Yakunara Mug Cup mo 2.4: Clay Tale

Didn’t expect this character to get a backstory but here we are.

Touko storing clay

It was Summer break and the Pottery Club were having fun and working. The character in question began to tell their story. It all started when Himeno and Mika were stomping on  “them”. Touko scolded them for going overboard as “they” were relieved someone as beautiful, talented and sexy forehead as her would surely create a masterpiece.

Mika ready to mold some clayBut to “their” shock it was Mika who would do the sculpting. “They” feared the worst but as we learned about Mika in S1 she may be a genki but she’s also a very talented artiste with unique creativity.

Familiar looking sculptureAs the sculpture took shape we noticed how familiar it looked. I should be discussing the long, arduous and delicate process that went into its creation but really that’s best reserved for art class. It’s very informative and best seen than explained. One thing worth mentioning was it being made from very rare clay, Gotomaki Clay to be exact.

Mika drying the sculptureWhile letting it dry in the sun a surprise rain storm came. Funny, it rained in Aruba on the day of this post too. Like in my Aquatope post this week it was both cool and spooky. It was then “they” realized Mika’s very serious despite not appearing to be at first glance. During the final firing there was another error as the top of the sculpture had a big crack. As expected Mika saw this as a positive and immediately came up with a solution.

Mad DemonUsing the crack to plant different flowers per season. That’s right. “they”, Mad Demon, were the blue kappa pot seen during next episode previews. They’re sculpted as a companion for the green kappa statue. Pretty cool

Good stuff as always. Next time it looks like we’ll learn more about Touko.

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6 Responses to Yakunara Mug Cup mo 2.4: Clay Tale

  1. Nick says:

    Interesting backstory ep this week, gotta say I didn’t see that coming. Nice to learn about how those statues came to be nevertheless.

    The live action segment wasn’t released when I watched this (well I mean it was but not from the usual place where I get my anime from) so I wasn’t able to see what the voice actresses were up to this week. I just assume it’s about food though.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. yurimylove says:

    Interesting, i thought it’s intended to be flower pot all along.


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