453rd G-View: The Great Jahy Will not be Defeated!

While I was initially sad because I thought most of this anime would feature our protagonist in her “smol” form I was fortunately proven wrong as she switched between that and her more glorious true form throughout the story. The question is whether this show that falls under the comedy sub-genre I dubbed “Super Bum” genre is one worth viewing. Let us find out as we take a look at The Great Jahy Will not be Defeated.

Jahy-Sama Will not be Defeated

Alternate Title: Jahy-Sama wa Kujikenai!

Genres: Comedy, (Pseudo-) Harem, Magic, Slice of Life, Supernatural

Themes: Demon Girl, Magical Girl, Yuri

Number of Episodes: 20

G-Rating: 9/10

Plot Summary: The Great Jahy was once the second in command (Number 2) of the Dark/Demon Realm where she helped the Dark/Demon Lord reign with an iron fist, cruelty and massive ego, basically befitting the realm. However, one day Jahy’s paradise came crashing down when a magical girl appeared and destroyed the great Mana Crystal, the main power source of the realm. Now greatly weakened Jahy ended up in the human world forced to survive in enemy territory, enduring much pain, suffering and especially humiliation as she swore to gather all pieces of the shattered Mana Crystal and restore the Dark/Demon Realm. However, are the human world and its denizens really all that bad?

Big Jahy“Big Sexy” Jahy in all her gorgeous glory.

Jahy spent“Smol” Jahy. The form she uses to preserve her remaining power.

As mentioned in the introduction I personally categorize anime/manga starring once powerful demons or angels who lost it all and forced to (usually) live/survive in poverty among humans as “Super Bum” shows. I am certain there is an official title for this comedy/slice of life sub-genre but for the sake of simplicity I go with that. Series like Gabriel Dropout, Machikado Mazoku, Jashin-chan Dropkick and The Devil is a Part Timer are examples of such shows. Some I adore while others irk me for several reasons. The Great Jahy falls in the former category alongside Shamiko.

The reasons are simple. It features tropes I noticed in other Super Bum shows and executes them well. Tropes like laughing at the misfortune of others, humiliation, bumbling schemes, emotional moments stopped by a comedic punchline and more. In other Super Bum anime the misfortune and humiliation sometimes goes overboard and I end up feeling sorry for the humiliated when they did not exactly do anything wrong at that moment in time or deserve to suffer. The humiliation is usually deserved because the schemer was up to no good while the suffering, comedic at times, is understandable and fits the character.

Bosslady comforts Saurva disguised as JahyFor example, Jahy cries A LOT in the first half of the show from humiliation, personal struggle or a sense of joy/relief. It makes sense for her as she was once a spoiled pampered queen who was powerful and looked down on most of her servants or denizens of the Dark/Demon Realm. Suddenly she is forced to live in a rundown apartment and work a weekly job at a pub to survive. Plus she is a demon so naturally at times she schemed and tried to manipulate the few allies she had, being punished for it. As is the case with stories like these our heroine grows stronger and wiser over time while still being her gloriously sexy (while in her true form) and egotistical self but also more honorable. How this happens viewers will have to see for themselves. Basically the humor and emotional moments were handled quite well and unlike some other Super Bum shows I almost never felt irritated by the comedy or thought certain characters were treated unfairly for no reason. Oh but do not think all the comedy is situational. There are absurd and ridiculous jokes too. One character who made their debut as a “wanted criminal” spring to mind.

Besides the humor the main plot of Jahy’s quest to restore the Dark/Demon Realm has its fair share of surprises and while we do not get a definitive conclusion it is certainly an enjoyable journey.

Jahy simulates battle against Magical GirlThis screen grab is not a good example but the reason for it is to show that despite being a comedy the show has its fair share of pretty cool battles once in a while. Some epic clashes await. This is a good segue to the presentation. The animation is solid with lovely character designs and motion. There is not much to go into great depth as I have mentioned several times judging animation quality is not my forte. The soundtrack is decent too while attentive Hololive Japan fans will get a surprise listening to one of the OPs or EDs.

Saurva imagines Jahy's popularityOne of the genres of the show is a (Pseudo) Yuri Harem. While not all ladies are madly in love with our lovable #2 they all happily want to be by her side and are a hoot in their own right. Any of them could easily wed The Great Jahy one day. Cuties and hotties like the Boss/Tenchou (Bosslady as I like to call her) whose well-endowed body and kindness are so powerful she can lovingly scold the mightiest of adversaries to their knees. Plus she has a bit of a mischievous side too. Her younger sister the Landlady (The sisters have names but are frequently addressed by their titles so one can be forgiven for not noticing when their real names are mentioned) is a token tsundere but has her own charm. Then there is a human girl so precious she is like an angel on Earth. Even Jahy’s one-sided raivaru is special.

