Healer Girl Episode 7: Healers’ Festival

The traditional school festival episode.

Cat Maid Kana

Shoko's reaction to packaged foodShoko’s reaction when they found out Kana’s class cafe used packaged goods and not freshly cooked. She had some excellent faces this episode.

Sonia boasting about her Russian cuisineBest parts of this scene wasn’t Sonia boasting about her great Russian cuisine (Though Hibiki helped they did cook the dishes so she’s a point) but Reimi standing perfectly still with her disdained expression and then there’s Kana again saying Sonia’s at her best when she’s egotistical. To remind viewers she’s a good girl at heart Sonia took great care of the patients last episode who she primarily cooked for. Also Hibiki and Reimi helped serve meals for Kana’s sake. Reimi sacrificed precious time with her beloved mistress to do so but it’s the right call. Some hope it’s because Kana’s her “Plan B” if you know what I mean.

Sonia misinterprets what kind of festival it isSoon enough Kana’s homies came to help at the booth too. It’s only fair since Kana worked so hard to help everyone. Sonia got to chill too and was ready to conquer the festival competition though soon realized it wasn’t that kind of festival. Instead she’d compete to have the most fun.

Sonia outShe went a bit overboard and was taken to the nurse’s office. There they found the seitokaichou who’s in a pinch. Basically there’s a planned surprise band performing in the main event of the school theater but they had an accident and couldn’t make it. She recalled Kana and Sonia were vocal healers and asked them to take their place. They agreed but quickly remembered to ask which of them could play instruments. Everyone but Kana could. There’s one spot missing.

Angry ReimiTake a wild guess how they lured Reimi in. She joined too. What surprised everyone was Sonia letting Kana sing lead vocal. Sonia accepted their surprise as praise but actually had a funny reason why she did so. The prez wanted one extra spice so Reimi suggested Mistress Ria be the big surprise singer. Kana showed disappointment, which Reimi noticed. Fortunately for our lovable redhead the mistress believed in our heroines to surprise everyone. After practice Kana suddenly passed out. Fortunately it wasn’t cause for alarm. She just needed a nap.

Kana wakes up to another surpriseThe original plan was for everyone to wear cat maid outfits but Sonia had another surprise for Kana once she woke up. No time for questions as it’s almost showtime!

K-ON HealersLove Live! have great songs no doubt but for my money the Healer Girl soundtrack is the best of Spring 2022. Speaking of it’s interesting they switched the OP and ED with the ED playing in the intro and the OP in the credits. Makes sense as it was the second song they sang.

The episode ended with a certain maid watching her dear ojou-sama from a distance. That’s right Sir Nickolas. SHE’s finally getting the spotlight next time! Good stuff as always.

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6 Responses to Healer Girl Episode 7: Healers’ Festival

  1. cirno9fan says:

    While it was excellently performed, still was a bit disappointed by the music choice for this episode. Sonia was really shining the whole time! She has become such a great character~ i’m not sure who I”d like for Kana to be with, she goes well with both Reimi and Sonia. This show is not making it easy….Well, I imagine next week’s episode will give a stronger argument
    While the music may not have been the highlight of things
    the performance itself was ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. yurimylove says:

    you know Kana’s class is cultured when they prioritized maid costumes over homemade cooking


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  4. Nick says:

    Not a whole lot to add, it was an excellent school festival ep that hit all the right notes.

    Aoi ep hype!!!! This is what I’ve been waiting for!!! Let’s goooooo!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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