RPG Real Estate Episode 9: Cloudy With a Chance of Nekos

Our heroines were close to meeting their work goal. One more deal to go.

RPG Real Estate Onsen

This is a cultured anime so not only were we blessed with a swimsuit episode but an onsen one too! Their potential “last deal” was located at an inn in the forest. They saw a sign in front of the entrance telling them to first enjoy the onsen.

Kotone's charm from CasaBless this show very much.

Rufuria noticed the charm “House” gave Kotone and asked about it. Kotone thought about her advice to share her worries with the gang but her heart wasn’t ready yet.

Rufuria happily sharing her idea with RakiraTime for the RakiRufi moment of the episode.

Rufuria: You know. Buying a property with an onsen sounds pretty good. I’d move out of the apartment.

Rakira: What!? You’d leave?

Rufuria: Of course you’re coming with me silly. Imagine us bathing together every day.

Rakira likes Rufuria's ideaRakira: Every day? …I’d like that.

RPG Real Estate UnderwearWhen the gang got out they couldn’t find their clothes but another sign saying to put on the provided underwear. Lots of funny and sexy shenanigans followed that appeared to have a food theme. They thought they’re in a Hansel and Gretel situation being prepared for a feast.

Kotone gets a cat massageTurns out it was an elaborate setup for a kitty massage. The innkeeper explained the inn was struggling so they set up signs to communicate with passing adventurers  Kotone, who was kind of sober from catnip, had a better less weird idea. Soon enough the inn literally became a chick magnet. Unfortunately business was so good the innkeeper refused to make a deal with them. He did reach a solid compromise (bribe) with them.

Millenium Star FestivalBack in the onsen they talked about the upcoming Millenium Star Festival (No relation to Mario Party 3). It’s like a lantern wishing festival. The girls made simple wishes from infinite food pockets to a frying pan. Fa hoped the lantern would reach the gods and grant her wish but Rufuria pretty much outed herself as a non-believer. Rakira saved it and was like “It’s the thought that counts”.

Fa and MimoAs Fa went to get some treats a cutie asked one too. Her name was Mimo and she’s lost. Her cheeks looked yummy to Fa so the others tried to help the little one but none of them were good ‘big sisters” so back to Fa. Mimo was curious about the wishing lanterns and wrote her wish, to reunite with her parents. She said they lived in the clouds which our heroines thought meant they were no longer among the living. Suddenly she heard her mother call and ran to a distant cliff.

Mimo's MomTo our heroines, especially Rufuria’s, surprise not only did Mimo’s parents indeed live in the clouds, a castle in the sky, but they’re gods. As a reward for helping find her baby girl and keeping quiet about what they saw she granted most of their wishes, except Kotone’s extra wish. One wish per person after all.

Stay tuned after the ED for a big surprise.

Great stuff as always. Next time a sexy petite chocolate demon elf lady.

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14 Responses to RPG Real Estate Episode 9: Cloudy With a Chance of Nekos

  1. This episode had me laughing nearly the entire time. Something about the timing of the jokes just hit at the right moments and I couldn’t contain myself. Good stuff as usual.

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  2. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    The idea of the main characters progressing through rooms, where the twist is they are preparing themselves to be eaten, is likely a shout out to the story “The Restaurant with many orders” which has a similar premise! Of course our ladies are lucky the masters of the house don’t want to eat them and and instead just out to give good service. And Kotone gives them great advice too, even if it does backfire on her at the end since they weren’t able to seal that contract!

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  3. cirno9fan says:

    I see Kotone is a lady of culture, and finds the benefits of catnip as well! it can have an effect on real people, it’s just very rare (I found myself starting to feel a bit loopy after getting too close to it once too XD).

    I personally think they got her extra wish, but it hasn’t been made known yet. A hint’ll probably be in the form of Kotone gaining weight after cake or something. I just doubt that they’re not going to get the house. Some wishes just require a bit of patience.

    Fa being the true big sister was great XD Kotone’s way of calming Mimo was extremely dark ._. Rakira’s “ups a daisy” was hilarious and as expected XD

    That cat onsen was amazing!

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  4. chikorita157 says:

    A beach episode and now a hot spring episode. that is nice. I find it funny how Kotone starts acting like a cat just from that cat nip. Even Kotone did what Rufuria finds embarrassing in the last episode, acting like a cat while wearing cat ears.

    Mimo’s mother looks nice, but I find it funny how Rufuria doubts a god exist, until she met one. Does this mean that her wish didn’t become true? Also, find it funny how Kotone wants more than one wish. Yep, she got a bit greedy there, without knowing she can only get one wish.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      We are blessed.

      Rufuria was lucky the catnip didn’t affect her.

      Her reaction was excellent.

      Yup. Kotone learned there are rules to making wishes. There’s always a limit.


  5. Nick says:

    So many hilarious moments in this ep!

    Kotone is such a great character, she’s so much fun to watch. Her reacting to the cat nip was pure gold. You never know what you’ll get with her but it’s always a good time.

    Glorious hot springs scene. Once again reminded of Kotone’s power. So good, soooo good.

    Fa and her constant hunger also makes for a lot of funny moments as well.

    I’m pretty sure Rakira and Rufuria bathe together more than they let on when around the others. Easily one of my favorite couples of the season.

    Part 2 was great as well.

    Mimo was a cute addition to this ep, too bad she was only around for such a short time. What’s worse is that her mom had even less screen time.

    Oh boy next week looks like it’ll be another glorious ep indeed! I can’t wait!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Kotone’s a fantastic protagonist no doubt. So much fun and so sexy.

      Rakira and Rufuria are couple goals. Their relationship is wonderful.

      Fa’s adorable as always.

      Mimo and her mom will be dearly missed.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. yurimylove says:

    love the onsen hijinks. very catchy marketing gimmick!

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  7. K says:

    That inn was mysterious but when the owner was revealed, it all made sense. Kotone’s reactions never ceases to amaze me.

    Rakira’s reaction in the above screenshot was cute.

    The advice those four gave saved that neko inn, so much so that a deal was not needed anymore. Their goal’s so close yet so far. At least they get to use the hot springs anytime they want so it’s not a total loss. RakiRufu would take advantage of that privilege on occasion, definitely.

    Wow, the gods do hear people’s wishes, after all. This must be their busiest time of the year, since there would be a lot of wishes to process. That and the no-interaction rule in place. I bet you wished you were a believer now Rufuria 😉 . Anyway, Fa was the best big sis to Mimo during the the short time they spent together.

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