“I Became Gay from Translating My New Roommate’s Short Story” Demo

Hardworking yuri dev approached me to help promote their upcoming Yuri Visual Novel. There can never be enough Yuri VNs. It’s “I Became Gay from Translating My New Roommate’s Short Story”, developed by Professor Lily and her team.

I Became Gay After Translating My New Roommate's Short Story

Plot Summary:

A mediocre translator burned out by capitalism.

A writer who has only been published once in her entire life.

They meet as roommates and develop a relationship that is perhaps much more than love.Story

I Became Gay from Translating My New Roommate’s Short Story (or GFT) is a yuri visual novel about two “working” adults in the city of Chicago. There are some adult elements. It is the first major project by the Prof. Lily visual novel collective, who aim to tell stories that face our harsh subcultural reality head-on.

  • Gay girls and moms
  • Sublime tension between the gays
  • A five chapter script spanning ~50k words
  • A showstopping array of Irasutoya illustrations
  • Original illustrations, too
  • Optional audio and image captions
  • Customizable warnings for sensitive content in-game
  • Sex

That about sums up what to expect from this title. The full release is scheduled for 2022 but the interested can check out the Demo HERE.

Follow Professor Lily on Twitter for updates and more information.

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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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2 Responses to “I Became Gay from Translating My New Roommate’s Short Story” Demo

  1. monsta666 says:

    Premise looks interesting but the text comes and goes too quickly on the trailer. I am not a fast enough reader to finish it without pausing. Not sure if you have played the game but is that fast paced indicative of the generally scrolling speed of the game itself?

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      That’s a fancy trailer, not a gameplay demo. Visual Novels usually do not have auto-scrolling turned on, meaning you can read it at your own pace. Download the demo and see for yourself.


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