Yuki Yuna is a Hero 3.7: Legendary Pain Part 3: The Erased

Things got pretty intense last episode. Did the pain mellow down after that?

Wakaba vs ChikageWhat do you think?

X vs Zero have nothing on the intensity of Wakaba vs Chikage. Wakaba tried reasoning with her not going all out but Chikage was like…

“Maybe what you told the public was true, about how strong our unity was and we stand together to fight for truth, justice and all that crap. You can have all the praise. But…

Chikage will not give up Yuna


As Chikage became a crimson mess she had Wakaba pinned to a wall and was about to land the killing blow. However, she came to realize Lord Shinju’s eyes were everywhere and just before the super mode timer ran out her Hero power was stripped away. Barely hanging on she could do little but watch and question why Wakaba still protected her from the Vertex attack. Wakaba was like “You may be right about me whitewashing the truth in the public eye. I may be in it for revenge and should be punished for lying…but not until the Vertex threat are defeated”

Chikage diesWakaba fought hard but had an equally hard time beating the Vertex on her own. She’s about to be struck down by a Stardust and in a final act of redemption Chikage sacrificed herself to save her. After the battle she had one last request as she realized she’s wrong “Hey Wakaba. Could you thank my sweet Yuna for always caring about me? You know, I still think you suck…but deep down respected you…and maybe liked you…” The Hero Team lost another. Wakaba and Yuna took her passing well.

Yuna, Wakaba and Chikage happier timesYuna, Wakaba and Hinata visited the Hero Memorial but Yuna only saw two names and naturally thought it unfair of the Taisha to exclude Chikage. The three went to Chikage’s house but her parents were long gone. They went to her room and found it the same way she left it before her final attack. Yuna found news articles of the Hero Team and noticed all photos of Wakaba were slashed. Wakaba told them the truth about that day, how Chikage tried to kill her and saved her soon after. Yuna also found a diploma. It was the same one they gifted her during a mock tournament as a sign of friendship. Happier times.

Hinata comforts WakabaWell alriiiight. We got an animated WakaHina moment after all.

Seeing Chikage still had the diploma despite how much she suffered hit Wakaba hard. She blamed herself for her death and thought she’s a terrible leader but Hinata comforted her saying she’s doing the best she could. They all suffered and fought hard to support each other. It wasn’t Wakaba’s fault.

Wakaba gives Chikage a proper eulogyDuring another public address it looked like Wakaba was going to follow the script in order to assure everyone they’d continue fighting the good fight despite them secretly hurting inside. At first that appeared to be the plan but near the end she figuratively broke her silence and gave Chikage a proper eulogy emphasizing that like her the Heroes weren’t hardened soldiers/gods but people with their own thoughts and feelings putting their lives on the line to protect everyone. She made sure Chikage would be remembered despite the erasure of her records.

Great stuff as always. Next time the conclusion of the Wakaba Nogi arc.

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8 Responses to Yuki Yuna is a Hero 3.7: Legendary Pain Part 3: The Erased

  1. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    even though the show is really speedrunning stuff, i still felt for Chikage there, you can feel her rage and anger bursting out.
    So well done on that count. The fight was really good.
    Wakaba breaking script to honor Chikage as well as great.


  2. Rika says:

    In the novel Anzu won the mock tournament, it was one of the most important scenes proving she was a better strategist than everyone else. I wish they had shown more of Anzu and Tama in the anime, they are such a great yuri couple and they were cut a lot to give screentime to the other girls in this limited amount of episodes.

    Hopefulyl we get a full NoWaYu anime eventually.


  3. K says:

    She may have fallen out of the Shinju’s favor, but Chikage showed why she was chosen by saving Wakaba from grave injury, even death. May she have a peaceful rest. Wakaba going off script to honor her bravery was great.

    Watching Yuna and pals mourn Chikage’s passing, as well as Wakaba’s breakdown, was heartrending. The worst part is that their suffering ain’t over yet.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. skydragonx8 says:

    Despite Wakaba’s story being rushed, I am glad they got down Chikage’s storyline, it is one of the most important parts of Wakaba’s storyline.

    Chikage is just a victim in the end and you really do feel for her. It also shows that Taisha just doesn’t give any kind of care to any of the girls and they’re just using them.

    I am also glad we got the flash back with everyone from Wakaba’s group since it is just nice to see them together!


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