Selection Project Episode 9: Lost Heart

After the painful revelation between Suzune and Rena would there be any hope of them reuniting?

Rena has a nightmare

We joined Suzune and Rena feeling terrible after what happened. Rena even had a nightmare about losing her voice while Suzune sang “Only One Yell” with no worries at all.

Like last episode the other girls spent most of their time worrying over the votes. Most thought no while Uta and Shiori somewhat considered it but ultimately didn’t want to eliminate anyone either.

Chef helps RenaEveryone did an interview except Rena. The chef volunteered to find and help her. She told her everyone came out of their shells to reveal shiny pearls and believed she would too but Rena worried what’s inside hers may be a rock. Chef gave her the Akari fanbook she threw away earlier. She looked over it and saw a message from Akari which we’ll talk about in a bit. Then she watched all Suzune’s recorded videos so far and came to a realization.

Rena hugs SuzuneRena rushed at top speed to find Suzune and apologize for “calling her a cheater” as I summed up last time. She admitted to being happy deep down Akari’s heart saved someone’s life. She still missed her dearly. As Suzune thanked her and Akari for saving her Rena gave a big hug, wishing her luck in the finals. Uh-oh…

Rena's somber interviewIt was as I feared. During the interview she revealed the reason for entering the competition was to know what it’s like to be a champion like Akari. However, she remembered an important quote in her fanbook, “Singing is my life”. She didn’t have the same passion and drive like the others. She only did it to be just like Akari. She shot down her “raivaru” stuff, not feeling worthy to best them because she didn’t have any real reason to sing. Basically she was encouraging the others to vote her out. The others panicked but Suzune could tell Rena felt lost because she didn’t have a personal reason to compete. Maybe, just maybe there’s still a chance to help her find one.

After the ED the time had come for the girls to cast their votes. We’ll have to wait for the results next episode. Hoo doggy.

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12 Responses to Selection Project Episode 9: Lost Heart

  1. cirno9fan says:

    next week is sure going to be something. I half expect something the network /producers are completely against which causes everyone to be “disqualiifed”, but I’m sure that’s just wishful thinking at this point. Either way, it’s going to be quite the episode, as every episode has been.

    The stuff around Suzune and her heart transplant have sure been handled in a different sort of way. I know they’re probably not doing the medical science of it justice, but they’re handling all the feelings and everything surrounding it really well, I’d say.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. CJ Apple says:

    They just have to vote to not getting DQ´d but no one said anything about whose name has to be on it and if you (take a closer) look at their band name, you (probably) know what will happen at the voting.

    Rena and Suzune are so cute together and Rena calls Suzune by her first name, while Suzune is still with -chan, but I am sure that she will drop that sooner or later, too.

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  3. yurimylove says:

    Rena x Suzune embrace is the best moment of this episode for me.


  4. chikorita157 says:

    I know at some point Rena Is going to make up with Suzune, After all, Suzune is probably the last real life connection she has with her older sister. Still, seeing that she is calling Suzune by her first name, maybe become lovey dovey with her? Still nice to see Rena finally defrosted.

    Still, the outcome should be interesting and I wonder how the girls will pull it off by not eliminating anyone, if they ignored Rena’s wishes.

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    • OG-Man says:

      The hope remains for the two to become much more than friends. It’ll make up for the loss of what could have been early on the show. Yes I’m still salty over that.

      Obvious but still effective cliffhanger.


  5. K says:

    It was nice that Rena was able to apologize to Suzune after what happened last episode but now she’s probably thinking she has no reason to be there since she was just following Akari’s path. Well, in my eyes, her reason for being there is on the same level as, maybe even slightly higher than, Nodoka’s and Ao’s. Speaking of Nodoka, her answer was funny.

    I liked how Sumipanda presented the final vote. It really matched the tense atmosphere. I bet they found a way to use the rules to create their desired outcome. Also, what a casual reveal of the dude beneath the mask.


  6. skydragonx8 says:

    I am happy Suzune and Rena made up, she finally fully opened up to her which made me smile a lot. But also nooooo Rena!!! I am sure she found a way to love music through out all of this even if she herself doesn’t want to admit it. Next week is gonna be potentially a tear jerker since I love everyone and to see any of them leave will be heart breaking.

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