Selection Project Episode 4: Dance Dance Selection

This episode focused on the team featuring two of my fav girls Ao and Nodoka so of course I was hyped.

We began with Ao, Nodoka, Nagisa and team captain Hiromi filming a report to fans. They didn’t have a name yet but because they all loved soft drinks they would eventually agree on a name related to them. Until then they’d focus on their performance.

During practice the one who surprisingly had the hardest time keeping up was Ao. Nagisa noticed this and asked her about it along with why she became an idol despite being a professional runner. Ao said that at first she loved to run but over time it became less about the thrill of competition and more getting the best time, removing all the fun for her. One day her homie entered the Selection Project and she figured why not give it a go. To the surprise of many, including herself, she made it as far as she did.

The next day the team were training again but couldn’t quite get the steps right. Hiromi and Nagisa argued over it as Nodoka tried playing peacemaker and Ao was too nervous to say anything. Suzune watched and wanted to help out by talking to Hiromi. Hiromi felt bad over starting the argument. She revealed she’s the way she was because she was the only sister of several brothers, which of course meant lots of roughhousing. Because of that she became a competitive tomboy getting lots of girls at her school drooling. Deep down however she wanted to freely embrace her feminine side.

Nagisa was conveniently nearby and overheard Hiromi’s backstory. Feeling bad she revealed herself and apologized by sharing her own. Her mom owned a bar and often had to work while she helped at home. Nagisa felt lonely a lot of the time. She entered the competition in hopes that becoming an idol would mean standing on her own.

Meanwhile Nodoka and Ao had their own story time. Both had in common they weren’t very ambitious. Having made it as far as they did was enough. Nodoka revealed the only reason she’s there was because mom encouraged her. One thing that both worried and upset her was every time she’s on camera she promoted the glory of Hokkaido food. She thought people would get annoyed with the “Hokkaido Girl”.

After a brief scene of their opponents showing some concern about their performance but realizing they weren’t any closer to completing their own we joined Hiromi going back to her team only to find out Nagisa wasn’t there.

As they frantically searched for her Hiromi had an idea where she may be and found her practicing by herself on the rooftop. She wanted to get better at her own pace because it’s hard to keep up with Hiromi. Ao and especially Nodoka realized it wasn’t enough to come together but combine their ideas so the soda would fizz.

Thus SplaSoda were born, performing their debut song, Sparkrash. Though they only needed a few more votes to qualify their performance got them a lot. They still had two days to get some more.

Good stuff. Next time we’ll see if Team Ojou-Sama can get their act together in time. Hints of their issues were perfectionism and “My mom’s a pain in the ass”.

If I’m not getting SeiZu at least give me “Fit and Thicc”. PLEASE!

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11 Responses to Selection Project Episode 4: Dance Dance Selection

  1. skydragonx8 says:

    Definitely enjoyed this episode, I really liked the dynamic between the 4 girls of SplaSoda. Also learning about their individual struggles made me love them even more. And just seeing all of them together made me smile, I really do love these 4! Also their song is great! Also lol yes I like the Nodoka/Ao ship or as you called it Fit and Thicc lol.

    Next episode is definitely gonna be interesting but I am sure the next team will be good as well!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. cirno9fan says:

    Still being a really enjoyable show~
    But I gotta say, for the “dance team”, they sure didn’t dance much….
    I thought I might have an issue with Nagisa, but her aesthetic and everything is just so ❤ I guess we will see a team drop out early on? I don’t know. But now that we’re going to be on episode 5, I figure things won’t be going so well. It’d be nice to have a “miracle” though.

    Even more interesting would be the main duo not making it to the end, but I just don’t see storytelling of that caliber happening.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. chikorita157 says:

    Another fun episode. I find it interesting how Hiromi is a chick magnet. Still, I can see why she pushes the girls hard, but I can understand the struggle Nagisa faces. But it’s good everything turn out well in the end, although Sumipanda seems to enjoy the conflict. Wouldn’t be a reality show without it.

    Still, I have a feeling that the musical instruments team is being a bit too carefree. I am wondering what they were doing for 12 days when they should be practicing. I guess we will see some fighting with that. Also, Suzune needs to stop helping out her competitors, although she reminds me of Yu with that.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. yurimylove says:

    i’m with SplaSoda, i love soda too.


  5. Little Viktoria says:

    Both the opening and ending themes are among my top favourites of the past several years.

    I wonder if Hiromi and Nagisa will become a couple. Protective tomboy and shy feminine girl would work well.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Nick says:

    Nice to learn more about the girls in the anime. I’m still not sure if I have a favorite yet, but I think I’m starting to narrow it down.

    Really liked the performance in this ep. The animation for the performances is stunning! So good!

    Can’t wait to see what the music time has to offer next!

    Liked by 1 person

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