Love Live! Nijigasaki 2.7: Tale of Mifune

I’ve been waiting for this.

Young Kaoruko and Shioriko

The next big clue in Shioriko’s legend was Kaoruko being a school idol in high school. However, her group didn’t make it to Love Live. Seeing big sis’ tears hit her hard. Back in the present Kaoruko asked if she wanted to follow her dream of becoming a school idol but Shioriko was all business.

Vice Prez ready to support SetsunaAs I hoped Vice-Prez was ready to shower Setsuna with all her love. Hopefully she goes a step further than fangirl.

Mia lured to the festivalThis week’s “Single Mia scene” is summed up with this clip.

Cat Ai and RinaRare to see The Mask off stage nowadays. No surprise her girlfriend looks hot as a cat idol.

A-ZU-NA and Shiori Academy IdolsSIF 2 was underway. It’d be a 5 day event across five schools. We got to see even more N Card girls. Readers who remember the OG School Idol Festival game know why I used this screen grab. So happy “SHE” got to appear beyond merch or posters.. Can you guess who I’m referring to? Honestly I’d like to see a spinoff starring the Shion Academy girls with the chuuni sisters as leaders. Having said that “Mama Live!” is the top priority spinoff.

Shioriko sad but refuses to let it weigh her downBack to the Mifune Sisters. Kaoruko used to be a school idol at Shion Academy. After telling some of our heroines about Shioriko’s inner desire to become one they rushed over to invite her to join NijiGaku. She said it’s all in the past. The pain of seeing Kaoruko fail to achieve her dream hit her hard. For that reason she chose to support NijiGaku and other school idols on the sidelines. Setsuna tried to convince her again but she said the stage was only for people who had the jam. She did not. We knew Shioriko hurt deep inside but it was cool to see her calm in her reasoning.

Kaoruko training Shioriko to become a school idolThe next big clue was one of Kaoruko’s motivations to become a school idol was to cheer Shioriko up after Lanzhu moved to Hong Kong. That explains all the scenes of Lanzhu approaching Shioriko thus far, including one earlier this episode.


Back to Shioriko. She admired Kaoruko and considered becoming a school idol too but after seeing how much it hurt her to fail she swore to ensure she and others like her would not experience the same pain. Our heroines discussed it and though they agreed not to push her into changing her mind Yu thought it would still suck because if she played it safe she may regret not giving it a try. Basically better to try when you still have the chance than regret not doing it for the rest of your life.

Shioriko accepts her deepest desireBest fanged girl in anime. Kaoruko’s excellent too but Shioriko’s special.

Our heroines’ plan was to take Shioriko on a “funtage”. After that was the main event on stage. They said she did so much to support them and now it’s their turn to give back or SIF would lose its meaning, to make dreams come true. Shioriko finally let out her fear of experiencing the same pain Kaoruko did when big sis appeared. She said losing did suck but she didn’t regret going for it, especially when she had the support of her team, fans and of course her precious imouto. Plus the experience motivated her to become a teacher to continue supporting students. Shioriko’s heart finally calmed down and she accepted her deepest desire. With one last push from the gang it’s finally time. Work your idol magic girl!

Shioriko's performanceSo good. So f’n good.

As far as the anime went she still had work to do but she already won my heart and that’s most important. The gang thought she’d join them on stage but she’s like “Nah. I got a duty to support you girls…After the festival though, I’m joining the harem Yu!” Also there’s a certain someone watching from afar. Come on writers. Do the right thing.

Yu still trying to find her sparkI’ll take every opportunity to show off Yu with her hair down until the majority of LL fans agree this is best Yu. She’s still working on her masterpiece but couldn’t find the spark yet.

Obviously a fantastic episode. Next time it’s either Mia’s turn or the last day of SIF2.

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10 Responses to Love Live! Nijigasaki 2.7: Tale of Mifune

  1. tbiscut74 says:

    Another fantastic episode!

    Ai x Rina as catgirls together? Yes. Just yes.

    Super Fan Vice-Prez is SO Good! More Please! 😄

    Shioriko’s song was so good!

    And here’s also hoping for some Shioriko x Lanzhu in the coming episodes.

    I would also love a Love Live series to be about the Shion Academy girls. But Mama Live First! 😉

    And that Mia bit was great! Still eagerly awaiting her “arc.”

    Can’t wait for more!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Miss Ai X Rina are precious.

      Bless Shioriko so much.

      May Vice Prez step up her game more and more from now on.

      Mia’s time will come sooner or later.

      Hope the writers do the right thing with Lanzhu and Shioriko.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Rory says:

    I am so glad that the anime version of Shioriko is so much better than her All Stars counterpart. Did not have a great first impression of her in the game, but here, she has been great.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Alexis says:

    De las cosas que más aprecio es el desarrollo de Shioriko, es seria pero no se niega a las cosas divertidas, eso fue bueno porque como lo escribí una vez, no era santa de mi devoción, queda esperar la reacción de Lanzhu, porque se está quedando sola.

    Fue un buen festival, me gustó que Himeno-chan pudo actuar junto a su querida Karin-onee sama, me gustaría ver más interacciones de este par. Esa carrera de triciclos fue jocosa y el pan de de la hamburguesa de Mia fue… dgamos… “interesante”.



    • OG-Man says:

      Shioriko es una angel. Espero que Lanzhu su desarollo sea lo que deseo.

      Viendo chicas lindas corriendo en una carrera de triciclos fue una vista especial.

      Supongo que eso era una broma “americana”.


  4. K says:

    Looks like the 5 school SIF is going off without a hitch and that’s a good thing.

    The Shion Girls Academy SIC seems like a gathering of…vibrant personalities, shall we say. Anyway, I haven’t played the OG game so my guess may be wrong but is it the red-haired megane? I don’t think you’re talking about the Kurobane Sisters.

    We finally heard Shioriko’s story and why she was not willing to become a School Idol. It reminds me of Ren’s story, down to having a relative who tried their hand at standing at the top of Love Live and failing but not regretting a single minute of their time being School Idols. Just like with Ren, clearing these issues up was so satisfying. It was also pretty neat watching how Shioriko supported Kaoruko in her efforts.

    Her song was good(may have to watch it again just to see the lyrics) and her movements made sense since she wasn’t really active. Just a bit more and she’ll catch up to the others in no time.

    Lanzhu’s looking a bit upset at this turn of events. Then there was the time she wanted to say something to Shioriko earlier on but opted not to. Could it be that she became a School Idol partly for Shioriko’s sake? It’ll be interesting to see what lies in her heart.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Nope. not the megane redhead. Good guess.

      Similar but less somber.

      I’m more of a “How does this performance make me feel while watching” kind of guy. I’m not an analyst.

      Do the right thing writers.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. chikorita157 says:

    I find it funny that the Vice President is now a big fan of Setsuna’s, but I did like her expression when she found out that Nana was Setsuna, it was priceless.

    Shioriko’s story was interesting, and I can understand her disappointment discouraged her. I know that Muse and Aquors and perhaps Liella didn’t win the first time, but it’s good that she changed her mind when her older sister come clean. Now, we just need Mia and Lanzhu to fall next.


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