Lycoris Recoil Episode 6: The Bright Knights

With the Lycoris hunt under way our heroines took extreme measures to up their defenses.

Takina shocked by Chisato's mad janken skills

By that I mean Takina moving in with Chisato till things cooled down. We made an interesting discovery about her apartment along with her impeccable janken skills. Takina saw firsthand how lethal she was at it. Takina suggested playing the game to determine their daily chores because Chisato wanted a more interesting way to decide. Also for people who love attention to detail Takina’s left leg wasn’t 100% yet after the battle with Silent Jin.

Chisato with twin tailsLastly I look forward to the art flood of Chisato with twin tails.

Alan Guy SecretaryMight as well call the Alan Intitute guy after Chisato “Alan Luthor” until it’s confirmed he’s either “Shinji Yoshi” or someone else. Anyway his “Mercy” is very sexy. Hope she eventually fights our heroines.

The story continued with Hacker Boy meeting with Majima Ledger who accepted his offer to track Lycoris. Not Joker’s main target was Lycoris HQ because taking them down would restore balance to the world, as in order through chaos. Hacker Boy tried getting him to focus on taking out Chisato but he wasn’t interested in a “pawn” of the DA. HB called Mercy to ask for directions as Alan Luthor wanted NJ to go after Chisato. Most likely as a way to get her to kill someone. Mercy insisted he kept trying to convince NJ. Also I don’t know if there’s a hidden meaning behind the “please wait” ringtone being the Wedding March but it sounded interesting. Maybe it’s connected to Mercy herself? Anyway HB tried asking other hackers to help find Lycoris HQ but most said “Get Walnut dood” who he thought died. The one sap who did help was a loon.

Chisato spots intrudersBack to spying on Chisato then. He found her apartment but this is where her apartment secret came in handy. HB’s drone got a glimpse of our girl disposing of the intruders. Good thing too as NJ busted his door and was like “Time’s up. Where’s HQ?” and the recording was enough to finally get him to focus on Chisato and spare HB’s life.

Chisato's poncho disguiseBack with our heroines Kurumi looked up info on the enemy and recommended Chisato change her outfit which was why we’re blessed by her wearing a poncho. No sombrero sadly but that would have drawn too many eyes on her so makes sense.

Kurumi's warningRight as she left on her mission Kurumi conveniently made a big discovery. The four recent attacks on Lycoris were specific targets, meaning NJ learned who they were because they’re part of the team to stop the arms deal. Mizuki, Master Mika and Takina wondered if it was connected to the HQ master computer getting hacked that day. Kurumi was forced to confess something she dodged earlier when Chisato asked a similar question. She’s the hacker who messed with the computer. Mizuki rightfully accused her of being involved with the arms deal but as we know she’s forced to aid the enemy.

Chisato in troubleShe also had a warning for Chisato but she already left. As we can see NJ and his goons caught up with her and went on the attack. Things looked grim for our heroine but luckily her significant other found her in time. Another awesome action scene later and NJ was beaten but not defeated. Like his namesake he cheated death and went to “thank” HB for finding him a “Batgirl” to challenge.

Takina beats Chisato at jankenAfterward Kurumi prepared for punishment at Takina’s hands since the hacking technically got her fired. Fortunately Takina forgave her because she got fired for not following orders. We ended the episode with Chisato getting her routine checkup. The doctor praised Takina for being a great partner. She agreed and wanted her to live with her a while longer. Takina challenged her to one more game of janken. Chisato had won all their previous duels. Thanks to many hours of playing Alex Kidd games she mastered the art of janken but Takina discovered a cheat code. Her celebration must be seen to be believed.

Great stuff as always.

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13 Responses to Lycoris Recoil Episode 6: The Bright Knights

  1. chikorita157 says:

    I knew that Chisato’s weakness will eventually get revealed, but it’s good that Kurumi redeemed herself and Takina is there. It’s interesting how Chisato seems excited to have Takina stay at her place as she gets to defrost her further. Twintail Chisato is adorable.

    Still, it’s nice to see Kurumi’s redemption arc, hopefully she can catch that guy. Also, nice to see Takina win and outsmart Chisato at her game.

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  2. CJ Apple says:

    Living together a little bit longer aka forever.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Those two really steal every scene they’re in together. They really are great partners, in more ways than one. It seems Chisato has found her foil in Majima, so I expect they’ll be having round 2 of their battle by season’s end. Hopefully she won’t be caught off guard again, now that her weakness is known. Though, as we saw this ep, Takina will always be right on time to save her should she find herself in another sticky situation.

    I’m glad they all forgave Kurumi and I hope she’ll continue helping them as well as she has been so far. I’m happy Takina was able to finally get a win against Chisato at the end, and her reaction was absolutely adorable! I did squee just a little. I know she may have won, but I still hope she’ll agree to live with Chisato a little longer anyway. Then hopefully she’ll just never leave and they end up living together forever. Great stuff, as always.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. QueenKuvira says:

    That beginning scene was amazing. Takinas love for Chisato is so apparent now. Watching this couple take over the internet makes my gay heart beat so. Watching the plot thicken and our heroines start to be in real danger is scary but also good. The green haired guy taking a rocket to the face and walking it off like it’s nothing is not a good sign. I feel like some of the Lycoris are gonna join the bad guys soon can’t wait till next week.

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  5. Shiro says:

    Takina’s victory squeal at the end is so CUTE!!! I Hopefully they’ll still live together though. Another great episode!!

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  6. healthingbee says:

    Nice review I had fun watching it while reading your review

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  7. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Chisato and takina living together, if just for one episode, was so lovely.
    Found it hilarious that armed assailants bursting into her place was a normal ocurrence for Chisato lol
    Again some really fun action this episode. Now that Chisato has caught Majima’s eye, they’re gonna clash even more, how exciting.
    Never play rock paper scissors with Chisato!
    But Takina winning at the end is so cute.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Hopefully it won’t be the last we see of them under the same roof.

      Chisato’s first big challenge had arrived in the Heath Ledger fanboy.

      Takina becomes more precious the more her icy wall melts.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. yurimylove says:

    Takina finally bested her girlfriend at something xD


  9. K says:

    It could be construed that Kurumi was at least indirectly responsible for Takina getting the boot out of the DA because of her hacking skills. You could also say that her actions led to Chisato and Takina being the great duo they are. Of course, the old Takina might have never forgiven her if this came out before she mellowed out.

    Some more casual revelations, including the fact that male Lycoris(Lilybells) exist apparently. If that’s the case, however, why would Chisato be targeted by them? They should be on the same team and all that. That aside, it’s interesting that she has three safehouses but I hope the one we know doesn’t get wrecked since it’s such a nice place.

    That Majima’s gonna be a pain to deal with but the DA’s probably glad the heat’s taken off their back. One point in his favour is that he seems to care for his men. Speaking of, Takina didn’t kill any of them. She’s doing her best to live up to Chisato’s hope.

    Takina’s squeal at the end was wonderfully cathartic. The pain she had to endure(mainly doing all the chores) had to be paid back, even it’s not in full.


  10. Nick says:

    Great to see Takina and Chisato finally living together. Hopefully it’s for the rest of the show and not just this one time thing.

    Mercy is very sexy indeed. Hope we see more of her at some point.

    Poncho Chisato was a cute moment. She looks good in that.

    Speaking of Chisato, she found herself in quite the dire situation this week. Thankfully Takina and company came to her rescue and it all ended well.

    And yes that squeal at the end by Takina needs to be experienced to get the full effect of it. Ending the ep on a high note as always.

    Can’t wait to watch the next ep!

    Liked by 1 person

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