Luminous Witches Episode 10: Homeland Ruins

Skipped Episode 9 because it’s a straightforward “Murica’s cool to foreigners” and “Jo has good reason to want money. Her big family.” episode. It was fun and we got a nice new performance too. The key point was near the end when news broke of the Strike Witches destroying the Neuroi Nest that conquered Gallia, aka the Season 1 finale. Ellie told Lady Aira she’d show her around Gallia once it’s freed. That time had come.

Ellie tiredOh right. They got new outfits last time, aka a color swap. Still very nice for fans of blue.

As news spread of the Strike Witches’ victory and Gallia’s liberation the Luminous Witches’ own popularity grew. Lots of interviews, photo ops, appearances etc. Naturally our heroines were pooped, especially Gallia homegirl Ellie.

Mana filler screen grabSelf serving screen grab to remind readers Mana’s hot.

Ellie and Ginny discuss going homeBack to the plot. Besides Ellie Ginny too had her own worries hence why they discussed them. Ellie thought compared to the Strike Witches the Luminous Witches didn’t do as much to make a difference though what really concerned her was the fear of going back home. She’s afraid to see what remained of Gallia after the Neuroi conquest. Ginny meanwhile still worried over Moffy who felt sick again. She still believed the best option was to find her family. She’s grateful for their first meeting but thought it’s all coincidence. Moffy didn’t choose her, she just happened to be there when the bird appeared. Still, better to go forward than not move at all. This encouraged Ellie to see for herself.

Madame encourages GraceMeanwhile Major Grace had her own worries courtesy of a letter, specifically a transfer letter for Ginny. The military were impressed by her Night Witch abilities and wanted her in the front lines. Obviously it would mean our heroines would lose arguably their ace. The madame said it wasn’t a bad thing but until then she’d try to delay her transfer, especially if the Luminous Witches got to perform in Gallia. It wasn’t confirmed yet but highly likely to happen.

Ellie's cat friendBack to Ellie. To simplify mixed emotions Ellie’s fear of returning to Gallia was partially due to seeing her once proud city in ruins. However, the main fear was the possibility of her old friend, a gray cat forced to be left behind due to the Neuroi invasion and her family not having room to care for it, no longer being there. She asked Major Grace to accompany her. This being a mostly cheerful anime her friend survived and was doing quite well. A relieved Ellie had a tearful reunion and wished her all the best.

Ellie meets Aira's familiar FinnWe’re also treated to the day Ellie discovered she’s a Witch. Naturally it involved Lady Aira.

Ginny and Moffy say goodbyeGinny and Moffy say goodbye 2Besides her old friend Ellie met someone else, a black swan. Interestingly Major Grace couldn’t see it. Not only that but it recognized the gray feather Ellie’s familiar had, Moffy’s feather. That could only mean one thing. Ginny’s quest had come to an end. However, a Witch without a familiar was powerless…What’s next for our main girl and what would happen to the pretty much confirmed Gallia show?

Good stuff as always.

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4 Responses to Luminous Witches Episode 10: Homeland Ruins

  1. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    ep 9 – just wanna say, ever since Strike witches s1, i’ve associated this franchise with a countryside like setting. Seeing the US of A with tall skyscrapers and the damn statue of liberty still standing is hilarious.

    …Meanwhile, unfortunately with the Neuroi having been in Gallia for so long, the poor Eiffel Tower is in shambles.
    Erie returning to her hometown is very heartfelt. When she had to leave her cat, and seeing that it has survived after all this time, that really tugged my heartstrings.
    Also the scene of her becoming a witch was really funny.

    And of course the ending of this episode. Moffy is actually a black swan! And he has left Ginny…. the blink moment where Ginny loses her powers was really sad and made me go “huh”
    excited to see what happens next.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. chikorita157 says:

    I can see why Ellie seems hesitant to go back to Gallia, but it’s good that she did. Nice to see how she became a witch and also see that her childhood pet cat is still alive, with some more kittens.

    Yep, it’s a black swan event indeed as Ginny found Moffy’s relatives. Still, it’s sad to see her part with it and lose her powers, but Moffy has to return at some point because plot armor. Otherwise, the music band existence is questioned as Ginny doesn’t have her powers. Makes me wonder if about Inori’s fate as she only joined because of Ginny.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. yurimylove says:

    interesting development… so if Grace can’t see the magical black swans does that mean she isn’t a witch at all? maybe that’s why we never saw her sing and perform with the rest of the Luminous Witches?

    Liked by 1 person

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