Élan Festival 2022 Summary

Studio Élan hosted their (I assume) first “Direct” thingy in Élan Festival 2022. Let’s go over the announcements and updates shared, shall we? Keep in mind these are all summaries of the announcements. For a full rundown check out the presentation itself in the video below hosted by Melanie.

Lock and Key Cover

First of all the only update of their previously announced titles that got screen time, Lock and Key. A demo is coming in June 2022 (next month) on Steam and itch.io so look forward to a preview of this game very soon.

Next are games developed by up and coming stars courtesy of the company’s Bellhouse publishing division.

Who is the Red QueenFirst up is Who is the Red Queen. It is planned to be published on Steam with additional future content.

Looks like another story depicting a dark and twisted version of Wonderland. This should be a fun ride.

While not available on Steam yet it’s on itch.io right now. Note that the Steam version will include additional content. (18+ content warning.)

Love in a BottleBH title #2 is Love in a Bottle. A point and click adventure.

Ankora the Love Demon is on a mission to prove she’s able to make it on her own, but more importantly, let all of the HOT SINGLE WOMEN know she’s available.

TwofoldThe third BH game is Twofold. It is a followup to First Snow, which I reviewed HERE. Speaking of First Snow it got a partially voiced update so it is worth experiencing the story again in preparation for Twofold once its release date is revealed.

Olive struggles to stay afloat with college responsibilities and being in the middle of a feud between two clubs, They have their work cut out for them.

Chronotopia; Second SkinTwo games got some shout outs. First is Chronotopia: Second Skin, developed by Traumendes Madchen. The last time this game was mentioned here was 2018. Plus there was a certain “thing” that happened in 2020 so viewers know why it took a while longer to come out. The plan is for a release in the 3rd quarter of 2022. Visit the Steam page and the old Kickstarter page for more info Check out the TM Homepage too. There are yuri and otome routes.

Chronotopia: Second Skin is a dark retelling of the fairytale of Donkeyskin, which is very similar to Cinderella. Here, instead of remarrying, the heroine’s father decides he should wed her instead, so she has to escape with the help of her fairy godmother to finally be able to meet the prince. And that’s where we present our version with a more…realistic and mature approach to spice things up. Of course, the choices you make will also affect her fate: she can either escape with her servant, become a fairy herself or die in a horrible way. Multiple times.

I Just Want to be SingleI should have promoted the Kickstater for this game when it was announced but it did just fine so no biggie. It’s I just want to be Single. developed by Studio Tsundere.

Put simply it is about a girl who is a chick magnet. The problem is she (or they if players prefer) is not interested in romance and wants to be friends with everyone. Not easy when the others want her taco. “Plreaders” must navigate this anti-harem tale to either achieve her goal or “fail” by hooking up with one of the ladies (or all of them supposedly). Check out the Steam page for more details, the friends/love interests along with a demo.

Our Home, My KeeperFinally we have the big announcement. A dream collaboration of sorts as SE team up with the legendary around these parts Ebi Hime for a killer tag team title Our Home, My Keeper.

The story is about Paige, a novelist who moves to the English countryside and befriends the fairy Fay who resides in her new home.

Again check out the festival presentation above for more details on all these games and look forward to updates as they become available.

Follow SE on Twitter for future updates too.

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