At Your Feet Review

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I do believe this is a first of its kind when it comes to yuri Visual Novels as far as I know. A story about a beautiful plumpy lady who not only loves women but especially women with incredible feet. Yes. Foot fetish yuri. The interested may join me as we take a look at At Your Feet, developed and published by Winter Wolves Games.

Slight NSFW warning.

At Your Feet

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Visual Novel, Yuri

Themes: Feet, Fetish

Length: 2-3 hours per route (Each woman has two routes each)

G-Rating: Okay

Plot Summary: Emma, a 20 year old college student of Mexican descent has a secret, she loves women’s feet. REALLY LOVES THEM. After a failed attempt to be accepted for this she kept it secret and does her best to both control and enjoy her passion by working part-time at a beauty parlor. One day, three beautiful women each got turns receiving pedicures from Emma. She was used to providing great service and be praised for it but something clicked with all three ladies. Could Emma have a chance of making her dreams come true with one of these three amazing women? And what about her secret?

The game is a “what you see is what you get”. It does not try to be more than what it is. Emma meets three gorgeous women, has a hard time resisting their beauty (and feet), hangs out with them a couple of times learning a bit more about their personality and personal dilemma. After three hangouts with each woman the plreader (play-read) decides which one to pursue a romance with. Expect a story full of sexiness, intentionally bad jokes by both Emma and her love interests, exploring simple but understandable emotional conflicts and if the right cards are played paradise with our heroine relishing luscious feet as the main course.

At Your Feet EmmaBefore we get to Emma’s potential girlfriends let us briefly go over the presentation. The character designs are most excellent, as they should be in a game where the main draw are gorgeous women, with nicely done backgrounds set around Emma’s workplace, the ladies’ apartments, workplaces etc. A nice touch is each woman wears several outfits, further raising their appeal. The soundtrack is solid with a nice OP.

Time for our heroine and her potential lovers. Emma herself, besides her passion for feet, is a kind and helpful woman who values helping people in need and one of the best rewards is a job well done. Though patient and in decent control of her urges there are times she may jump the gun or act without thinking. Other than that she is a lovely lady who may find true love and the happiness she waited patiently for. Also being of Mexican descent she will occasionally drop Spanish phrases. For “plreaders” who are not knowledgeable in the language, worry not. She usually translates.

At Your Feet VictoriaNext are the love interests, starting with the goddess the developers must have secretly thought about yours truly when creating her, Victoria. She is an athletic runner who is passionate about her sport…possibly to a fault. Despite her powerful presence she is a sweetheart to those who earn her trust or grab her interest.

At Your Feet LucyLucy is not the graveyard, macabre poem loving goth beauty but more the punk rock, living dangerously type. She is a comic book writer whose erotic horror works are divisive but quite popular. She is something of a free spirit, living her way and supporting women. She has a connection with Emma’s past along with a struggle to determine what kind of legacy she wants to create for herself.

At Your Feet NatalieNatalie is a bewitching 30 year old whose presence instantly grabs Emma’s attention. Similar to Victoria she has an intimidating aura but is a sweetheart to those she deems worthy of her time. Despite seeming cool, in control and a talented musician she is actually struggling with a failed personal life as both her partner and family are giving her a hard time.

As readers can tell each woman caters to particular fetishes besides succulent feet. They are all worth checking out. There are side-characters too and they play their part in the respective love interest’s story.

At Your Feet RoutesAs mentioned in the game length description each woman has two routes. This is a vintage multiple choice Visual Novel. Most of the choices add points to one of two routes that determines what kind of future the chosen woman will pursue and the kind of life Emma will live with them. The one with the highest score by the final choice will be the chosen Ending. A love interest’s extra spicy pinup is unlocked by getting perfect scores on both their routes.

At Your Feet CGGoing back to the presentation there is a minor nitpick. Besides the intimate scenes, which are great of course, the others feature Emma giving pedicures to the three ladies. Thing is as far as I know the text box cannot be removed so apart from this Victoria CG here I do not know if it is possible to remove it as right clicking on the mouse takes “plreaders” to the menu screen. In the intimate scenes the feet are in full view along with the ladies in all their glory, provided “plreaders” downloaded the free 18+ Adult Patch though some can choose to view less erotic versions of the scenes.

Update: The text box issue can be removed by clicking H on the keyboard.

Also because the game did not receive the necessary funding the Gallery features unlocked intimate scenes and pinups for the three women but not CGs to view on their own. Again not a major issue but it is worth mentioning.

Overall At Your Feet is a simple and solid erotic Yuri Visual Novel. Emma and her three love interests are enjoyable, the presentation is pretty good and the feet are worth worshiping/desiring. Recommended to readers who find the premise appealing.

The game is available on Steam (Includes free 18+ patch), and the Winter Wolves homepage.

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  1. rayearth94 says:

    This is going to be my kind of foot fetishism love. I love female feet and pedicures on women.

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