The Great Jahy Cannot be Defeated Episode 17: The Great Adapter

More wonderfulness.

Jahy fashion model

We joined Druj annoyed with fashion trends but was instantly cheered up at the thought of seeing her beloved mistress wearing sexy clothes. Thus she started a new apparel line in her honor, “for J”. While popular with the ladies the one she aimed to please didn’t even notice.

After the OP Druj was on her way to the next meeting. Her chauffeur mentioned it being tough for the staff to keep up but working under her was like a dream job. Like the last time Druj thought Jahy had gone soft she couldn’t really enjoy praise or having people gladly “serve” her. Thus she yearned to see her beloved mistress.

Druj vs Kyoko Round 2She remembered the restaurant Jahy “owned” but didn’t expect to run into her new archenemy again.


Kyoko felt she had the advantage this time and rubbed it in Druj’s face. Naturally it was effective. Though Kyoko was still an unlucky klutz and Druj scoffed at her lameness as Jahy scolded her one smile was enough to have her worry the wretched “huumaan” threatened to take her cherished spot.

Druj irate

She’s close to losing hope and longed for the good old days but suddenly thought “Wait! What if Mistress Jahy is doing this to make me jealous? YES! She’s torturing me on purpose! GLORIOUS!” As she went on about Jahy’s “cruelty” restoring her hope Jahy was relieved her servant was such a loyal simpleton, once again keeping her secret status as a lower class citizen intact. Meanwhile Druj would be ready for a third round should the lovesick rivals cross paths again.

Grungy futonPart 2 had Jahy contemplate how exhausting life had become building up her harem, collecting crystal pieces and preparing to win favor with the Dark Lord. Turns out the real problem was the used futon Landlady gave her being grungy.

Jahy trying to push Landlady off her new futonAfter buying a fancy new futon Landlady tricked her into thinking she got scammed only to relish the cozy futon herself. That or she didn’t expect it to actually be fantastic. Jahy tried in vain to push her away giving in to its comfort. Then Bosslady showed up to tell Jahy the water would be shut off for three days, inviting her to stay at their place on the upper floor of the restaurant. The three reminisced of the first time she stayed over when she first came to the huumaan world. Because of her pride they gave her a room at the rundown apartment building. They realized how much Jahy mellowed down since then. Jahy said she’d adapted, not gone soft. She’d grown.

Jahy wearing Landlady's old child clothesBosslady was like “GROWN!? Yes! It’s time!”, leading to a loli fashion show that has its audience. I’m not part of it. Jahy threatened to blast Bosslady but she knew she wouldn’t. The sisters’ great trust surprised her. She accepted the invitation to stay with them from then on. Unfortunately that night she learned why it’s best to stay at the old apartment.

Saurva subconsciously doing good deedsAfter the ED we joined Saurva in Part 3 plotting Jahy’s downfall as usual. The joke was her subconsciously doing good deeds while thinking up wicked schemes and admiring how “evil” she was.

Saurva approached by a being of lightAfter several good deeds and more “I’m so evil” thoughts she’s surprised by a being of light. The same one who granted Kyoko her Super Maso powers. It appeared the mysterious entity had found a new champion. The interesting thing was the familiar form it took. Could she be related to a certain freeloader? My only guess is the “Lilith Aensland” formula. I’ll go with that until the truth is revealed.

Good stuff as always.

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10 Responses to The Great Jahy Cannot be Defeated Episode 17: The Great Adapter

  1. yuriweeb says:

    Saurva is probably my favorite character, so I’m happy whenever she’s on screen. Tonight’s coda was perfect, both for Saurva screentime, but also the transformation. She reminds me a lot of Vigne from Gabriel Dropout and I had always hoped Vig would have a similar transformation, though sadly it never happened.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. monsta666 says:

    Jahy looking sexy’s as always in her “for J” range. I was hoping to see her dress up in some of Druj’s gear! Oh well…

    The faceoff between Kyoko and Druj was as amusing as ever. Kyoko can’t help but continually taunt that she is Jahy’s number one but the real kicker was what you said about Druj thinking the whole thing was an elaborate ruse just to punish her! Comedy gold!

    The final act was cute with boss-san dressing up Jahy but it made me think if Druj would ever undercover the stuff this boss is doing. The fact she dresses Jahy and not she could make for some amusing scenes. The other potential funny scene I see with them meeting would be Druj seeing Jahy being bossed around by a human. I can see the jaw dropping from Druj! Then her losing her marbles.

    The preview of Saurva not being defeated sounds like it could be a charm. I am sure yuriweeb is excited just hearing that title. Will the girl get a powerup or will she be foiled by Jahy once more?! Who knows!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. tbiscut74 says:

    Another Fantastic Episode!

    Kyoko vs Druj Round 2 is just as amazing as Round 1! These 2 are wonderful as always!

    Part 2 was cute!

    Saurva subconsciously doing good deeds while thinking up wicked schemes and admiring how “evil” she was is what I love about her!

    More Saurva next episode? Sign me up!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. yurimylove says:

    Love Jahy’s fashion shows, both the grownup version and loli version, but wouldn’t love to see more of the grownup show, there was so little of it!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. skydragonx8 says:

    Absolutely loved this episode, Druj vs Kyoko round 2 was hilarious!!! I loved how Druj was absolutely jealous of Kyoko’s position and just wanted to fight to the end. These two are just such absolute dorks!

    The sleepover was super adorable, Hy-chan really does love them but who would have thought that Manager would be such a bad sleeper lol

    Saurva was once again a total dork this episode as well, she clearly is good at heart but still an absolute dork. Also the being of light looks an awful lot like Maou herself hmmmmm twin maybe question mark?!?!?!

    Liked by 1 person

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