OG’s Spring 2022 Anime Picks

I’ve mentioned this before here and on Twitter that when it comes to Spring 2022, as far as my anime interests go, it’s shaping up to be one of the craziest seasons in a long time. So crazy I doubt I’ll be able to cover every show I have my eyes on. It’s THAT STACKED of a lineup.

Picks based on the following charts:


Machikado Mazoku

Machikado Mazoku 2: More Shamiko X Momo and the rest of the gang. Nuff said. Hopefully there’s a swimsuit episode this time.

Love Live! Nijigasaki Season 2 CoverLove Live! Nijigasaki 2: I imagine a lot of S2 will center around the anime debut of the three newcomers; Shioriko, Mia and Lanzhu. Hopefully the others besides Yu and Ayumu get to shine again too. My biggest hope though is all the couples, ESPECIALLY AyuYu, remain intact and they don’t pull a Sunshine 2 to pander to certain fans again.

The Executioner and Her Way of Life CoverThe Executioner and Her Way of Life: Another yuri action anime based on a Light Novel. Otherside Picnic was pretty cool so I’m ready for another one.

Magia Record Part 3 CoverMagia Record Part 3: Hopefully it won’t get delayed again and we can finally see the end of the Iroha family journey. May it be as gay and grandiose as possible.

Birdie Wing Golf Girls' Story

Birdie Wing -Golf Girls’ Story-: Thought we would be getting two golf girl shows but the first one ended up being a one-shot OVA. Hopefully it gets picked up for a 12-13 episode anime in the future. Until then we have Birdie Wing here. The ladies all look excellent but the male coaches have me on “Two-Car alert”. Cautiously optimistic.

RPG Fudousan Real Estate CoverRPG Real Estate (Fudousan): Looks like a fantasy comedy show similar to ENDRO!~. I’m down with that.

Shin Ikki Tousen Cover

Shin Ikki Tousen: Ikki Tousen is my favorite ECCHIMANIA (Anime about fighting girls who get their clothes shredded in battle) series and one of the leads of this (probably) next generation show is dark skinned. My body is ready.

Shachiku-san CoverShachiku-san wa Youjo Yuurei ni Iyasaretai: Looks like a hybrid between Nyanko Days and Hanamaru Kindergarten. I enjoyed both so should be quite fun and precious.


Healer Girl CoverHealer Girl: Dunno what to expect from this one other than cute girls singing. For now that’s good enough for me.

Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi CoverKunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi: Another one I don’t know what to expect other than cute kunoichi doing cute things and kicking butt.

Black Rock Shooter Dawn FallBlack Rock Shooter Dawn Fall: Based on trailers it doesn’t appear to be a sequel to either the OVA/movie or TV anime as it’s more an action show set in a post-apocalyptic world similar to the PSP game than a psychological thriller. Dunno how gay it’ll be but I like the franchise so I’ll hope for the best.

ONIPANONIPAN!: Looks like a comedy about oni girls and panties. We’ll see what happens.

CUE! Main CastI still have CUE! carrying over from Winter so as you can see there’s A LOT for me to watch. Will I cover all the new shows mentioned? Hard to say. Some like Shamiko 2, Nijigasaki 2 and Executioner are obvious but others like ONIPAN and ghost kids I don’t know yet. We’ll see what happens.

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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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32 Responses to OG’s Spring 2022 Anime Picks

  1. Nick says:

    My list is more or less the same, Nijigasaki and Shamiko S2 being the big highlights for me.

    Gotta finish up Magia Record before S3 drops.

    I’ve got a few others I’m interested in and will probably check out and see if I like them.

    Still on the fence about Black Rock Shooter. On one hand I did like the original BRS OVA and anime, but on the other hand I don’t want to get Disney+ just to watch thr new one, especially it being a weekly release and not all at once like Netflix.

    And lastly I’m a bit sad I won’t be covering Nijigasaki S2. Really enjoyed S1 and this season looks great with the addition of the new girls too. I’ll have to give it some extra love on the blog Twitter.

    All in all the spring season looks great! I can’t wait!

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  2. Nonon says:

    Black Rock Shooter is going to Disney Plus I believe, and they’ve been very silent on when it’s coming out, whether subs and dubs will come out simultaneously, whether it’ll be censored for a Disney audience, etc. I would actually be surprised if we see it simulcast.

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  3. CJ Apple says:

    Haven´t watched Ikki Tousen series and this one is a sequel to Western Wolves.

    So instead of this, I will watch DAL4 – Miku is bisexual at least – and wait for a complete review of Birdie Wing – like Police in a Pod, if you review this, too, after its finished.

    But other than that, I will go with your list as always.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Yup. Four seasons and continuing the story in OVAs. It’s a long one.

      Police in a Pod is het but a fun comedy. Doesn’t prioritize romance.

      I would watch Date a Strike if it got an anime but alas.

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      • k1ll1ngz0ne says:

        PiaP did that huh?
        Cant say Im surprised, but still very much disappointed.
        It seems actually going through with yuri is apparently literal poison to some authors.

