Women of Xal Now Available

Women of Xal , by Plot Twist Studios is a game I remember promoting in 2017 and at long last the project has left early access and is available for purchase on Steam.

women-of-xal-coverNote: This is an old cover. The new look can be previewed in the trailer below and the Steam/itch pages.

The below image and cast of characters gives a good idea of what kind of story this is.

Women of Xal Cast


To summarize the Steam description it is a tale of political intrigue, love and betrayal in a sci-fi fantasy setting with a mostly ethnic cast. Most choices can have positive effects for some and negative for others. Most scenes are fully voiced along with multiple CGs, backgrounds, illustrations and soundtrack. There are 12 romance options, which I assume are evenly divided between 6 male and female. Polyamory is possible but naturally not everyone is willing to share Xjena.

If this all sounds intriguing check out a more detailed description on Steam and itch.io. Currently the Steam version is out of Early Access though I assume itch is too as of this writing.

PS: Readers who played Book of Shadows and Pale Spectrum will have an idea of the what to expect from Women of Xal.

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2 Responses to Women of Xal Now Available

  1. opaco1234 says:

    Oh, the good part is that the mc is afro lady that is very knew


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