The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 11: Pandæmonium Pandemonium

I personally don’t care to discern Pandæmonium the devil child and Pandemonium the fog seal but to avoid others potentially bringing it up again here you go. Anyway our heroines were in a major pickle against the crazy brat.

Pandæmonium tricked Menou

Menou appeared to be holding her own but PDM not only could copy herself whenever she wanted but appear wherever. More on the latter later. Menou did her best to hang on but didn’t have enough ether control for a long bout against a powerful foe like one of the Human Errors. She also claimed her goal was to create a B grade horror movie using real people and monsters. You don’t need me to explain why that’s a very bad thing, right?

Ashuna helps MenouYou have no idea how elated I was to see these badass babes team up. Plus G.O. helping Menou meant more screen time for my queen! According to G.O.’s troops about a hundred people took the pill. Menou had a plan where G.O. helped her get a needed Ether boost in hopes of trapping PDM in a vortex of doom till all the hundred lives she had from the sacrificed people who took the monstrine were used up.

The Pandemonium Monster revealedThinking they bested the little psycho G.O. took the time to ask about her favorite pink firecracker, already knowing Menou was “that chick she gushes over”. Menou assured her she’s recovering nicely but before she could breathe a sigh of relief they were attacked by the fog monster, PDM’s favorite.

Akari heals MomoSpeaking of Momo Akari went to check in on her. Thinking she’s asleep she whispered her dislike of her pink love raivaru but for Menou’s sake she sped up the healing. I assume that’s what she did. I said she thought she’s asleep because Momo briefly saw her leave the room. How much of her jellyness she heard I’m not sure.

Akari in trouble against PandæmoniumWhile G.O. and Menou faced the big monster PDM split herself in two to have a “chat” with Akari. She tried to fight back but the nutjob outmatched her in trickery.

Signs of Akari's troubled past life in JapanPDM came to Akari because being a fellow isekai’d she wanted to know stuff about Japan despite losing most of her memory from using magic. Akari did too but preferred memories of her old life be erased because she only recalled bad ones.

Cocky PandæmoniumPDM created more dissension between our heroines by revealing Akari’s time loops eventually created a small gap in Pandemonium for a small part of her to escape. It’s kind of her fault all this was happening. PDM further teased Akari saying the repeated use of her magic most likely changed her into someone far different from her old self in Japan. Akari didn’t care. All that mattered was protecting Menou and only allowing herself to be killed by her, not some demonic nutcase. A few more jabs. She said her efforts were futile because someone with the power to connect with the Astral Archive, basically the ultimate power source of this show, always prevented her from succeeding. Akari could only think of one crimson haired woman who would want to stop her. Her final message before the cliffhanger was a tease about a way to go back to Japan.

Pandæmonium Final Boss FormBack to our badass duo Menou was told the part about Akari being the reason PDM could wreak havoc. However, as mentioned only a fraction of her life force could escape the fog and it’s about to be sucked back in or something like that. As a farewell gift she sucked in all remaining sacrifices to give them an epic season finale boss fight.

I assume the next episode is the last so G-View next time.

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13 Responses to The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 11: Pandæmonium Pandemonium

  1. opaco1234 says:

    Akari become so cool when she act serious

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  2. cirno9fan says:

    Pandæmonium is proving to be the breakout loli of the season! Glad that it’s just a fraction of her, and there’s a possibility of more in the future, regardless of what happens~ I wonder how fun the other Human Errors are? And my long-held theory that Menou is an Isekaier is holding up better every episode!

    It was rather obvious Flare would be the “final boss”. This “Astral Archives” is sure an interesting thing, I wonder if it’s the result of someone who was even more powerful than the “Human Errors”? Maybe it’s an Isekaier that consumes memories? Someone who lost everything before they got isekai’d and just wanted to know who they were, which resulted in everything spiraling, and completely crushing the “coexistence” that had been going on. Would be a pretty comical twist if their “Lord” was yet another Isekaier.

    Pandæmonium is the ultimate entertainment director! Obviously, if one were to be a part of that world and be attached to its inhabitants it would be horrifying, but I’m not in that camp, so I’ll just enjoy her performances~

    Pandæmonium is ❤

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  3. Yurismfan says:

    It can be assumed that if Akari ever becomes the new “human error”, then given her love for Meno, it will clearly be a yandere.

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  4. chikorita157 says:

    The Pandemonium is very creepy, probably more so this time, more so when she appears behind Akari. Still, it’s not too surprising to see the Pandemonium come out as a result of Akari thanks to all that time traveling. I can see why Akari doesn’t care about her past given all that bullying and her love for Menou of course.

    Should be interesting how the fight against the Pandemonium ends, but I have a feeling that she is simply unkillable unless they find a way.

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    • OG-Man says:

      A worthy season finale boss is the little terror.

      Akari went through some rough times back in Japan.

      Most likely find a way to permanently seal her away since killing her is nigh impossible.

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  5. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Even though the giant sky laser was impressive, with the episode still having ways to go, you know that little girl pandemonium is not going down that easy!
    And she even graces us with the trope of the final becoming really big! (something even she points out!)
    Really like this episode.

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  6. K says:

    Geez, Akari sure suffered a lot of mental damage from Curse Director Pandemonium. Seeing as how it was Akari’s looping that made this situation possible, I wonder if it’s alright to assume that this loop should be her last chance to be killed by Menou? After all, looping again would apparently just extend PDM’s time out of the fog and she would just get closer to her dream of creating a high-budget real life B-movie 😉 . Just imagine what she can do at full power!

    Assuming that there is a way back to Japan, then all those isekai protags died unnecessary deaths. I guess the way back might be quite difficult, too time consuming to prepare or just very random, so it’s easier to just assassinate them.

    Menou and Ashuna’s team up was pretty sweet but they could only do so much against a horror movie villain. Instead of aiming for a definitive victory, survival is the best option they can go for. After all, she is undefeatable, unstoppable and unbreakable; she is the Unlimited Pandemonium!

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  7. yurimylove says:

    Akari saved her love rival for the greater good, how honorable!
    By now, she should just tell Menou the truth, since her secret is pretty much out anyway.


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