Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de aru 3.4: The Great Sapling Offensive

This 1st half will be a highlight reel while the 2nd half will have more focus.

Lord Shinju Sapling chopped down

When we last left the Sentinels they’re tasked to retrieve the Shinju Sapling, which they did. As Mebuki’s team saw the decay of all their hard work they wondered what the point was of it all. Other Sentinels found the remnant Sapling but as they’re about to retrieve it another Stardust swarm attacked.

The rest of the first half was one intense and heart pounding fight scene as the enemies grew stronger and stronger.

Vertex appearsThe Sentinels beat the swarm but were ambushed by a surprise Vertex attack.

Miroku badly injuredShizuku went all Version 2 again guns blazing but was almost taken out by a sneak attack were it not for Miroku taking the hit for her. She’s hurt real bad. So much so the gang thought she’s done for.

Mebuki faces three VertexFearing the worst Mebuki couldn’t bare seeing any more of her dear comrades sacrificed in vain. When the Vertex came back with two buddies Mebuki did the classic badass sacrifice and was like “I’ll hold them back while you girls retreat.”. Fortunately the other Sentinel squads found the courage to come back and help their glorious leader.

Suzume rescues MebukiThe comeback appeared to be short lived due to Mebuki’s energy reserves running out. It looked like the Vertex would burn her to a crisp but that was when the Suzume the Cowardly Cutie channeled was inspired by her childhood hero Courage and showed she too was a Hero as she rescued the captain. Eventually the Sentinels took down the Vertex though Mebuki passed out. Also Miroku was inspired by  the legends of Symphogay and defied death because she’s a badass ojou-sama.

Mebuki and Aya reunitedWhen she awoke she’s not only surprised to see her Aya not sacrificed but Aya saying there wasn’t a sacrifice since 300 years ago. Mebuki didn’t know why the first thing she recalled upon reawakening were sacrifices.

Gin motivates Togo to not give up on life yetThat’s because she woke up around the time of the 1st part (Episodes 1, 2 and 3) of the 2nd half of Season 2 when Togo mysteriously vanished, aka she’s sacrificed instead because her power was as strong as six Ayas, and Yuna was one of the few who recalled her existence. While in the ether accepting her fate for the greater good (the greater good) she’s visited by Gin’s soul, happy she remembered her but motivated her to not give up on life yet. Her girlfriend and friends still needed her after all. That’s when everyone found her and called on her to return. Viewers who remember Season 2 knew what’s coming next…

Great stuff. Looks like we’ll either get a recap of the 2nd part of the Hero Arc see what the Sentinels were up to at that point in time.

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5 Responses to Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de aru 3.4: The Great Sapling Offensive

  1. skydragonx8 says:

    Another good episode, the fight was nice and I am definitely happy no one died on the Mebuki team, lol Miroku, don’t count me out yet I’m not actually dead now stay alive dammit Mebuki!

    Seeing Gin again made me tear up a bit though I honestly thought when Mimori took the deal I thought we were gonna have at least wait till the next episode to resolve it but I guess not, but it definitely seems like there is more than meets the eye to this cause it wouldn’t be YuYuYu without the twist.

    Definitely curious how it is gonna go now that Mebuki’s story seems to be done, will we still split between the perspectives or will we go back to our beloved Hero Club, well we shall see.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. K says:

    Whew, Miroku gave me quite the scare at first but she’s ended up being A-okay. Mebu also looked like she was gonna go out in a blaze of glory but Suzume epically stopped that from happening. Furthermore, they did a good job keeping the Vertex at bay. As far as I am concerned, Mebuki’s tenure as Sentinel leader was quite the success. Aya’s survival was her reward, even though it came at the (temporary) cost of Togo’s life.

    I think I posted this before, but this theme works well when they escaped the Vertex’s clutches. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ProbnjBX4Y&list=PLCwuT-TrOsBtQlIFZH0VL2TA-cu0zpoPW&index=44

    Gin showing up and telling Togo to basically keep on living just reminds me of her coolness. She’ll always be missed.

    Liked by 2 people

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