Prima Doll Episode 8: Rescue Mission

Title says it all.

Karasuba not focused

While Gekka eventually recovered from her tragic events Karasuba’s still in a slump worried for her beloved master. Thanks to Retzel’s intel gathering skills she figured out the Imperial Line Faction were involved. Because of her status as a former enemy doll and the recent stunt she pulled she couldn’t cross the border but Haizakura could. Thus Gekka and her convinced Karasuba to go on a quest to find Mr Nagi. Our fluffy heroine and her bunny sidekick tagged along.

Haizakura joins Karasuba to begThey traveled to a town where Nagi was last seen. During a montage Haizakura made friends with the children and had a good time with them and learned about fireworks. Meanwhile Karasuba’s search led her to what I think was an antiques store. She spotted a pocket watch that looked a lot like Nagi’s. Turns out it WAS. She asked the shopkeeper to share info on the one who sold the watch but he refused. Customer confidentiality and all that. She’s forced to show her resolve. She even got Haizakura to help. Fortunately one of the kids she played with was the shopkeeper’s son who convinced him to share some info, mainly where the seller found the watch. What actually happened was Nagi tricked his captors to open the car window to let him breathe fresh air. He then dropped the watch into the snow in hopes one of the dolls found it.

Karasuba washes Haizakura's hairOur heroines followed the trail of tire tracks. Haizakura tripped on the muddy marsh. Karasuba got a good laugh at her cuteness and silliness. Haizakura’s pleased to see her homie finally calm down. To thank the fluffy one for caring they took a bath together and she washed her hair. Haizakura’s sad she wasn’t as bodacious or strong as her but Karasuba revealed she envied how much things changed for the better thanks to her kindness and assertiveness. Haizakura was grateful to everyone helping her and said the real strong ones are those who know how to protect others. As Karasuba was touched by her words they heard enemy soldiers passing by.

Oka NeoAt the enemy tent Nagi’s captors unveiled their secret weapon, a new Oka model. Until a proper name is given I dub her Oka Neo. Their plan was for Oka Neo to lead an army of Okas to war. Nagi again refused saying the Okas didn’t want that either but the soldiers were stubborn. Fortunately he counted on them needing him alive and got them to “leave him to focus on work”.

Karasuba relieved to find NagiThat’s because he noticed Karasuba disguised as part of a pile of junkbots. The rescue mission wasn’t easy but it’s cool and successful.

Oka activatedDuring the mission Haizakura was in a bit of a pinch and activated her master control power. The beta Oka got enough energy to reawaken and get the nearby junkbots to capture a soldier and send the message to transfer her mind into Oka Neo. Could we have found the final boss of the show?

Good stuff as always.

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8 Responses to Prima Doll Episode 8: Rescue Mission

  1. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Really cool episosde with Haizakura and Karasuba doing a rescue mission!

    Again Haizakura’s powers activate, accidentally bringing back to life the Oka model in that military camp, I’m very intrigued how she’s gonna factor into the story next.

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  2. chikorita157 says:

    Quite amazing how Karasuba and Haizakura pulled it off, given that Haizakura almost blew their cover. Still, it shows how precious she is, especially since Nagi won’t leave without Haizakura. Makes me wonder if Haizakura is an Oka model as he managed to bring back to live another Oka doll.

    Still, funny how the awaken Oka robot turns against the soldiers. Serves them right.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Nick says:

    Not a whole lot more to add really.

    Good stuff with Karasuba and Haizakura. I liked the hot springs moment too. Nice they were able to fit that in.

    We’ll definitely be seeing more of Oka in the future. I’m guessing she’ll eventually end up joining the cafe, but they’ll have to defeat her first.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. yurimylove says:

    can never have enough sexy onsen scenes!

    Liked by 1 person

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