        Dont wanna say its bait but…
        That they find how to do that in a show whose the synopsis is about a woman who hates her job and is about to quit before being exclusively convinced to stay by the arrival of an attractive female superior to somehow arrive at het is just your average dumb anime logic.

        Not even surprised anymore.


      • CJ Apple says:

        Date a Strike?

        You know that DAL 4 means/stands for Date a Life SEASON 4 or not?


      • OG-Man says:

        I was referring to the spinoff.


  4. Ioni says:

    a good season in perspective, I will add Ascendance of a bookworm 3 to this watching list


  5. Mauron says:


    Demon Girl: Love this.

    Love Live!: Always

    Magia Record: I like conclusions.

    Yatogame-chan: Season 1 had the most yuri potential, but despite that and not getting half the jokes I’m still enjoying it.

    New and already Sold:

    Executioner: I’ve been reading the light novels of this one, and I love it. Looking forward to the anime. I will not be more specific than “I love it.”

    Golf Girls: The last one of these wasn’t long enough, so I’ll take another.

    RPG Real Estate: Interesting premise.

    Kobayashi and a ghost: Halfway to #gaymoms

    I’m not as sure yet:

    Healer Idol: I’ll probably get hooked.

    Ninja Girl: Anichart description has me thinking it could be exactly what I’m not interested in, but I’ll give it an episode.

    Black Rock Shooter: And here I was watching the TV anime to prepare for a sequel… either way I’m interested.

    Demon Bread: Depending on the demons, this could go either way.


    Lifehacker girl: Only anime I’ve seen where the OP is longer than the actual content. Still a fun minute.

    Probably going to skip Icky Toes. I have 0 familiarity with the series, and it’s a busy enough season anyway.

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  6. yoorie19 says:

    More or less, my list will be similar to yours. MachiMazo and LL Nijigaku will be my top priorities.

    Oh, since you mentioned Kunoichi Tsubaki, I’ll drop some hints since I read the manga if you or anyone here’s interested to follow.

    So, the main premise of Tsubaki is a young kunoichi in training who wanted to see a man for once since she lived in an exclusive homosocial environment of kunoichi school. As far as the manga goes, she tried numerous times to see man, but never got any success. Recent translated chapters indicate that the story now has gone far from the premise and turned to be just another girls’ club. Never a man had been seen while most parts of story are just their laid-back routines, sisterhood, friendship, and training.

    Oh, and there’s one of Tsubaki’s sidekick who called her “Onee-sama”. Just imagine the set as the classic catholic schools, but it’s full of unique female ninjas.

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  7. Zack says:

    I’m definitely looking forward to Demon Girl Next Door season 2 the most. Assuming that it will continue to adapt the manga like the first season then there is a lot to look forward to.

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  8. chikorita157 says:

    I will probably be writing my season preview soon, but there are going to be a few shows I won’t cover due to the being so many. The ones I am absolutely covering is the Manga Time Kirara titles (Machikado Mazoku and RPG Real Estate) and Love Live Nijigasaki 2. The fourth show, depends on what show is interesting to cover. The others, I probably won’t cover and just review. Magia Record is the exception since the third season is only like three episodes I believe.

    Hopefully the Spring season will treat my blog better, the Winter season is just a letdown in terms of interaction on my blog compared to last year.

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  9. tbiscut74 says:

    A very nice list there my friend!

    Will definitely be watching Love Live! Nijigasaki 2. It’s my 3rd most anticipated anime this spring. Of the 3 new girls, I’m most excited for Mia.

    The Executioner and Her Way of Life, Magia Record Part 3, and RPG Real Estate are ones I’m definitely checking out! RPG Real Estate makes me think of Dragon Goes House Hunting, an anime that I quite liked. As for the others we’ll see.

    At the moment I am watching Akebi’s Sailor Uniform Dub and will be getting Dropout Idol Fruit Tart: The Complete Season – Blu-ray on Tuesday.

    On the Non Yuri Anime, My 2nd most Anticipated Spring Anime is Spy X Family. Absolutely love the manga and can’t wait for the anime, especially to see Anya animated! She is beyond Precious!

    And the Anime I’m most excited for this Spring and 2nd this whole year, Demon Girl Next Door Season 2!!!!! Ah I’m so excited!!! More Shamiko X Momo for my soul!!! I’ve read the manga and have all four of the current volumes in english, waiting for volume 5 to come out in April, just in time for season 2! I’ve been rewatching my season 1 Blu-ray constantly! Man I love this series!!! My 5th all time favorite Anime!!! So yeah, again, I am excited.

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  10. Kitsu Yurikano says:

    I don’t know why I have a bad feeling that in Birdie wing those two male coaches they seem to be the protagonists here actually :/


  11. Little Viktoria says:

    Oo, finally more Shamiko and Momo (and adorable little sister). More sexy Setsuna and Kasumi! RPG Real Estate looks cozy and peaceful (nice in these times).

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  12. Rob Blumenberg says:

    The producer of Love Live! Nijigasaki said they plan to keep it going until they have 20 idols

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  13. bumb ditch says:

    It’s so dumb how you include series that you know nothing about, a lot end up not being yuri. No offense.


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