Selection Project Episode 7: Power of a Heart

When we last left our heroines another dramatic bombshell was dropped. That of course was far from the only one.

The girls come to help Suzune

Fortunately it didn’t take long at all for everyone to show their support for Suzune. However, the shame she felt went further than the scar. She dropped yet another bombshell. The scar wasn’t for an operation on her own heart but for the heart she received from an organ donor.

I have a 99.9999999% hunch the heart she received was Akari’s.

You thought that was the only bombshell this episode? Here’s another.

Red-Bean JunYou know our resident weirdo panda host? Turns out she’s a former idol, Red-Bead Jun, who only released one Enka themed song in her career. All this time I thought the joke was “This female panda mascot was played a guy and he only sounded masculine to viewers” but no. If I understood correctly Sumipan is transgender. Very cool if that’s the case. Also cool is everyone only reacting to her secret identity as a former idol.

Rena shares something with SuzuneWith the performance deadline fast approaching Rena volunteered to help Suzune. She surprised her with an organ donor card of her own, planning to donate an organ one day to help someone in need. She presented Suzune with envelopes to write a letter to the family of the one who donated their heart. Tell them how she felt. One of my homies wondered why Rena cared about Suzune all of a sudden. As she told her last episode and this one her “raivaru” thing was wanting to compete against the best and beating them at their best.

Suzune Sakurai

Suzune still had a hard time making her decision until Miss Sunny delivered a letter to her. It was from one of her cheerers, a sixth grader named Suzune Sakurai. She was inspired by her to fight hard because she too was in the hospital fighting for her life. Her heartfelt words gave Suzune the answer she needed.

Naked Blue PerformanceI didn’t think Ao could look sexier than she already did but there she is more beautiful than ever.

As a bonus Mama made a special swimsuit for Suzune to cover her scar. The Naked Blue performance was nice. My only nitpick was not enough swimsuit footage. The important part was everyone got the enough points to qualify for the third and final round. However, as we would learn after the ED there’s a huge stipulation. According to Sumipan only 7 of the 9 could perform. Not only that but the girls themselves would have to vote two of their own out.

Looking forward to next time.

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10 Responses to Selection Project Episode 7: Power of a Heart

  1. Nick says:

    Watching these eps back to back ended up working out a lot better than expected. Still I don’t recommend holding off watching shows for a whole week, my schedule is a complete mess right now. Entirely my fault.

    The moment she said her heart was from an organ donor I knew exactly who it would be. Hell I should’ve guessed that in the last ep as it’s so obvious. This is Idoly Pride all over again.

    Rena having her own card pretty much confirms that too. That’s gonna be a tough moment when she gets the letter. Oh boy, ready the tissues.

    Swimsuit performance was lacking on the swimsuits I will agree. After all the build up they could’ve delivered a little better on that promise. Still a very good song and music video though, I really liked it. No CG this time either, not really as much dancing as previous performances I guess.

    They really want people to drop out of this contest for some reason. Must be for the ratings or something, but come on just let them all make it to the end.

    Once again, the letter moment will be rough when it happens.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      As someone who didn’t finish IP it wasn’t hard to guess whose heart was donated.

      Got Ao looking more beautiful than ever so wasn’t too disappointed. Plus there were others wearing some lovely swimsuits too.

      Hope they find a way around this so no one has to leave.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    I like how Panda guy doesn’t really like what’s happening, but well, she’s the host of a reality show, so of course she has to play it up, make drama, such is how it goes…

    I really like how the entire group helped Suzune!
    And the letter from the hospital girl was pretty sweet.

    next episode would be… something, definitely. Can’t wait.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The heart transplant story is so stupid because you have to constantly take medicine in real life in order to keep the transplant working.


  4. chikorita157 says:

    Why is it so obvious that Suzune’s heart surgery was a heart transplant. Idoly Pride comparison now intensifies. Still, the resolution is good and hopefully it’s a good step to defrost Rena.

    Still, interesting to see Sumipanda’s true identity. I wonder how the girls will somehow pull off a tie in the final round or not.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Little Viktoria says:

    I also immediately thought that it’s Akari’s… Now that is intense.

    I love the girls’ styles for the new song so much. Especially Ao and Shiori’s transformations were incredible.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. yurimylove says:

    Not sure anyone could really swim in those costumes but the do look gorgeous!


  7. skydragonx8 says:

    I am happy that everyone was there for Suzune and they managed to cheer her up and bring her back!

    I also did like that Rena is slowly breaking out of her shell and caring for ofc her future waifu! The new song was absolutely great, tbh I am loving the music a lot for this series!!!

    Also Suzune has also made her mark on someone and it is on another Suzune lol, but yeah that story was really touching and was a nice parallel to Suzune’s story when she was younger.

    Also Sumipan’s backstory was fun to learn, and her reaction is priceless!

    Overall I really liked the episode and excited to see the next one, it is definitely gonna be interesting for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

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