Birdie Wing Episode 12: More Prepping

With the Birdie Wing Twitter heavily hinting a second season it is a relief because in this episode the tournament had yet to start.

Eve and Aoi bet

We began with qualifying rounds to see which teams would enter the main tournament. Just getting it out of the way quickly of course Eve and Aoi won for Raiou Academy and they’d represent them in the tournament. As mentioned last episode the tournament was organized by Aoi’s mom solely to shine the spotlight on her baby girl once she wins. Eve being her tag team partner was a bonus since she’s pretty much her equal.

Aoi and Eve poutOur heroines being as competitive as they were cared more about beating each other than winning as a team. They competed to surpass the “-10” score by the top ranked local player, Mizuho. They both got -11. It wasn’t a big deal during the qualifiers but teamwork will be more important in the tournament as it would be contested under Match Play rules. Rather than lowest score wins it’s more like the Singles duels we’ve seen Eve compete in. Basically the team who hit their ball in the lowest shots win the hole. The team with the most holes won by the end of the game win. Since courses consist of 18 holes a team who score 10 holes more than their opponents get an automatic win.

Amane and Ichina poutMeanwhile the caddies also had their own pouting contest over which way was best, old school observation and instinct (Ichina) vs modern technology (Amane).

Buff Golfer BabeReminds me of that sexy buff babe from KEIJO!!!!!!!! and the main protagonist of Hanebado!!

Buff Golfer Babe 2Seeing this sexy beast made me sad because rather than be one of our heroines’ tougher opponents she’s just a throwaway character in the qualifiers for Eve to “pierce”. I wanted her to be a recurring character damn it!

Lily and Klein talk to EveI still miss them, especially Lily.

Aoi caught off guard by Eve's headpatEve’s “battle gear” and Aoi caught off guard by her head pat. Eve is a lady killer after all. Claims to be bi but we know where she really swings.

Eve's main target MizuhoEve aims for her next target Mizuho.

Coverage was brief because the episode was straightforward with the above being my highlights. Good stuff as always. Next time I assume the tournament officially starts.

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9 Responses to Birdie Wing Episode 12: More Prepping

  1. There’s no way they can conclude the entire tournament in one episode next week! We’ve seen Kaoruko’s golf skills before, but we have no idea how tough Mizuho is. They better announce the second season sooner or later.

    Oh, and btw, according to the preview, a certain scene will leave us speechless for a while.

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  2. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Of course Eve and Aoi get through the early stages of the tournament, but now there’s a lot of more exciting opponents! Can’t wait to see what kind of stuff they can do.
    Really hoping S2 comes true because blitzing over the tournament fast won’t be fun, at all.

    Eve randomly sending Lily a gunpla that was chosen by the staff made me smile because surely as kids we all had that experience asking mom or dad to buy a cool new toy and they’re clueless and just let the staff pick! Lily namedrops Strike Gundam which is my favorite gundam. Good taste.

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  3. cirno9fan says:

    It’d be really nice to get another season, but I do fear the tournament is going to get blitzed through. Even though this could be a chance to show off lots of different golfers, it seem slike it’s going to be a battle solely between Team EvaAoi and uh….those one two. Feel like ti’s going to skip through the others. But I really want to be wrong on this!

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  4. Nick says:

    As you said, it’s a pretty straightforward ep and not a whole lot to get into.

    I do like Eve when she’s super aggressive and fired up, like she was in this ep. She’s totally locked in and ready to go. It’s great seeing her bring that energy to golf, which isn’t something any of the other girls saw coming at all. That alone is enough to throw them off their game and put Eve in a better position. She’s playing the mental game long before the actual game starts, so it’ll be exciting to see her out there on the green.

    Their Twitter account was heavily hinting at another season, which honestly makes a lot of sense as there is no possible way to do a whole tournament in 23 minutes. I could see them ending the last ep with them just about to start playing or something like that. Either way I’m very certain we haven’t seen the last of these golfing girls.

    Looking forward to the “final” ep!

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    • OG-Man says:

      Eve’s suave intimidation and how effective it is on most opponents is always cool.

      Fingers crossed they announce S2 tomorrow as the subs drop a day later.

      Hopefully it’s like Spy X Family and more is coming Fall or even Summer.

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  5. yurimylove says:

    haha Eve trash talking like she’s at wrestling match xD


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