Luminous Witches Episode 4: Hidden Doubts

We got a Silvie and kinda Jo episode this time.

Jo in awe by Silvie's beauty

We began with Silvie and Jo stretching. Jo was caught off guard by how pretty Silvie was under her coat. When she lend her a ribbon to see how she’d look with a ponytail Silvie refused. Jo said she’d look like a princess with the ponytail which got a strange reaction from her. More on this later.

Grace has the girls hand out fliersAs all the girls continued stretching Grace came with the announcement of the Luminous Witches World Tour. Their first destination was Romagna, Silvie’s home country. During their flight they spotted a Neuroi nest near Ellie’s home country Gallia. This also confirms Luminous Witches is set sometime during Strike Witches Season 1 or at least before the nest was destroyed in the Season finale.

Silvie requests to not participate in the Romagna showWhile handing fliers, some better at it than others, Silvie approached Grace. The one not looking forward to performing at Romagna was herself. The reason was two-fold. First she didn’t want her father to find she didn’t become a soldier Witch as her father had hoped. That’s because of who she was the military didn’t exactly know what to do with her, or something like that. We’d get a clearer idea what she meant soon. The other big reason was another important someone she’s scared to tell the truth.

Young SilvieActually let’s get to the big reveal. Silvie’s actually Princess Silvana, potential heir of the Romagnan Empire. She’s proud to be her late great mother Rosa’s daughter but felt like everyone wanted her to follow in her footsteps instead of writing her own story. That’s the reason she enrolled in the Music Unit and hid her identity. However, hiding her identity made her wonder who the real her was or what kind of story she wanted to write.

Jo and Silvie have a momentIt’s thanks to Jo that Silvie’s able to find the answer she sought. Jo’s main motivation was earning money to support her family but being part of the Luminous Witches opened her eyes to something greater. She no longer felt like sitting backstage but wanted to do her best as a Luminous Witch. What really opened Silvie’s eyes was how hard Jo tried to hide her “Family Mode” from everyone.

Silvie with ponytailShe could relate with Jo’s simple struggle and took steps to open up with everyone from accepting Jo’s desire to see her with a ponytail to telling everyone the truth. Jo’s true self came out two as Silvie realized everyone was so used to chilling with her it didn’t really matter she’s royalty.

Good stuff as usual. Looks like next time we’ll learn more about Maria.

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8 Responses to Luminous Witches Episode 4: Hidden Doubts

  1. Nick says:

    Not a whole lot to add, just wanted to say how beautiful Silvie is. She really does look like a princess, as we later found out she really is.

    Also ponytails are top tier.

    Really liked the Silvie and Jo moments this week too, those two are very cute together. Both from completely different backgrounds but they’re so good as a team.

    While we didn’t get to see the whole performance, I’m sure it was wonderful as always. I guess they can’t exactly animate every performance each week, that would take so much time.

    Looking forward to their next destination and performance!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Silvie is actually a princess!
    Wow that’s pretty cool.
    Meanwhile Jo is your regular girl working to make ends meet. Real opposite but they’re cute together.

    The Galia Neuroi nest was a really nice nod and helped pinpoint when this show took place, I do appreciate continuity nods like that.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. chikorita157 says:

    It’s somewhat obvious that something was up.with Silvie with her not stating the reason she transferred, but I didn’t expect her that she is really a princess. But it’s cool she wants be more than just a figurehead.

    Like I mentioned in my post and on Twitter, I’m happy that Ellie and Aira aren’t the only pairings here. Silvie and Jo is hinted quire a bit as they have scenes seen together, but this episode made it so obvious. Not to mention, they have things in common although being opposites in wealth.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. yurimylove says:

    nice episode! also reminded me of Lucchini’s “Roman Holiday” date with Duchess Maria in the first series.

    Liked by 1 person

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