2022 Yuri Games Update

Time for the first update on games featuring/about yuri of 2022.

Update: Added Uso Natsu, short forUso Kara Hajimaru Koi no Natsu!

Update 2: Added Haven‘s same-sex couples update

Rune Factory 5 Cover

Rune Factory 5 is set for a March 22nd release in the US and March 25th in Europe on Nintendo Switch. Like RF4 Special expect ports to other platforms in the future. It is an action RPG with farming simulation elements and all love interests are bisexual, can marry and raise children with.

Neptunia X Senran Kagura Ninja WarsNeptunia X Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars is coming to Nintendo Switch April 19th in the US and 22nd in Europe. A Steam port is scheduled for later in Spring. Action game that plays somewhat like the Senran Kagura games. There is some yuri between certain characters.

Catgirl's Questlist CoverTo celebrate the first anniversary of the release of “Catgirl’s QuestlistRascal Devworks have unveiled an Artbook, which can be purchased HERE, a dakimakura pack HERE and a free content update for owners of the game. A bonus dungeon on Day 14 which rewards players with a Super Gem that can be powered up through consecutive playthroughs. The dungeon also kind of serves as a crossover with the protagonist of RD’s upcoming game, Sigh of the Abyss, which includes yuri routes.

Readers who haven’t picked up Catgirl’s Questlist yet can do so in Steam.

Sigh of the Abyss Cover

Early cover. Recently updated with a new one.

Sigh of the Abyss is planned for a late 2022/early 2023 release. Until then a free prologue Sigh of the Abyss: Shadow Bonds will be released on April 5th. Wishlist the game on Steam HERE.

Heart of the WoodsHeart of the Woods, developed and published by Studio elan, is now available on PS4 and PS5. It is also available on Nintendo Switch and PC. The console ports are fully voiced but only the PC versions include the 18+ patch.

Check out my review of the game HERE to get an idea of what to expect.

Blackberry Honey CoverBlackberry Honey, developed by a team led by Ebi-Hime, is now available on Nintendo Switch thanks to the publisher Ratalaika Games. Like Heart of the Woods the 18+ content is only on the PC versions.

Check out the review HERE for more information on the game.

Sticking with Ebi-Hime they announced their latest yuri games planned for a 2022 release:

All The Words She Wrote Kiss CGAll The Words She Wrote.

Plot Summary:

Takaoka Mayo is a twenty-four-year-old woman without any particular plans in life, nor any particular career goals. For several years, she’s been drifting between low-paid part-time jobs, while living with her parents: her nagging mother and her kind-hearted father.

Mayo is unmotivated and lazy at the best of times, but she does have a passion: namely, Princess Luluna from the popular light novel series, The Forest of the Elves and the Pressured Princess, written by one Tsuchimi Rui.

Mayo’s love for Princess Luluna is so great, her room is full of Elf Forest merchandise. Her walls are covered in posters of Luluna’s smiling face, and she owns several Luluna figures, much to the bemusement of her best friend, Nina.

Despite Mayo’s intense, borderline obsessive love for Elf Forest, she’s content to pine after her fictional waifu from afar – that is, until one day, when a friend of her family’s, Sae, offers Mayo an incredible job offer.

Sae works as a publisher at a company called Horizon, which – as it happens – is the very same company which publishes Tsuchimi Rui’s Elf Forest.

Sae tells Mayo, to her disbelief, that she knows Elf Forest’s elusive author personally – and, what’s more, she’s worried about them. Rui has been in something of a slump during the last few months, and the creation of Elf Forest’s ninth volume has stalled. Sae is looking for a housekeeper to take care of Rui’s chores, so Rui can focus exclusively on their writing: a job she decides to delegate to Mayo.

Mayo, of course, is overjoyed at the prospect of meeting her idol, and instantly accepts – but soon, she learns Tsuchimi Rui isn’t at all like she imagined.

Contrary to Mayo’s beliefs, Tsuchimi Rui is not a middle-aged man, but a young woman only a few years older than she is: a reclusive, awkward hermit who, despite being sub five feet tall, has a biting tongue and a needle-sharp personality.

This woman’s real name is Komikado Hijiri – and, at Sae’s behest, Mayo finds herself living under Hijiri’s roof.

