The Great Jahy Will not be Defeated Episode 18: Shin Saurva and the Mysterious Light

Last time Saurva was contacted by a mysterious entity with the promise of something great. Would her luck finally change?

White Saurva

Like Super Maso before her White Saurva could easily sense Mana Crystal pieces and had superhuman abilities. Naturally her first course of action was to confront Jahy face to face. No more hiding for our lovable schemer. Viewers who paid attention knew exactly what the first joke would be. After finally recognizing each other, sort of, Saurva wanted her to remember her REAL identity. Alas her wish to be acknowledged as a magnificent raivaru of the Great Jahy was denied.

Saurva's blade doesn't hurt JahyFeeling more humiliated than ever a teary eyed Saurva demanded Jahy face her in mortal combat. To show she meant business she sheathed her brand new “holy” blade. However, yet again was she overlooked as Jahy was more interested in learning a possible connection between her power and Super Maso. Saurva’s like “You want answers? You’ll have to beat me first!” before charging toward Jahy. Sadly victory yet again alluded her as the blade not only had no effect on Jahy but it healed her soreness. Worst it did was tickle her after hours of slashing thin air.

Jahy shows her increased powerAs her dejection grew Jahy tried “cheering” her up saying “Do not be sad Saurva. You are not weak. I have simply grown stronger than ever”. It went as well as one would expect. The power left her as she retreated. While cursing its uselessness she was like “Wait! Jahy said my name. She knows who I am now!” Take your victories where you can Saurva.

In Part 2 a greater crisis befell our demonic heroine.

Kokoro ignoring JahyKOKORO DIDN’T WANT TO PLAY WITH HER! Call 911! This is a national emergency! We know Jahy’s soul belonged to the Dark Lord but seeing how much it hurt being ignored by the little angel her heart belonged to Kokoro. Kokoro’s still #1 harem girl even against her mistress. Landlady teased her misery but when Jahy poured her heart out on the sincerity of her feelings for the little one she came to the conclusion they had a fight, just like she and her big sister’s eternal struggle over breast size. Landlady asked if she recalled upsetting Kokoro in any way and she’s like “How dare you insinuate I would say anything to hurt my sweet angel!” She later asked Bosslady for advice. Elated the anime gods answered one of her prayers, said to talk it over with Kokoro. It’d be tough but the easiest way to resolve things.

Kokoro's truth revealedThe next day Jahy desperately wanted to know what’s wrong. After catching her she saw Kokoro had the mumps and didn’t want Jahy to catch it too. She promised to play with her again once healed.

With the crisis averted it’s back to business for our heroine.

Jahy on alertBefore she could continue her investigation on the mysterious light she heard the sisters talking about ghost rumors. Jahy tried brushing it off but Landlady brought up the time Jahy thought there was a noisy neighbor next door. That night she couldn’t sleep, wary of spectral intruders. The paranoia grew as she heard noises but no one was there.

Jahy and Druj ready for battleDashing to safety she’s confronted by the mysterious being. According to rumors the “ghost” always asked passerby if they wanted power. Should they agree their souls would be stolen. Remembering this Jahy rejected her offer. She didn’t have enough time to fight back but to her surprise Druj came to the rescue. She too heard of the rumors and suspected either Super Maso or someone from the Demon Realm. Jahy thought someone strong enough to manipulate Super Maso was no ordinary foe but to save face she chose to join her loyal servant in battle over retreat. The episode ended with the mysterious being not as prepared to fight as her adversaries. Again her familiar shape makes me wonder if she’s connected to the Dark Lord. Will the truth be revealed next time?

Good stuff as always.

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12 Responses to The Great Jahy Will not be Defeated Episode 18: Shin Saurva and the Mysterious Light

  1. monsta666 says:

    Jahy-sama asks for Druj to aid her much to her delight and these two mighty girls are more pumped than ever that even this abomination starts to sweat!

    Poor Saurva getting utterly defeated once again. Then again, we all know that Jahy is invincible! What I did find funny was how Saurva was almost bought out when Jahy mentioned she tried cheering her up when she got depressed! She likes to talk like she is evil but Saurva is really an angel at heart. In fact, the two are more alike than they think!

    The emergency that was Kokoro’s toothache was really something. For a moment there I thought maybe someone had dared to strike Kokoro. Thankfully it was nothing serious of the sort and we got treated to another sweet moment and a head pat to boot.

    As for the ending segment. That bit when the light was beginning to sweat when confronted with Jahy and Druj makes me convinced that is the demon lord playing some games. The biggest surprise I had with that scene is how stalker-san was not present. Would have been funny to see them fighting for Jahy once more!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tbiscut74 says:

    Another Fantastic Episode!

    Poor, Sweet Saurva. At least she gets to cherish these small victories. Ganbare, Saurva!

    All that heartache for a toothache! Jahy-sama and Kokoro are too precious! Bless them!

    Very interested on what well be revealed next episode!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. chikorita157 says:

    It’s hilarious how Saurva receives a chance to defeat Jahy with her new powers just for them having no effect on Jahy. This makes Momo and Kyoko stronger than Saurva. Yep, she can’t catch a break from the long streak of failures.

    I find Ryou making fun of Jahy having friends quite funny, but it shows how much Jahy has loosened up. Also, it looks like Kokoro has the mumps, given how swollen one of her cheeks are. Still, I can’t wait to see the true motives of the being of light.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. skydragonx8 says:

    Another good episode, poor Saurva getting the short end of the stick again lol.

    The part with Hy-chan being worried that Kokoro was mad at her was honestly super cute, she really has loosened up a lot and has people she cares for!

    That being of light definitely has to be related to Maou in some way, either it is her herself considering she was confused at the end or her twin of sort. Hopefully we find out next episode!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. cirno9fan says:

    “mumps”: the JP said “mushiba”, which is the term for “cavities”. She’s just a little girl, so she doesn’t get that it’s not contagious. Gotta remember how young Kokoro is. It’s just a misunderstanding, is all. A misunderstanding that got so many adorable scenes though ❤

    My theory currently is that Maou stole the magic crystals from her sister (not sure if she’s older or younger yet) for whatever reason, and her sister only knows them to cause misfortune, and doesn’t realize that Maou found a race that actually thrives off them. She seemed to believe that even those from the makai kingdom would be drenched in misfortune by them, and that she was going to save Jahy from it.

    Would be funny if it ended up being a sibling fight, similar to what the landlady and boss have XD

    Poor Saurva. Best to use her own power. I wonder if it was so ineffective because Jahy has become so good?

    Liked by 1 person

  6. yurimylove says:

    lol Saurva would’ve been better off using a light saber from Toys R Us

    Liked by 2 people

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