Mieruko-chan Episode 9: Sight vs Props

Let’s get this out of the way. Yulia’s in this episode. Rejoice in the comments to your heart’s content if you want.

When we last left our heroines they’re shocked to see a familiar dark presence. Their substitute teacher was the creepy guy with loads of evil spirits inside him. The above screen grab was of Miko relieved that unlike other girls gushing over the handsome sub Hana’s like “Do I know him…? Oh no. My tummy needs yum yum!”

While Hana couldn’t remember him Miko recognized his dark aura right away. She knew it’d be difficult to ignore it as the evil within was very powerful. So much so she tried hiding in the bathroom. Thinking he’s following her she hid in one of the stalls. Relieved it’s only girls from her class she let her guard down and another one of those terrifying giant ghosts lurked in the toilet. Fearing the worst she tried switching stalls.

I wonder how many peeps in the comments could relate with Yulia here? She invited the little loner to lunch with Hana. Once again Yulia tried hiding the great joy she felt from hanging out with friends, even Miko.

Meanwhile Miko’s determined to be strong to protect her cherished friends but a spooky warning along with the great evil nearby showed it’d be a very difficult task. Ganbare (Sha)Miko!

We got some cheap MikoHana lewdness this episode. Cheap but still nice.

Miko remembered seeing an ad for free donuts at a haunted house. To keep Hana distracted she took her there. Of course Hana wasn’t ready to face the spooky challenge but in the name of truth, justice and DONUTS she would go forth. Yulia meanwhile thought compared to the daily spooks in her life this would be cake.

What she didn’t realize was the haunted house being Western themed, meaning jump scares and homies dressed as classic horror movie villains aplenty. I wonder how many you all recognized? Miko however, saw things differently. Though somewhat affected by the scares she saw this as the perfect opportunity to do something she couldn’t for so long, freely express fear. She felt so relieved she’s caught off guard by a real ghost. Fortunately when all the “monsters” gave chase she’s given the chance to do something else she couldn’t for a long time, tell the ghost to back off. Though the “baddies” briefly stood still the monster was left confused. Good for Miko.

After receiving their tasty reward the girls passed by the Godmother’s old shop. Yulia pretended she didn’t know her but secretly hoped she’s honing her ghostbusting skills. After the ED we saw she’s busy helping out at the family farm though her power was still there.

Good stuff as always.

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11 Responses to Mieruko-chan Episode 9: Sight vs Props

  1. skydragonx8 says:

    Yet another fun episode, I loved that Miko finally got to let out her fear and screams at the haunted house. Also another thing I loved was how close Miko and Hana were lol too cute!!! I also laughed a ton when Miko entered Yuria’s bathroom stall by accident while trying to brush off the ghost lol these girls are just honestly big dorks!

    As for Mr Super Evil looking dude, either he definitely has an aura that attracts ghosts to him in the bad kind of way for sure from the looks of things.

    The ending was another wholesome one seeing Godmother retired and helping out her family but ofc her spiritual awareness is still definitely with her.

    Overall another good episode and I can’t wait to see the next ep!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. monsta666 says:

    Hip-hip horrah for Yuila is here! Better yet it would seem that Yulia has finally got it in her head that Miko/Hana are her friends and are not rivals/enemies! With them making up with a wee lunch I feel this duo has now become a trio and we will see Yulia with them from here on out.

    I did find it amusing but sad when Miko stumbled on Yulia in the toilet and she tried to brush off her lunch eating as normal. Other bit in this episode I liked was when Miko realised she could scream for a change and went out around screaming but laughing. Priceless that.

    In terms of mystery the big question marks I had was how this teacher will react. The teacher like Hana seems not to remember his previous encounter with Miko and despite all those mean spirits does not seem to be acting sinister in any way. Is he really a bad guy? Only bad thing I see is he is taking time away from Hana/Yulia action. XD The other mystery lies with the Godmother herself. I wonder what tricks she will have in store and what she can offer Miko or Yulia?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. tbiscut74 says:

    Another Fantastic episode!

    That little smile Miko gives to Hana at the beginning was so cute! These 2 are precious!

    Yeah more Yulia! I can never get enough of this little cutie!

    Good for Miko! She deserves a break!

    You know when we first saw the guy, I thought those were the spirits of the cats he’s killed. Could be wrong, we’ll see next episode probably, if the preview is anything to go by.

    Excited for more!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Little Viktoria says:

    I fell in love with Miko when she started that adorable yelling. Especially the cute “Kya?” when the real ghost turned up. Oh Miko ^^

    I also want to have Yulia to hug. Hana should be more careful to not choke her, because other than that Yulia is so perfectly huggable.

    Liked by 3 people

  5. yurimylove says:

    Cause of death: Suffocation

    Liked by 1 person

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