Mayo and Hijiri get off to an uneasy start, but as time passes, the pair begin to grow closer. Mayo begins to grow fond of Hijiri, yet still, she finds herself wondering: who is her real waifu? Princess Luluna, or the misanthropic author who created her?

Western yuri story with a vintage grumpy protagonist and her peculiar love interest.All the Words She Wrote is planned for an early 2022 release. Wishlist the game on Steam HERE.

This is a lighthearted story but what about the gloomy titles that put the Shrimp Princess on the map? Naturally she has fans covered with the next title:

Salome's Kiss kiss CGSalome’s Kiss.

Letitia Reed is an unremarkable woman in many aspects. Meek and mild, she prefers to keep her head down, and fears drawing undue attention to herself. As a governess to the wealthy Mortimer family, Letitia devotes her humdrum days in London to the schooling of her pupil, Clara, to better mould her into the image of an ideal lady.

Lurking beneath Letitia’s placid mannerisms, however, lay desires so intense they begin to unnerve her. As Clara matures, Letitia finds her feelings towards her maturing too – until, in the end, she can no longer bear it.

Driven to distraction by Clara’s sensuous brown eyes and her sweet, seraphic laughter, Letitia soon begins to question her sanity. Fearful that, eventually, something within her might snap, and she will do something she regrets, Letitia is bidden to leave her former place of employment, and to seek out work elsewhere.

Fortunately, Letitia soon discovers, in the pages of The Morning Post, a job offer which will grant her a means to escape her predicament. The Langley family are searching for a governess for their daughter, the unruly Genevieve – and, best of all, the family resides in the isolated Yorkshire moors, which seems as far away from London as it is possible to get.

Upon reading this advertisement, Letitia soon decides to hand in her notice. She will travel to Yorkshire, become Genevieve’s governess, and then – God willing – she will be able to forget about Clara.

Such was Letitia’s plan – but this plan, alas, soon goes horribly awry. Genevieve is not quite so young as Letitia first believed, and is, instead, a grown woman: already eighteen years of age. Genevieve is wilful and impetuous, but impossibly charming, and Letitia soon falls for her.

As time passes, the two women get far closer than a governess and her pupil ought, and then…

Salome’s Kiss is scheduled for a Late 2022/Early 2023 release. Wishlist it on Steam HERE.

Night CascadesNight Cascades, Noir lesbian mystery story, by Hanako Games, is now available on Steam and itch.io.

Plot Summary: Diane Carter never expected her folklore degree to get her a job offer from the local police department, but when a rash of occult-themed fires sets the city on edge, she is called in as a special consultant on esoteric religion to help find the culprit.

There’s just one problem: the woman she’s assigned to work with. She’s cocky, beautiful, and far too familiar.

Can Diane and Jackie overcome the obstacles of their past and find the truth?

Night Cascades Scene

  • The 1980s – This is the Dark New Age, a time when belief in paranormal powers was mainstream and parents feared that their children would be kidnapped by Satanic cults or seduced by the evils of role-playing games.
  • Interactive mystery – Play minigames to search crime scenes for clues or interrogate suspects for insights, accessible either through mouse or keyboard/controller.
  • Multiple Perspectives – Play as both Jackie and Diane to uncover different information about the past and present.
  • Lesbian Romance – Develop a relationship between adult women.

The Curse of Mantras CoverThe Curse of Mantras, by Winter Wolves, is now available on itch.io (18+ Warning) and coming soon to Steam once issues with releasing it there are settled.

  • Play as Lily or Ace, choose between Order or Chaos
  • Ten different characters to romance (male and female)
  • Discover your past and the one of your team
  • Detailed but optional card battling gameplay with over 72 battles
  • Two different endings, over 36 romance CGs

Bistro Days CoverBistro Days, developed by Drunk Bunny Games led by Kobayashi Lily and published by Kikaiism. A game we last covered on the blog in 2020 has at long last become available for purchase on Steam.

Plot Summary: You are an aspiring food blogger in the city of Wisteria. One day, a giant raccoon guides you to Bellflower Bistro, where you meet three charming characters that will prove to be your life’s turning point.

What fate awaits you at the bistro? Will you answer to your true calling and become a food blogger that will make your mom proud? Are you able to help your romantic partner achieve their dreams? What choices will you make? Who will you date?

