The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 10: Bloody Turn of Events

Things got pretty savage this episode.

Baby Manon and Mom

Last time Akari stayed behind at the island fortress to interrogate Lady Manon wondering how she knew she’s an isekai protagonist. She waited for the right moment to confront the lady again and that’s where we continue. The first reveal was the least surprising because it’s in the title, Lady Manon’s mom was an isekai protagonist. Based on how she worded it mom wasn’t teleported but appeared the old fashioned way, if you know what I mean. Could be wrong but how she got there wasn’t super important. Dad knew she’s a “lost one” and courted her with plans to use her power for the benefit of The Fourth. However, he ended up loving her for real and she didn’t use her power for years because the more an isekai protag used their power the more memories they lost. He didn’t want her to forget their time together.

Manon's mom killed in front of herOne day tragedy struck. I assume because Manon was old enough to be told this secret mom said she had an energetic older sister. Whether the big twist was Manon and Akari being long lost sisters I don’t know. No time to ponder that because Flare appeared to kill mama. We’ll get back to this later.

Manon makes her moveAkari rightfully thought Lady Manon’s goal was revenge against Flare by first killing Menou but the mad lady had another goal. To get payback on the Fourth who repeatedly talked trash about her for not inheriting mom’s magic. She’d do this by living up to their initial expectations then show why it’s a bad idea by messing with forbidden magic, becoming taboo herself.

Manon's shadow powerAkari thought her time freeze would protect the Fourth snobs but Manon’s shadow power was stronger, absorbing them. Luckily Menou’s nearby and blocked Manon’s attack on Akari. How much of their conversation she overheard remains to be seen. The lady was pleased her main target came right to her. When Menou deemed her taboo she was elated but not because she considered herself the embodiment of The Fourth’s ideals.

Manon begs Flare to kill her tooBack to the tragic day. Manon begged Flare to kill her too so she could be with mom but Flare told her isekai kids didn’t inherit their parents’ magic meaning she wasn’t taboo. I think Manon saw this as losing her connection to mom. That along with the snobs constantly insulting her about it struck a chord.

Menou defeats ManonManon was prepared to give Menou an epic boss fight but despite her impressive power she’s outsmarted by our clever heroine. Her finishing blow was brutal but the worst was yet to come.

Manon: Oh my. It appears you have bested me Miss Menou. At least I wasn’t completely useless. Thank you for a wonderful battle

Menou: Glad you’re happy cause I’m not.

Manon: Ah. So you do not enjoy killing. It is reasons like escaping one’s fate or duty that they seek to become taboo.

Menou: Doesn’t excuse what you did lady.

Manon: I suppose not. Let me say this. Everyone has a right to change their destiny. You do not have to be an executioner if you do not want to. I am certain Miss Boobalicious would gladly help change your fate.

Menou: Shut your trap bitch!

Manon: Touchy touchy. Oh. She did say “countless times”. Perhaps it is you who can help change her fate.

Menou: Stop not making sense.

Manon: I am afraid I cannot reveal a fellow maiden’s secrets. One last thing. I am not the one you should be worried about.

The real culprit's handThere is another far more dangerous than I…and she wants to say hello…Miss Menou, meet my business partner…

PandemoniumThe body horror was something else but once the familiar mastermind revealed herself I was like “I KNEW IT! CLONE!” This girl was Pandemonium, the Human Error sealed behind the Libelle fog, who also happened to be the lost one of legend who created monsters using her blood…as she showed in semi graphic detail. Menou vs Pandemonium Round 1 was very messy indeed. Also it’s confirmed Akari’s time power wasn’t strong enough to affect Human Errors. Every time she escaped the sea monster’s wrath Pandemonium paid attention. Eventually she somehow contacted Lady Manon and they made a deal. She’d grant the lady intel about Akari along with forbidden magic while she slowly recovered her power through human sacrifices. Her Pure Concept allowed her to copy herself, making her nigh indestructible. Last thing of note was her mentioning an Ivory hero who was forced into protecting this world. However, despite possessing the strongest Pure Concept the hero couldn’t defeat Pandemonium. Not only that but the hero was forgotten.

Intense climax to this arc. Pumped to see how Menou and Akari overcome Pandemonium.

