Extreme Hearts Episode 7: Karate Lass

Last time we’re introduced to the soon to be final members of RISE. Did she join the team this episode? Let’s find out.

Lise's cool kick

After an intro that showed potential for Lise X Saki if they ever went there we joined them where they left off. Being impressed by her karate skills Saki invited Lise to join RISE in futbol training. Like Yukino she wasn’t expecting it but also like her she fit into the team like a glove.

Lise hesitates to kick the ball straight aheadAfter that they got her to join in an exhibition against a boys team. Since Sumika’s the baseball pro and Saki futbol I imagine they’re homies.of the latter. The game went well for our heroines until Lise was about to perform a strong kick. She saw the face of a concerned boy and it reminded her of a painful memory. The kick didn’t go as planned but Hiyori scored the winning headbutt.

Lise's painful memoryWe soon learned Lise’s a pretty good karate lass at one point. That all changed when she faced a teammate she liked in a match. She got really excited to face her and went all out. However, her kick was s strong the cutie had to be taken to the hospital. Since that accident Lise swore to never hurt anyone like that again, always holding back no matter how much it hurt to not go all out.

Lise vs Saki in a nutshellAfter hearing this Saki challenged Lise to a penalty kick battle.The loser would grant one wish of the winner. Saki’s wish was for her to join RISE. Lise’s surprised the cutie (her words) challenged her after hearing how strong she was. She held back during the first set but worrying what would happen if she joined RISE put more effort in the second set. As the pic showed Saki felt firsthand how strong Lise was. Lise apologized and kindly warned her again but Saki being competitive refused to back down.

Saki vs Lise aftermathLise wondered why go so far to recruit her and Saki pretty much said “We’re a lot a like. I know what you’ve been through. It’s okay to worry but don’t let fear consume you. I can help you just like Hiyori and Sumika helped me.”. Lise remembered an important at the hospital where her old crush told her not to worry about holding back from achieving her dreams, basically similar to what Saki said. In the end Lise won the duel. To Saki and Nono’s surprise her request was to join RISE. Despite getting what she wanted Saki was unsatisfied due to losing so they kept going till she had enough.

Good stuff as always. There we have it. RISE is complete. To celebrate they’ll reward fans with a cultured episode next time. Get pumped!

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6 Responses to Extreme Hearts Episode 7: Karate Lass

  1. K says:

    Lise joined RISE after a grand duel where blood, sweat and tears were shed. Saki wanted her to join after SHE won, however, so more matches. She’s very competitive, indeed. Regardless of how she joined, Lise’s destructive power’s gonna be a great asset to RISE.

    That girl Lise admired didn’t look like someone who hated her. She wouldn’t have given such profound advice otherwise. If anything, she probably regretted not being strong enough to take Lise’s powerful kick.

    I noticed that every episode so far has Hiyori wiping out in some form but still getting results, like what happened with that header she took in this episode.

    Nono’s such a helpful AI, even letting us know that it’s a beach episode next. Thanks for that! 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      The cute kicking fiend.

      Maybe she’ll make a cameo during one of RISE’s next big matches.

      The road to greatness is a bumbling one for her. She’ll eventually win without it.

      If she joins in she’ll most likely wear a cute swimsuit. Hopefully not a cliche school one.


  2. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Yay Lise finally joined!
    I like how Saki really wanted Lise to join and even challenged her to a game for it.
    She even tried catching Lise’s powerful strikes!
    Even though Saki is so competitive they ended up playing even when Lise said she’s in! That must have been one long night…

    Would really like to see Lise’s martial arts friend show up in the future as like a cameo. Would be really nice to see her happy to see Lise enjoying herself again.

    beach episode next? hell yes!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. yurimylove says:

    Lise has some cool moves in both karate and soccer

    Liked by 1 person

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