Bistro Days is an over-the-top Slice of Life romantic story where every choice matters, with multiple endings that lead you to a different romantic path.

  • 3 main characters to romance
  • 15 fully voiced CGs in English
  • Play as a male or female protagonist
  • Partial English voice acting
  • Choice driven storyline
  • High-Resolution Backgrounds
  • Over 6 hours of gameplay

Buy the game HERE.

Eldritch Academy CoverEldritch Academy, the prequel to Eldritch University, is getting a free “Remastered” update in Spring 2022, planned for Early March or a bit later. The update will include an updated user interface to match EU’s along with some revised songs and less “filler” scenes. Below is an example of the update.

Eldritch Academy SceneBefore

Eldritch Academy Remastered SceneAfter

Full details on the patch update:

– Character and event art all remade in style of sequel (Eldritch University).
– New, custom music by composer of sequel.
– UI and aspect ratio reworked to fit with style of sequel.
– Script and choice syetem revisions. (Redundant scenes combined, new scenes, “filler” removed, etc.)
– Android release. (Note: v2 had an Android version, but was considered experimental due to lack of support/testing.)
– Will be a free upgrade to existing owners of the game.
– Expected to release in Spring 2022; hoping for early March.

For readers who have not heard or played the Eldritch games here is a quick rundown of what to expect:

– A romance visual novel with elements of horror, supernatural thriller, and mystery.
– Female protagonist, three female love interests.
– Five total ending routes, six endings. Bonus content about side characters after the story ends.
– Expected 4 hours for first playthrough, 10 hours for all content.
– Story continues in “Eldritch University”. Same setting as “Blooming Nightshade” and several other works.
– Content not rated; expected to be T or M in ESRB terms. (Textual descriptions of violence/gore and conversations of a sexual nature.)

Lewd Idol Project Volume 2Toffer Team has had it rough with their recent Paypal fiasco (Read about it on Twitter HERE). Because of it there were setbacks in the planned Lewd Idol Project series. Volume 1 and its side-story are available on Steam and itch.io but the fate of later volumes were unknown. Fortunately it didn’t take long for the Team TT to inform fans of their refusal to give up as Volume 2 is in production and planned for a mid-late 2022 release.

Plot Summary: A new girl is in town, Yuki appears! Follow up Lewd Idol Project’s adventures in this new story where Kairi and Ranko will do everything they can to make this mysterious gamer girl join the group. A new romance is born? A love triangle maybe? More erotic events? LIP’s first single? More yuri action than ever before? YES! These girls got you covered.

Add Volume 2 to the Steam Wishlist HERE. 18+ CONTENT WARNING!

UsoNatsu CoverSekai Project announced they’d localize the latest title by LYCORIS. Readers unaware of the company may recognize them for their two big titles, Sound of Drop and Fatal Twelve (review HERE). The new game is a yuri title called “Uso Kara Hajimaru Koi no Natsu! (Uso Natsu for short)”, which roughly translates to “Summer— The sunny season when new love blooms. A balmy, humid season that began with a lie.”

There is no release date yet but I’ll post it as soon as it’s announced.

That is all for now. More updates in future posts or here.

Haven Same-sex Couple ModesHaven, developed and published by The Game Bakers, is an RPG/exploration/romance story released in late 2020/early 2021 for PC (Steam and GOG) and all major consoles. On the day before this writing, March 3rd, 2022, a free update was released that added same-sex couple modes, fully voiced. The main story and interactions remain the same. Oh right. There is also 2-Player local co-op with players controlling either Yu or Kay.

For readers who have yet to pick it up there is a one week 40% discount.

Important note for Nintendo Switch owners: Just in case, after picking the desired couple and reading the difficulty description, continue pressing A. Do not press “Right”. The reason for this is a couple of times I got BL Mode after picking the female couple when I clearly picked GL Mode. Thought it was an error and they’re switched but no. It appeared to be fixed the next day.

In short, Keep pressing A after picking the female couple. If the two ladies appear on the loading screen, you’re good.

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  1. yurimylove says:

    added Salome’s Kiss to wishlist. I do love the Victorian England setting, but outside of Ebihime there’s almost no yuri VN in this setting. In fact, offhand i could only remember Little Lily Princess being a non-Ebihime VN like this.

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  2. Rob Blumenberg says:

    Haven updated so there is homosexual couples!


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