Prima Doll Episode 5: The 5th Doll

The last of the main dolls was introduced.


During the hunt for more Imperial Line Unit members Major Otome’s squad discovered an automata aboard a smuggler ship. Her name was Retzel. As always the best scientists had no idea what to do so she brought her to Nagi, him being the expert. He put her to work at the cafe. Our heroines didn’t trust her despite her memory being “reset” because she came from the enemy nation of Lobelia. Haizakura was entranced by her red eyes so of course Nagi assigned her be Retzel’s mentor. Our lovable lead did a good job guiding her but she quickly showed impressive skills. Haizakura grew worried she wouldn’t be of much help but wasn’t deterred. That was until she noticed Retzel take the knife she used to easily open a wine bottle instead of said bottle.

Retzel reveals her true colorsThat night Haizakura tried investigating Retzel but her “trainee” was fully aware of her actions. Retzel’s a special automata whose memories couldn’t be easily reset thus retaining her memories as a spy for Lobelia. To her surprise despite expecting Haizakura to report her to the others our heroine didn’t spill the beans. Technically she voiced her concerns about Retzel to Nagi without revealing her identity. He trusted her to do the right thing.

Retzel meets a black catOne night Retzel scouted the city and headed for a building with a strong enough signal to receive a transmission from her superiors. That’s when a black cat came to her. She saw a kindred spirit in the kitty based on her words to it. Haizakura and Inaba followed her but she quickly detected their presence. During their discussion Retzel asked Haizakura what her purpose was. We got a brief glimpse of her with lots of Inaba. Something to look forward to when her truth is revealed. Retzel then had her help boost the signal of the transmission but it started to rain.

Haizakura sings for RetzelHaizakura hoped that would discourage her as she kept saying the war was over but Retzel would try again another time. Instead she had Haizakura sing a song about her gloomy situation. She’s impressed.

Retzel firesThe next attempt was successful but she reacted strangely. Haizakura hoped the message wasn’t hostile but we’re led to believe Retzel shot her.

Retzel welcomes her fateAs we’ve heard multiple times an automata’s greatest fear was having no purpose. It’s worse than death to them. Retzel knew all along the war was over and planted seeds to get arrested and destroyed because automata couldn’t commit suicide. She shot the transmitter earlier by the way. Haizakura later found her at a traffic accident Retzel caused willingly offering herself to be destroyed.

Haizakura pleads with Retzel to reconsiderShe begged her to reconsider and find another reason to live with the gang at the cafe. Retzel knew it’s too late as she handed herself to the authorities. She later woke up at Nagi’s lab as he welcomed her to the cafe again. To her shock her memories again remained intact tearfully admitting she didn’t want to die despite losing her old purpose.

Good stuff as always.

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7 Responses to Prima Doll Episode 5: The 5th Doll

  1. chikorita157 says:

    Retzel is the hype doll not because of the voice actress who also voices Momo and Kanata, but also her origins and appearances. I think Haizakura’s interactions with her is interesting, although it remains to be seen what kind of relationship will come out of this. Still, it’s nice to see Haizakura stop Retzel from going down to the brink.

    Also nice the cafe has an actual mascot now.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Definitely an interesting doll since she was previously from the enemy side and retains her memories!
    Lots of tense memories this episode, and Retzel’s plan to commit suicide by cop really surprised me.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Nick says:

    Neat to see what the “enemy” dolls are like for a change. Retzel proved to be much more advanced than they expected.

    She’s very proficient with a knife. That’s always cool to see.

    This ep was a little on the bittersweet side I felt as well. Retzel knowing the war was over and waiting for orders that would never come and then her trying to end it all as she had no more purpose to live. Nice to see Haizakura trying her best once again to help yet another damaged doll see the light at the end of the tunnel. She’s very admirable in that regard.

    Looking forward more Retzel in the coming eps! I hope to get caught up within the next few days!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. yurimylove says:

    haha Retzel’s not only good with knives she likes to hoard all the knives she can get her hands on too 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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