RPG Real Estate Episode 11: Night of the Dragon

Not many major questions left to answer. Would we discover the remaining secrets this episode?

Rakira comforts RufuriaRufuria felt terrible for doubting Fa and Rakira comforted her as they set off to help their brahs and apologize.

Satona ReturnsOh how we the cultured missed you Lady Satona.

The royal guard were no match for the dragon. Even Lady Satona could barely keep up with the dragon’s power using a strong trap or barrier.

Kotone, Fa, Toto and Shiro fly near the red dragonKotone got convenient backup as she passed Toto’s workplace right as she’s done for the day, hence how they came to the rescue. Fa tried talking to the dragon when they found an opening and HER eyes weren’t yellow (via Selenia’s mind control magic.). She found out the dragon’s pregnant looking for a safe place to give birth. Kotone and Lady Satona’s reactions were excellent. Eventually they’re able to reach Lady Satona and tell her. Kotone and Fa got a gryphon to approach and try to calm the dragon.

Selenia about to cast a spell on FaMeanwhile we learned more about the mastermind Selenia’s goal. As we recall her actions were, in her mind, for the sake of her fellow dragonkin. Probably victims of the great war as she knew Lady Satona. Obviously it doesn’t excuse her controlling Mama Dragon. As KotoFa flew past Selenia recognized Fa. She hoped Fa could help the dragon so she used magic to unleash her true form.

Fa's true formAwesome. Most likely means Fa’s the reincarnation of the Dark Lord too and not just the great dragon Fafnir.

She used her older voice to warn Kotone of what’s coming as she turned into Fafnir and easily knocked Mama Dragon out. Things seemed to be going well but as always soldiers did something stupid and prematurely attacked Fa, pissing off Selenia as she took control of the great dragon.

Kotone and the gang sing Fa's favorite songRakiRufi arrived on another gryphon to lead Kotone to safety from a rampaging Fafnir but our heroine still refused to give up on her sweetie. A strong breeze blew away the her lucky charm but that’s when she noticed a flower petal in the breeze and recalled the all important song. The trio sang it and appeared to calm her down as she saw her future pink soulmate. However, Selenia was still blinded by vengeance and refused to give up control over her.

Kotone badly hurtG-View next time…

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14 Responses to RPG Real Estate Episode 11: Night of the Dragon

  1. Rika says:

    While singing to Fa was cute, singing didn’t help that much against the antagonist, she just cast the spell again. But what if instead of singing, the lyrics are the plot relevant part? The lyrics of the song sound like a prophecy, it mentions a purple night and Kotone wears purple, so maybe analyzing the lyrics it’s possible to figure out how to revive Kotone?

    Or maybe the necromancer that appeared early in the show just ties Kotone’s spirit to her body? That’s kinda better because then she never ages and she can stay together forever with Fa, she’s still dead, but not gone.

    Or maybe she actually stays gone and there is only some hints that “there is a way to bring her back” but because this is never getting a season 2, the only way to see it is picking up the manga (Which I’ll do regardless after this, the story is so good).

    Who knows, there are so many possibilities, I’m sure I can think of some more until next week.

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  2. This Selenia has to be the Dark Lord reincarnated. And now that she controlled Fa, she killed Kotone, and no one will ever find and defeat that reincarnated Dark Lord. How is this anime going to end in a happy ending with Kotone dead?

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  3. chikorita157 says:

    Damn, Selenia really did it and actually made Fa really kill Kotone, although maybe not as I have a feeling that a miracle will happen. They can’t just kill off Kotone as it’s a light hearted Manga Time Kirara series after all, right? Given that Selenia has horns, she is probably part of a demon clan associated with the Demon King and wants revenge. I think Kotone will be fine, although not without drama.

    I guess Satona probably knows why she decide to take Fa in, given how important she is.

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  4. Nick says:

    Man what an ep! And then that ending!!

    I guess my theory about Fa fighting the red dragon actually did happen, nice.

    Another sweet Rufuria and Rakira moment. Love them so much.

    That ending though, oh man. I didn’t actually think Kotone die but then the preview shows her in a casket so.. I guess she really did die then. Definitely not what I was expecting going into this show but points for a twist like that. I do like being completely surprised when watching anime. Whether or not she actually stays dead or gets brought back to life via magic remains to be seen, but if this really is the end for Kotone, she’ll be greatly missed.

    Grand finale next week!

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  5. yurimylove says:

    we’re gonna need some Healer Girls real quick…


  6. K says:

    This episode was quite intense and just when things looked like everything was gonna turn out alright, that ending happened. I know Kotone will come back from this and all but it’s still a very traumatic experience for everyone that witnessed it. Selenia’s explanation for her rampage better be a good one!

    So Fa was short for Fafnir, eh? Her dragon form’s very majestic, if I say so myself.

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