Selection Project Episode 10: The Results Are In

Title says it all.

Akari plushie

The pacing of the episode was interesting. They intentionally kept viewers in suspense a while longer. We began with Rena and Suzune at home as the latter got ready to visit the former’s house. At Rena’s she introduced her to Akari’s shrine. After praying she asked her if she wanted some Akari merch but Suzune was like “Nope. I have them all too”. Super fans right there.

Hiromi on a dateI’d like to believe Hiromi was on a date with her kouhai girlfriend.

As the episode progressed the show made viewers think some of the girls were allowed to go home before the final performance. Pretty sure sharp eyed peeps figured it out before the reveal but I personally waited for the reveal instead of puzzling it over.

Selection Voting ResultsSo yeah, it was a tie. Everyone voted for themselves. Sumipan said in case of a “no decision” they’d hold another vote the next day but the gang were like “Don’t bother. We can’t go to the finals with any of our crew missing, let alone two”.

…And just like that everyone was disqualified. Selection Project Season 7, cancelled.

Seira cameoSeira cameo wanting to call Suzune but stopped because she believed “Suzu” wasn’t done yet. Part of me is still sad SeiZu didn’t come true and it won’t go away but I had a feeling the show would pile on the drama HARD to get SuzuRena over.

Rena managing the new teamEveryone was shown traveling to Tokyo to meet with SuzuRena to discuss their plan. They were all like “Screw the Selection Project. We still want to sing so we’re going indie.”. At first Hiromi was appointed leader but Rena surprised everyone by stepping up and mapping out the schedule for their first performance as a new group.

Suzune tells Rena what they all fought forWith the SP behind them there’s only one issue remaining, Rena still refused to perform with everyone. She still didn’t feel she had the right to do so. After walking everyone to their hotel she showed Suzune her idea for a group name, 9-tie (pronounced “Cutie”, which stood for the ties, bonds and relationship of the nine girls.) but asked to change it because of her “unworthiness”. Suzune was like “No. You’re part of the journey too. We gave our all to earn the cheers of fans who supported us, just like Akari.”

9-Tie got a gift for RenaReturning home Rena watched the recording of 9-Tie’s performance training and as she smiled tears ran down. She understood what Akari meant with “Singing was her life” and hurriedly called Suzune to share her epiphany. She’s surprised to hear everyone else on the phone and rushed to meet them. They’re like “We are nine. It wouldn’t be the same without you. You belong on stage with us. Here’s your outfit”. Rena’s reason to sing was to sing together with everyone.

Good stuff as always. After the ED someone at Selection Project HQ saw the promotion for 9-Tie’s upcoming show and took notice.

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14 Responses to Selection Project Episode 10: The Results Are In

  1. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    The producers obviously wanted a big brother-esque show with lots of tension between the participants, but the opposite happened, a shocking result. Except the artist credit for the songs kinda spoiled it, but eh haha.
    Great that the girls have decided to push thrhough on their own regardless of the results and are all on great terms with each other.
    Although its a result of them living all over the country, them being on video calls during their preparations brings to mind the new normal forced upon us by the current times.
    Rena still needed some pushing to join, but thankfully she’s in now, and 9-tie is finally totally complete!

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    • OG-Man says:

      It’s always about the ratings. Controversy and drama create cash after all.

      I didn’t pay attention to the title so it wasn’t as clear to me at first.

      Yup. Interesting parallels to current society.

      Hurray for 9-Tie all united!

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  2. cirno9fan says:

    This show makes me cry so much T_T but good cries as well as sad cries. It’s a very emotional experience. While there’s a part of me that hoped it was more out there, I really love how down to earth it is with everything. Especially shown in how the girls broke the rules, and were properly disqualified. And instead of making this an episode of moping, they were already working towards being self produced. They didn’t fight the show or anything, they just gave their opinions, took their punishments, and decided to pave out their own path.

    Really excited for where this goes from here!

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  3. chikorita157 says:

    I knew something was up when Suzune woke up in her bedroom. Still, it’s surprising that the girls had the guts to vote for themselves. Still, it’s surprising that the producers decide to take the nuclear option and disqualify everyone. I guess people are not liking how the season ended.

    It’s good that Suzune managed to get Rena back on board. The step of fully defrosting her is complete, only need Suzune to call Rena by her first name.

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  4. Little Viktoria says:

    Such a beautiful show and yay for the girls starting their own project! I wish them so much good fortune and I hope they can eventually move together to have a lovely cuddly community with lots of cute yuri love.

    Not surprised that Hiromi has a pretty girl or several back home dreaming of being her girlfriend… I still ship her with Nagisa though ^^

    Finally Rena is feeling safe enough to open herself. I’m so happy. Everyone loves and supports you, beautiful Rena, especially Suzune!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. K says:

    Seeing SuzuRena together made me think that they got voted out but after seeing everyone else at their respective homes, I realized that they were all out of the running. The outcome was not surprising to say the least but I’m pretty sure lots of viewers and the staff were stunned by this.

    Suzune was not joking when she said she was a big Akari fan. Even if it was just a case of cosmic chance, her heart couldn’t have found a better recipient, I say

    They may not have been selected but forming 9-tie shows that their dream is far from over. Seems like SP head is paying attention…

    Seira looked pretty irritated but her belief in Suzune is not misplaced. Not one bit.

    Rena found her reason to sing at long last. It was a wonderful moment which showcased the bonds these nine have forged throughout the summer.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Makes sense they’re all DQ’ed after the producers were denied ratings grabbing drama.

      Great seeing Seira again, albeit it briefly.

      Rena finding her reason to sing with 9-Tie was a great moment indeed.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. yurimylove says:

    I miss Seira too. I’ll be equally happy whether this ends with Suzune x Rena or Suzune x Seira. I hope the writers don’t disappoint us.

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  7. Nick says:

    Probably my favorite ep so far and mainly because it didn’t feel like Idoly Pride anymore.

    I had thought long and hard about how they would made it out of this situation and I also arrived at the idea that they all voted for themselves, thus no one would win in the end.

    I also liked seeing the girls on their own coming together to perform instead of being forced into these situations they don’t like. I’m sure they’ll have some amazing performances together outside of Selection Project.

    I’m glad Rena joined them as well. There was no way she’d actually let this chance pass by. Music and singing is her life and seeing her join them at the end was such an emotional moment.

    It only took 10 eps but man Selection Project finally has me excited. Looking forward to the final few eps!


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