Tales From the Under-Realm: After Midnight Kickstarter

Set in the same world as Tales From the Under-Realm: Hazel, it’s the Kickstarter for the next entry in the yuri series by Winter Wolves. Tales From the Under-Realm: After Midnight.

Tales From the Under Realm After Midnight Cover

Plot Summary: The Nameless God is back in Tales Of The Under-Realm: After Midnight!

This time, the omniscient God with the ability to peek into a person’s past after they’ve died will be uncovering the life of a young woman serving as a guard in the town of Lothark, under Guard Captain Samael.

Tales From Under Realm After Midnight CynthiaHer life takes an interesting turn with the arrival of two exotic beauties from Dingirra: Nadja and her daughter, Cynthia. They end up taking over a club of dubious reputation called the House of Hands. Cynthia works there as a bartender while her mother dances.

Tales From Under Realm After Midnight TaraOur protagonist quickly strikes up a friendship with Cynthia which earns the jealousy of Tara, the protagonist’s childhood friend and fellow guard with a habit of letting her shyness keep her from expressing her feelings properly.

Changing relationships are the least of our protagonist’s problems, however.

Samael has secrets of his own– like what he’s hiding in the basement. When his daughter, Evelyn, tries to find out with the help of three other students from her magic school, she’s the only one who returns.

A few days later, the father of one of the students goes missing as well. If that wasn’t enough, a merchant is found dead at Nadja’s place.

And that would only be the start of a series of murders, all with one thing in common: happening after midnight

As readers can see the love interests are a dark skinned dancer and buff bodyguard. Yet again this developer reads my mind.

The Kickstarter was successfully funded already but there are enticing Stretch Goals (extra sexiness and in-game outfits for example) along with an upcoming demo. Check out the Kickstarter HERE to learn more along with potentially helping unlock the Stretch Goals.

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