Luminous Witches Episode 7: Loose Key

After a week off the musical witches are back in action.

Aleksandra and Fumiyo

We joined our heroines en route to their next destination, Orussia. During the flight Moffy briefly caught a strange signal that would later make her sick for a bit. As the main trio talked about trading cards and Milasha being from Orussia Moffy heard two nearby patrol Witches, Aleksandra and Fumiyo. There were random instances of the radio signal being jammed in the area so the patrol couldn’t tell if the plane was friendly or hostile. Moffy could hear sounds but not communicate back so our heroines couldn’t do much but fortunately Major Grace calmed the situation. They were warned of Neuroi activity near Orussia.

AnnaAt Orussia Ginny was worried about Moffy not feeling well. They’re informed someone nearby specialized in treating sick familiars so Lady Aira had Milasha accompany Ginny and Inori but she actually didn’t know her home country as well as they thought. While lost in the forest a black cate familiar appeared and led them to the specialist, Anna. Her grandma was a Witch and she used her notes to help familiars. Something of note was in regards to Anna’s family. We’ll get to it in a bit.

Mofffy feeling betterOver time Moffy felt better. Anna explained a cause of her sickness may be related to her being far from her kin or something like that. Also when they said they’re part of the musical Witches group she said it’d be hard to get an audience there due to everyone being refugees from a Neuroi attack and were really busy building a new town in the area.

Luminous Witches onsenHopefully we’ll get a swimsuit episode but for now this is lovely too, especially Mana as always.

Anna and her husbandMajor Grace had a plan to handle the difficulty to gather an audience. They’d sing a song on the radio. Ginny had a request. See, during their visit at Anna’s place they noticed two things, a broken piano key and a date marked on the 18th. The key was the only thing Anna’s husband was able to recover from their old home before it’s destroyed during a Neuroi air raid. The date was their daughter’s birthday. Ginny’s request was that along with the Witches’ performance Anna’s husband got to play a song on the piano in hopes his daughter heard it on the radio. Dad wasn’t sure he could play like he used to but the girls and the Missus convinced him to go for it.

Ginny detects the Neuroi locationOn the day of the broadcast the girls were greeted by a familiar foe…rain. They had to improvise with Moffy’s help. Unfortunately that wasn’t their only problem. The Neuroi were jamming the radio signal to avoid detection. The 503rd Division Witches had a hard time finding them but thanks to Moffy Ginny could sense them and the day was saved. The song of their performance was playing in the background but I assume they sang it after the danger disappeared.

Ellie returns the family catThere’s a good reason why I’m showing Mr Volodya’s shaved face.

After their song they heard Mr Volodya play. The reason they could hear it was thanks to Anna’s black cat family…only it wasn’t hers. The cat was the younger twin brother of another black cat who protected the family. Who did the other cat belong to?

Eila and Sanya cameoWhy their daughter Sanya of course! Here we see her and her girlfriend Eila near the end of their excellent episode of Season 1. Yet more evidence LW is set sometime during the first season of Strike Witches.

Good stuff as always.

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6 Responses to Luminous Witches Episode 7: Loose Key

  1. chikorita157 says:

    Sure, not so much in the pairing front, although Ginny probably has a harem like Riri does (not to mention this show shares the same director and studio as Assault Lily, which also had a scene with the team sitting or standing around the same sofa.)

    While I haven’t watch Strike Witches (it’s on the bucket list), it’s a nice origin story with continuity with the same timeline. Also, interesting to see that Ginny can send something, but most likely with the help of everyone of course. Still, it’s a nice to see Sanya and a bunch of cameos as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Muse Asia unfortunately used Sanya as their YT thumbnail which does give away the surprise at the end, but it was still a fun episode and again linking this to the OG series continuity.
    Also Daddy sanya cleans up NICELY. I guess he had no time to shave during all that time farming!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. yurimylove says:

    i didn’t expect Sanya’s parents to play a pivotal role in this episode. well played, writers!

    Liked by 1 person

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