RWBY: Ice Queendom Episode 5: Weissland Depths

In case some didn’t realize I pronounce her mind world as “Weiss-luhnd”, not “Weiss Land”.

Ruby, Yang and Blake volunteer to enter Weiss' mind

When we last left Ruby she’s in a pinch. Thanks to Shion taking quick action she’s “woken up” in time to avoid Weiss’ attack. It’s clear freeing her from the Nightmare wouldn’t be easy because it’s Weiss mind so the Nightmare took advantage of her power being its strongest inside the mind..

Weiss and Nega WeissWeiss and Nightmare Weiss, aka Nega Weiss. Like I said last Nega Weiss is sexiest Weiss of all.

Ruby didn’t want Yang or Blake to see what kind of person Weiss was. Question was how much of it was the Nightmare’s lies or Weiss’ own negative feelings magnified? Regardless Yang and Blake wanted in on the action. They’re like “She’s a tsundere. We can take it”.

I suppose the Pyrrha and Jaune drama continued but while I like Pyrrha we’re not here to talk about them.It’s all about WhiteRose (and hopefully Bumbleby).

Ruby wonders why Weiss got her weapon function wrongI didn’t mention it last time but I chuckled when Ruby noticed Weiss got how her weapon worked wrong.

Yang and Blake in WeisslandWeiss sure knows how to pick cool gear for her homies. I wonder if only one of Blake’s ears are covered because she saw her as a beauty and beast? Another personal chuckle moment was she saw Yang as a super strong knucklehead and Blake’s grappling hooks being super long.

Blake riding with YangThe “Pajamas” of this show perhaps. Bumbleby fans know what I mean.

Like Ruby’s last visit to Weissland Blake and Yang saw the Faunus train attack. Blake knew how Weiss felt about the Faunus, specifically the White Fang but she made her peace at the end of the 3-episode recap so it didn’t bother her too much.

Anyway the Waypoint markers Ruby posted last time were still there making it less difficult to infiltrate the Queendom.

Nightmare in control of WeissSeveral times throughout this episode we saw the Nightmare vines wrap around Nega Weiss’ shadow or surround her. Best guess is the reall Weiss’ consciousness was trapped in the crystal thing.

Dream Pyrrha singsWe saw Pyrrha earlier in the episode. Last time she wasn’t in a cage like her fellow Team JNPR “sillies”. This time she was in a cage but it had more decorum. Plus she sang a song because Weiss thought of her as an idol or diva. Pretty sure Dream Pyrrha’s song about loneliness and false reflections had a double meaning for both Weiss and the real Pyrrha.

More Ruby, Blake and YangDuring one of Nega Weiss’ meetings with her looney servants she mentioned the main target being the “girl in black”. She knew Ruby and Yang but not Blake. Most likely due to Weissland’s Anti-Faunus laws. Though the black girl was the target Nega Weiss put the Queendom on high alert to capture the two escapees Ruby and Yang. Ruby had a plan to let the two get captured to sort of enter the stronghold. Blake meanwhile used her anonymity to sneak around and eventually free them.

Ruby found a relicInside their “cell” Ruby found some interesting stuff but the most important was a red knight chess piece or relic. Ruby remembered their being two of them in the real world so maybe finding the other would trigger something important. Yang stayed in the cell to keep Sleepy Klein distracted while the other searched deeper to find Weiss’ core. However, Nega Weiss was expecting them.

Good stuff as usual.

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  1. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    They say Evil is sexy, and Nega-weiss really hits that mark, love that outfit!
    Now the whole team is doing the Inception thing too.

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