hiyori sings for SakiTime for the main event. For the most part we got yuri ships. Some with good potential such as the hinted “black and white”. They are cute together but not quite as much snuggle time together as I would like. They are definitely there though.

Overall Extreme Hearts is as chill as the games are intense when given time. The idea of sports idols playing multiple games is well executed. The animation is solid, the songs enjoyable and there is decent shipping potential with some being stronger than others. While not a show that will set either the idol or sports girls genres on fire the mix is definitely wonderful enough to recommend checking out to fans of one or both. Good stuff.

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10 Responses to 475th G-View: Extreme Hearts

  1. Yurismfan says:

    For me it’s 10/10. I do not agree that little time is given to the main yuri of the couple Hiyori and Saki. For me, their relationship is shown simply romantically. At the beginning of the series, Hiyoir sang songs under a bridge for one unique fan of hers. The fan loved her and her songs so much that she decided that the whole world should hear them, and not just her. In general, for this
    the RICE group was created. And even towards the end of their romantic place under the bridge where one sang songs for the other, the authors do not forget. It turned out to be a great story, first of all, about Hiyori and her band, who wanted to give the listeners their music.

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  2. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Extreme Hearts, where Hayate Yagami becomes a sports idol.
    It’s a simple show but it does what it’s supposed to do, I like the characters and the sports scenes look cool.
    And really after watching an intense episode of Lycoris recoil, I sit back and relax with this feel good show.

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  3. K says:

    I had a fun time watching this anime to the end. It was great watching Hiyori’s RISE to glory with the help of her mates. I’ll definitely watch again if there’s another season. It seems like there’re more hot-blooded battles ahead for RISE and May-Bee.

    As I watched, the way the story unfolded, their preparations for matches and performances, the friendly rivals they clashed with, all of that reminded me of the Vivid series in particular(Nanoha Vivid and Vivid Strike). Turns out the same man created this anime also. Maybe that’s why Hiyori could’ve passed as Hayate’s distant relative 😉 .

    Yes, there are potential ships among the RISE members and Snow Wolf is a no-brainer. Saki would have the highest affinity with Hiyori since she is her #1 fan. I also see Nono/Hiyori having potential. I mean, Nono couldn’t have been any happier when she found out that she was gonna be sticking with Hiyori/RISE for the foreseeable future 🙂 .

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  4. Nick says:

    Not really a whole lot more to add as you’ve covered it all nicely.

    I enjoyed Extreme Hearts, it was a nice sports show with a cool idol twist to it as well. It was fun to watch with nice characters, exciting sports action, and lovely idol performances.

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  5. yurimylove says:

    a surprisingly fast-paced and entertaining series. Though in real life I don’t think anyone can handle both idol career added to so many different sports simultaneously (and be any good at a couple let along all those sports). Heck even professional athletes can’t possibly be that competitive in more than two or three different sports tops.

    But disbelief aside, this anime makes the concept seem viable and make it really fun to watch for me.


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