Prima Doll Episode 10: Rise of the Hai

After a fiery cliffhanger last time how would our heroines bounce back?

Inaba and black cat worriedSerious scene but these two were so adorable.

We got a continuation of the flashback from last time with Oka Prime leading Mechanika to war. A worried Kikka overwrote the Mechanika toward a fiery death as her big sister disapproved of her stopping her warpath. At this point it’s pretty much confirmed the two Hais were reincarnations of the two Okas. Back in the present Nagi and Major Otome returned to find the scorched ruins of the Black Cat Cafe. He’s more worried about her homies.

Houkiboshi and soldier's sisterFortunately they all found shelter with peeps they formed bonds with such as Houkiboshi with the sister of the fallen soldier, Gekka with the elderly spies and Haizakura with Chiyo. Retzel I think was in hiding while Karasuba went to the sexy hostess of the old nightclub to request a stage to practice for the upcoming festival thingy.

Karasuba wearing the bunny outfit againI know someone who will be very happy to see this return. Really wish this show was more popular and we got sexy fanart.

Nagi returns with HaikaguraPast Nagi photoNagi didn’t show himself to our heroines right away choosing to wait until he finished research on a sleeping Haikagura. She’s found unconscious after the fire and it’s reported to have been caused by a kitchen accident. After several nights she awoke. Not only that but all her memories of her past life as Kikka had returned. Nagi assured her the war was over and there’s no need to worry about it anymore. More on this later.

Gekka fills the empty spot in Retzel's heartRetzel’s quest for Haizakura’s heart seemed to either have ended or put on hold upon Haikagura’s return. When it looked like all hope was lost Gekka stepped in possibly as her new girlfriend. Could be wrong but if true Gekka would be a great new sweetie for Retzel. We’ll see after the serious stuff ends.

Haikagura declares warSpeaking of serious stuff Haikagura behaved herself for a while until one night she overheard soldiers talking about using dolls for battle. She also remembered everything she heard while in her old Oka body meaning she knew about the behind the scenes enemy uprising. Knowing war wasn’t over she secretly recruited a Mechanika army and reawakened all the “sleeping” automata we saw on the show such as the maid idols and Chiyo’s big sis. The attack commenced on the day of the festival. Haikagura used her war song to awaken her army and somehow knocked out the home girls. The important part was Haizakura most likely recovering her memories as Oka Prime before passing out.

Good stuff as always.

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4 Responses to Prima Doll Episode 10: Rise of the Hai

  1. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    This episode really ramped it up!
    I liked how Haikagura activated all the dolls. Even Chiyo’s big sister from episode 1!
    Well its time for Haizakura to beat some sense into her sister. In a non violent way of course, that’s just Haizakura is, that sweet thing.
    And on heartwarming things, I really like how they all bonded with humans during the show, that felt really nice.

    Retzel not getting as much attention from Haizakura
    Gekka: hehe boi
    considering Gekka is a recon doll and Retzel was built for infiltration they’re actually going to make a quite a pair….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nick says:

    Bunny Karasuba returns!!! Yesssss!!!!

    Sad to see the cafe burn like that. But as Nagi said, as long as the dolls are fine, that’s what’s most important.

    The hand twitching on that bot in the museum was kinda scary. Haikagura is really going all out to keep the war going.

    Guessing next week is going to be an all out battle as things are quickly spiralling out of control.

    Also interesting to see Haizakura recovering her memories. Now we’ll finally learn the truth about her.

    Looking forward to next week!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. chikorita157 says:

    Not too surprising to see Karasuba in the bunny girl outfit. After all, Haizakura choose that oufit for her too.

    Still, makes me wonder if the rebels rigged Haikagura to stage a resistance. I highly doubt she can control all those dolls with a faction of her original body. Hopefully, Haizakura will stop Haikagura, but still hopefully we’ll learn more about her memories, when she was Okka.

    Surprising that Haikagura can force connect to Retzel, when she is a different lineage doll.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. yurimylove says:

    oh noes, i was looking forward to the capital fair song and dance


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