Prima Doll Episode 1: War Torn Automata

Viewers who saw the trailer had an idea what the tone of this show would be.

Haizakura meets a broken doll

We began the episode with a preview of a cute doll/android girl preparing to battle enemy robots on a train. Thirty years later the main heroine of the show, initially unnamed, awakened with “protagonist amnesia”. The first thing she saw was a broken doll. As she tried talking to her she heard cute singing. She ran out of a cafe in search of the singer.

Haizakura meets ChiyoIt was a cute girl later named Chiyo. She came from a district sealed due to enemy attack. She recognized our heroine being an automata, a doll created to help humans. She also bragged about knowing a super cool one who’s like a big sister to her but she hadn’t seen her in a long time.

Haizakura disables enemy robotSuddenly a rampaging enemy robot spotted them. As it’s charging at them our heroine stunned it with a song then disabled it, passing out afterward. Next day she woke up in the office of Nagi, owner of the cafe and doll craftsman. He named her Haizakura and explained the reason she couldn’t remember anything beyond her programming was her memory was reset after being repaired. He offered her a job at the cafe.

Prima Doll main quartetShe met her coworkers/senpai. From left to right we had Houkiboshi, Gekka and Karasuba. Houkiboshi was mute, Gekka’s the cute one and Karasuba the tsundere. As shown in this screen grab we got a montage of Haizakura trying to learn but failing spectacularly.

Haizakura and YugiriDuring break she went outside and Chiyo spotted her. She properly introduced herself and they continued talking about her big sister Yugiri. We saw a familiar looking silhouette but when she showed their photo it’s clear Yugiri was the broken automata. Nagi said repairing her would require giving a complete reset similar to Haizakura. The reason she broke was because her mind overloaded during a great battle. It’s too much for her and she shot down. For the time being he suggested Haizakura tell her about Chiyo and see what happens. As she did so she sang a similar song that stunned the robot and her eyes glowed red again,

Yugiri and Chiyo reuniteThe next morning she’s surprised to see Yugiri awake too. She took her to Chiyo and we’re treated to a precious reunion montage. Unfortunately the happy times were extremely short lived…

Yugiri's painYugiri couldn’t remember her time with Chiyo at all. Not even her name. Haizakura hoped there could be a way for them to remain together but she feared what would happen once Chiyo noticed her robo dementia. An automata’s greatest fear was having no purpose. Their farewell was as sad as one would expect. Yugiri went back to “sleep”. Karasuba did her best to cheer up Haizakura who wondered if reuniting them was the right thing to do. We ended the episode with a strong and fetching woman’s arrival.

Good premiere giving us a sign of what’s to come. Next episode looks to be about Gekka.

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12 Responses to Prima Doll Episode 1: War Torn Automata

  1. Nick says:

    As cute as this show is, I feel like it’s going to be a heart breaker in the long run. They definitely set the stage for that in this opening ep.

    Haizakura is very adorable. I like her already. Karabusa also caught my attention as she’s got a nice design.

    Yugiri is wonderful as well, her story being quite sad though. Hopefully we see more of her at some point.

    All in all, solid opening ep. I’m looking forward to more of this!

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  2. Somebody says:

    I am very wary of this one as a yuri anime. Not only does it have a male character who is definitely going to be integral to the plot but its made by Key. The fact that its a multimedia project however does give me some hope but not going to count on it. On the other hand I am a huge fan of Key with Clannad being the first anime (besides DBZ) that I ever watched. Not to mention the many many hours I have put into their VN’s (cant stress how much I love Little Busters). So will just enjoy this one as I do with any other anime they make.

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  3. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    I wasn’t really aware of what i was going into.
    So these robot girls can control armies of mecha, and the war is still ongoing it seems?
    Either way it’s piqued my interest.\
    Haizakura being this sweet innocent pink thing just adds to the whole package and I think it’s gonna be a real feels fest down the line.

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  4. chikorita157 says:

    I have to admit the dolls are cute, although I don’t think the male character will have a romantic relationship with a dolls since that will be off putting, but thankfully there is no signs of that. The fifth one obviously not here, but will probably appear at some point.

    Yugiri’s backstory is kind of sad, but at least Chiyo got to meet her again and that she still exists, although not fully repaired. Hopefully someday, they will find a way to restore her.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Hence why I told Somebody they need not worry about het here.

      I imagine the fifth automata will play an important role in the story.

      Fingers crossed this wasn’t the last we’d see of Yugiri.

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  5. yurimylove says:

    Haizakura kindly demonstrated to us how not to pour tea into a cup 😀

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  6. Tayumayu says:

    starting my next binge-watch list which is this anime and when someone mentioned it was made by key studio…i got completely stunned for a whole 5 minutes realizing. oh boy…here we go again…flashback clannad and angel beats. i am gonna cry a whole lot am I…. anyyyway….kokoro is ready. *but not really..its key after all..Cry


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