Ashuna kinda sad Momo didn't show upObviously I didn’t forget the Gorgeous One kinda sad Momo didn’t show up for their (not date) meeting. My heart briefly ached for her. G.O. being best girl again showed she’s beauty, brawn and brains when she suspected there being a big reason Momo didn’t show up. Hopefully she too will lend a hand to our heroines and pay a visit to Momo afterward. Whatever happens I’m excited.

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14 Responses to The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 10: Bloody Turn of Events

  1. Really great episode! Can’t wait to see how this brutal battle will turn out. I felt sad for Ashuna too, but I’m sure she’ll figure out what happened with Momo and visit her in no time. Just gotta take care of business first. Good stuff as always.

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  2. Rory says:

    I was eagerly anticipating this episode, and it did not disappoint. Manon’s desires were brought to light, Menou’s fight with Manon was swift but satisfying, and then we got the pleasingly gruesome reveal of Pandæmonium.
    Pandæmonium being the name of the girl who is the Human Error, whilst Pandemonium refers to the area with the inescapable fog. Pretty much the same word, sure, but gotta differentiate between two. Seems like people have taken to calling her “Panda” for short, though.
    I’m happy that they didn’t shy away from the more gory scenes described in the light novel. Meeting Pandæmonium is quite the experience, and the anime absolutely did justice for her debut.
    What an incredible episode.

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    • OG-Man says:

      I think I remember somewhere where a world and entity had similar names. I forgot where. Unless she’s a recurring enemy it’s not important to me.

      Gruesome stuff and excellent because of it.

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  3. cirno9fan says:

    Pandæmonium is adorable! Pandæmonium is the perfect little creepy eldritch abomination girl! Her scenes were just sublime~ So I was not wrong!….sorta. I was not wrong in that she was something that cannot be killed, or at least die when she is killed. But I was wrong in that they created her. She’s some kind of centuries(+?) old loli baba that comes to life when she’s killed. There were some interesting implications, when taken with information that was shared before.

    The fact that she’s still around after all those years does at least give a strong showing of how nigh indestructible she is. I’m sure many before Menou have attempted to destroy Pandæmonium, but none have succeeded. if you think Akari is difficult to kill, why not someone who is granted life every time she’s killed? XD Ah, her speech was just the best~

    Should be quite the interesting confrontation.

    Hopefully Ashuna figures out the reason behind Momo’s disappearance.

    Pandæmonium is ❤

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  4. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    This was a really fun and bloody episode.

    The clash between Menou and Manon was very well done! I had to rewatch it afterward, it was really cool.

    Pandemonium is one creepy-ass girl!

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  5. chikorita157 says:

    At least Manon got what she wanted in the end, although it’s very understandable that her mother can’t pass down her Pure Concept. This can explain everything about her.

    The Pandemonium is cute and creepy at the same time. I think Menou will have a difficult time getting rid of her since she can simply reproduce herself like Akari. Makes me wonder if Ashuna join the fight eventually. We’ll see soon enough.

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  6. K says:

    Bloody indeed…

    Manon’s backstory was quite pitiable. After seeing her mother killed before her eyes, being told that she’s nothing special and being bashed for it by the Fourth for years, Manon having a twisted personality is not hard to understand, I think, which is why she willingly entered a partnership with Pandemonium when the opportunity presented itself. Her duel with Menou was short and it ended with her loss but she was alright with it.

    Speaking of Pandemonium, her official introduction was epic and I loved her grand speech about horror movies and monsters. It’s not surprising that she’s such a fan of the genre given how her power works. That ability of hers also explains how Monstrine can be mass produced. Menou’s gonna have a hard time, that’s for certain.

    Akari time powers might be top-tier but it seems to have no effect on Human Errors, at least one that’s as indestructible as Pandemonium. She was really out of her league this time.

    Ashuna’s despondency didn’t miss me either but at least she doesn’t think Momo intentionally stood her up(although I think she would if it wasn’t for that competition they were having). If she’s going to join the fight, it would make for an interesting tag team.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Manon had it rough. Her kinda going nuts was understandable.

      Pandemonium is a dangerous foe indeed. Our heroines are in serious trouble.

      As always I’m most interested in what Ashuna does.

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  7. yurimylove says:

    that little girl must be a fan of The Exorcist

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