Healer Girl Episode 3: Testathlon

The big test was coming soon and our heroines were hard at work preparing.

Kana about to test Reimi

There was one moment worth mentioning as the girls woke up but we’ll get to it in a bit. At the office the girls tested each other during cleaning duty. Reimi and Hibiki seemed ready but Kana struggled with pharmacology. Hibiki and Reimi scheduled a study party to help her.

Reimi and her maid AoiWorth mentioning Remi’s lovely maid Aoi.

Hibiki's familyIn the intro and the study party we learned Hibiki was the oldest of six children. Another big family anime girl. I think it’s the third I came across in less than two years. No complaints of course. Because of that Hibiki was used to chaotic environments and responsibility.

Kagura dancersThe two did their best to help Kana. The next day Kana convinced them to visit a shrine to pray for success. They got a surprise kagura training. Hibiki thought about kagura being a traditional dance of purification, similar to their healing songs. She wondered if healing songs were gifts of the gods.

Exhausted from the testThe day after the test. Many of us who took exams in high school and college can relate.

The trio were out of it, desperate for the test results or they couldn’t function properly. Mistress Ria had an idea. Invite them to compete in a town sports festival.

Reimi vs SoniaNo surprise Sonia (and Shinobu) would also compete, especially after hearing Karasuma Clinic was in too. She’s ready to face the mistress but she wouldn’t compete. As she called her a coward Reimi was like “You dare mock my beloved Mistreeeeeesss!? I must break youuuuuuuuuuu!”. The trio couldn’t stop speaking in song after all the test practice, see.

Reimi and Sonia took the competition seriously while the other three not as much. As Kana tried to help Hibiki and Shinobu become fun buds Reimi and Sonia wondered why they skipped an event. Reimi’s like “No matteeer. I entered you in an event you’ll surely win Kanaaaaa.”

An event Kana would excel at“Reimiii. We’ll have a long discussion about your image of me lateeeer”.

Shoko, Ria and Shinobu's grandmaWe learned Shinobu’s grandma was Ria’s teacher back in the day. That and she hoped Karasuma Clinic would keep Sonia’s ego in check with enough spankings because she knew Sonia had great potential but was still a teenager.

Team Sonia and Team Karasuma were tied. The raivarus kinda respected each other…until Kana mentioned the grand prize being a big dog plushie. Mistress Ria collected them. Reimi was fueled by love while Sonia ego to rub the plushie in Ria’s face.

Hibiki with the upset winWhat the two didn’t expect was a dark horse unleashing her true power for an upset win. Turns out Hibiki’s a great runner but there were hardly any running events so she held back. The plushie grand prize awakened her family loving instincts.

Reimi's consolation prizeReimi didn’t win the big plushie but in the end she got the real grand prize.

Yes. I noticed the photo in Reimi’s house. She loves the mistress very much.

Victorious Healer GirlsThe post-ED buildup to their victory was funny too. Our heroines had taken their first step to greatness.

Very good stuff yet again.

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7 Responses to Healer Girl Episode 3: Testathlon

  1. cirno9fan says:

    ” Turns out Hibiki’s a great runner but there were hardly any running events so she held back. ”
    It’s actually that the other events had various things besides running in them, which got to her nerves. This was a straight up running event, so she could focus solely on it (but her love for her siblings did indeed play a part)

    I love this show~

    I love the songs so much ❤

    What timeline did I step into to be able to see an anime musical????!? And one with yuri at that! What a world we live in, and 3hz again proves that they’re one of the best studios out there!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Nick says:

    Nice to see some of the home life for each girl at the start of the ep. Definitely need more Aoi too. Gotta have more maid content!

    So much singing in this anime and it’s all so great. Their voices are so beautiful!

    Studying for a big test is stressful indeed. We’ve all been there.

    Enjoyed the second half with the sports event. Hibiki came alive in the final race, that was awesome seeing her chasing them down and passing them at the end.

    Great to see more Sonia as well. Hope she’s a regular in the anime.

    Excited to see where things go from here now that they’re officially Healers!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. yurimylove says:

    i ship Reimi x mistress. And yes she has a cute maid ❤


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