Healer Girl Episode 11: Challenge Camp

When we last left our heroines Mistress Ria surprised them with the announcement of them taking the C-Rank Exam soon. Were they up to the challenge?

Practice FailedOff to a rough start.

There’s still something off about their synergy as symbolized by the trio consumed by dark orcas during practice. They asked Mistress Ria for help but instead had them go on a training camp with Aoi.

Group photoInstead of training the first thing the quartet did was go on a tour to take in the local attractions like an art museum, pottery and even bungee jumping. Kana wondered why they weren’t training but Aoi said it’s in the mistress’ assigned schedule for them.

Aoi gives Hibiki adviceThe bungee jumping came up later on. After seeing Kana go for it Hibiki felt down. She told Aoi she felt bad for being afraid to bungee jump. Aoi explained it’s okay to be afraid and to use it to grow stronger along with her other feelings. Though this was more advice for her own piano playing she assured her it’d help with vocal healing too.

Sonia with her hair downAnother cutie who is more beautiful with her hair down.

Our heroines tried to practice their exam song again but another failure. Losing confidence Kana called Shinobu for advice. Her girlfriend overheard and gave Kana a stern but helpful lecture. She even had encouraging words afterward but this being Sonia she said them after hanging up. Sonia was serious when she said she wanted to beat the Karasuma clinic at their best.

Happy AoiFelt like sharing happy Aoi.

The trio have a fightAfter failing practice a third time the cracks finally revealed themselves.

Short version of their fight: “You two are so much cooler and more talented than me I can’t compare!”. All three of their arguments could be summed up with that sentence.

Long version: Kana felt inferior to the others despite her incredible potential. Kana doubting herself annoyed Reimi. Hibiki still felt she couldn’t match Mistress Ria or her talented homies. Kana said she’s exaggerating her inferiority. Kana said Reimi’s naturally gifted thanks to her parents’ genes. Reimi argued music was all she’s good at as she envied Kana for having multiple hobbies and ambitions before settling on healer while Hibiki’s “daily routine” was also enviable because Reimi could barely clean and sucked at cooking.

As a reminder this was a feel good show their fight could be best described as “aggressive praising” as mentioned in the short version. After calming down the three admitted to being jealous of the others’ great talent till realizing they’re all pretty cool and talented.

Butterfly metaphorBefore the trio resolved their issues themselves Shoko dropped by to deliver supplies. Aoi told her about their problem. As she informed Ria she knew she’d say it’s something the three would have to solve themselves as she couldn’t help the butterflies leave their cocoon. Hence the orca cocoon and butterfly metaphor during the trio’s exam. After the ED we ended the episode with Ria telling our heroines they passed the exam…and that they’d be expelled from the clinic. Based on how she acted and the preview for the next episode my guess is she meant it as no longer having anything to teach them and to broaden their horizons in other clinics. We’ll see how close I am to the truth next time.

Good stuff as always. Don’t know if the next episode will be the last or we have two more. Just in case it’s finally to address something.

Ria's nameRia’s short for Maria. What a twist.

Ria sent on an errand by ShokoShoko sent Ria on an errand that annoyed her.

After the first episode I barely talked about this. At best I alluded to it in one episode. Here’s the thing. Throughout the show there have been SO MANY subtle hints Mistress MARIA and Shoko are a couple. The problem is the hints are too subtle. I was hoping they’d make it as clear as possible at the season finale but just in case I wanted to assure readers I’m more than aware of the hints. Just wanted a better show of their relationship on screen. Not a kiss or an “I love you”. Just SOMETHING to make yuri fans squee and not have to depend on the manga to see them be more intimate.

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6 Responses to Healer Girl Episode 11: Challenge Camp

  1. cirno9fan says:

    A fantastic episode that did a great job of handling things that really have been boiling since almost the beginning (probably since the beginning). I am guessing the finale will give us an idea of how the three of them will move forward.

    I disagree about Sonia, but that’s all preference I guess. Either way, her advice was the best sort of advice. It was funny to see Ria’s brainstorming process XD

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. yurimylove says:

    haha that “Maria” reveal was a bigger twist than the orca cocoons

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Nick says:

    Another nice training ep this week for this show!

    Great to see Aoi back and getting more screen time. Sadly no maid outfit this week.

    Sonia with her hair down looks very cute! Wish we saw this more often.

    Glad the trio was able to work out their troubles and get back on the same page.

    As always the singing in this show is by far one of the best parts about it. Can’t get enough of their beautiful voices.

    Ria’s full name being Maria was quite the surprise indeed. And yes I also had a feeling Ria and Shoko might be a couple but like you said it’s so subtly hinted at that it’s very easy not to catch onto it. It would’ve been nice if they made it a little more obvious but if not then we’ll just have to be happy we got this at all.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      I knew Aoi not wearing her maid outfit would kinda sadden you.

      Exactly. Sonia looks prettier that way.

      Glad they sorted out their differences and delivered another excellent performance.

      Most of us know Maria and Shoko are a couple. It just would be nice to get ONE not subtle show of their loving relationship before the show ends.

      Liked by 1 person

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