Druj happy againHowever, the two who won my heart were the following. First up is best harem girl Druj. Jahy’s most loyal servant who somehow had an easier time on Earth than Jahy, something which our heroine does her best to keep a secret from the green haired beauty. It is not that difficult as Druj’s devotion to her beloved mistress makes her easy to fool and command. That and she is an extreme masochist. Like everyone in Jahy’s harem there is a reason why she is the way she is.

Magical Girl acquires Jahy's Mana Crystal PieceThe second is someone I did not expect to become a favorite at all when she was formally introduced. The Magical Girl, aka the main reason for Jahy’s great misfortune. Keep “great misfortune” closely in mind every time you think of this character. Besides her glorious Terminator-esque background music (It is used in some other serious scenes but was clearly made for her) she is a defender of justice with great strength and stamina. Although not stupid she is not a genius either. Without revealing much it is not until the eventual battle between her and Jahy when I started loving this character.

Of course others may feel differently about the cast but that is the nature of comedies, it is subjective.

Overall The Great Jahy Will not be Defeated is one of my favorite comedy anime of 2021. Lovable cast of oddballs, occasional cool battles, solid presentation, enjoyable main plot and more importantly well executed humor in the Super Bum sub-genre. Plus a very nice yuri harem. Not all the ladies openly crave our heroine’s taco but they all are drawn to her and any of them would make a great bride for the Number Two of the Dark/Demon Realm. As always with comedies they are subjective so do not expect to enjoy this show as much as I did but viewers who found the review helpful can give it a go.

Jahy-Sama New Japan Pro Wrestling parodyPS: Early on during the first half there are parodies and 4th wall breaking Post-ED skits. Though amusing they are quickly dropped.

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13 Responses to 453rd G-View: The Great Jahy Will not be Defeated!

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Kokoro was my #1, but Kyouko did really grow on me, starting from a point where I didn’t really like her at all. Her character was handled very well.

    I loved the show, and will miss all the antics. Su was an amazing addition to the show, but sadly a late one. Hopefully an eventual season 2 will do more with her. Besides herself being adorable, she brings out adorableness in Maou ❤

    Really really fun show!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. tbiscut74 says:

    I absolutely loved this show! Definitely one of my favorite this season!

    My favs are Druj, Kyouko, (they’re rivalry for Jahy’s affection is legendary!) Saurva, she was so cute and as the last episode reminded us that she is quite sexy, and of course the Demon Lord and her sister, they were just too cute!

    I loved the OPs and EDs!

    And Jahy’s seiyuu really knocked it out of the park! She was amazing, perfectly capturing Jahy’s bratty but lovable personality! Especially when she was freaking out!

    This show is the perfect show to watch till Machikado Mazoku Season 2 coming April 2022.( At least that was what I read.) So excited for that one!

    So every episode had me smiling! So good! Would love more seasons!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. chikorita157 says:

    As expected, this show is surprisingly really enjoyable. I find it funny how Jahy is more unfortunate compared to Shamiko. While it’s funny to see her have setbacks, I liked how she developed and defrosted and not to mention, her sizable harem. Definitely going to miss this show.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Little Viktoria says:

    Big Jahy is definitely sexy (don’t those breast straps ever accidentally slip off? ^^). Kokoro feels like Jahy’s true soulmate, although the kind boss would of course make a gorgeous wife too. Saurva surprised in the end by being really hot in girly clothes.

    It’s impossible to pick a favourite, but Su-chan might win if I had to choose. So adorable and such a pretty voice. I could watch an entire spinoff series of her with her beloved sister doing… umm, all kinds of things ^^

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Her outfit must be from the same clothing line as Morrigan and Lilith Aensland.

      Like I said any of the harem girls would make a great wife for Jahy unless she’s into polyamory.

      The bigger surprise was being blessed with Saurva in a close enough bikini. Yes it’s a sexy Carnaval outfit but close enough.

      I’m sure your mind to cook up plenty of wild scenarios for them.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. yurimylove says:

    Hands down my favorite anime this season. Will miss my weekly dose of Jahy goofiness…

    Liked by 2 people

  6. K says:

    Watching Jahy’s quest to rebuild the Dark Realm was hilarious and very entertaining. The reason why she had to go through all this was even more hilarious. Her castmates were also very lovable, especially Kokkoro and Tenchou. One of my favourites this year.

    I could see Shamiko and Jahy trading notes on their respective lives among humans, with hilarious results due to how different their circumstances are.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. skydragonx8 says:

    Just finished the Adventures of Hy-chan and yep I loved it.

    Hy-chan’s antics are just always fun to watch and ofc seeing her grow over the course of the show is so nice as well though Hy-chan is still Hy-chan and won’t admit it when she does love being in the human world and the friends she has made.

    I do love every character as well in the show as they are just as funny as Hy-chan. And they are just as loveable as her! I think my favorite aside from Hy-chan is definitely Kyouko, she is just so over the top and funny.

    Another thing I had a feeling was the being of light being related to Maou, turns out they’re sisters which made a lot of sense considering they look so similar.

    Overall Hy-chan’s adventures were a ton of fun to watch every week and I would love more, please let there be another season!!!


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