Yuki Yuna is a Hero 3.10: Reliving the Endgame

It’s once again time to experience the epic final battle against the Vertex, this time with the added perspective of the Sentinels.

Suzume and Shizuku on the battlefield

Togo and Fu head toward YunaMost of the first half switched between the Sentinels holding back an army of Stardust protecting Aya’s team of priests as they powered up the super cannon and the Hero Team going to war against the Vertex Mothership along with crashing Yuna’s “wedding”.

Mebuki reasoning with AyaFamiliar scene.

The parallels between lovers. What do I mean? Through the Sentinels we got a closer look at some of the priests disappearing either out of fear or fully giving themselves to the gods. The problem was the super cannon needed a lot of prayers but with priests “disappearing” it couldn’t be fully charged. As Mebuki went to check on them she heard Aya accepting her fate as she thought Yuna’s sacrifice would end the suffering but Mebuki’s like “No it won’t. Don’t give your life to the gods so soon.” She said a lot of cool stuff that can be summed up with “I want you to stay here with me!”. It worked of course. The aforementioned parallels referred to Yuna saving Togo from sacrificing herself (twice) and Togo repaying her love in kind. Mebuki and Aya followed a similar route.

I kept this one short because most of it was an epic battle so not much to summarize. It’s excellent as usual of course. Next time it’s Togo’s turn to save her beloved along with a possible aftermath.

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4 Responses to Yuki Yuna is a Hero 3.10: Reliving the Endgame

  1. Kuudere-Kun says:

    So the last two episodes will be all Epilogue?

    When does the season premier take place on the timeline? I didn’t know at the time that this season would be chronologically wonky.


  2. K says:

    Yeah, the endgame was exhilarating, rewatching it with the Sentinels’ perspective made it even more epic.

    It was interesting to see that some people just vanished(unfortunately including some Sentinels) instead of turning to dust. I wonder if that meant that they weren’t worthy of becoming one with the Shinju…

    I was a little worried that Aya was going to be assimilated, what with her saying those platitudes . Good thing Mebuki encouraged her to live on(with her 😉 ).

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