October 2021 Yuri Game News Bonus

Some more yuri games that came out or were announced in October. The first October post is HERE.

Faylinn's Quest Cover

First up we have Faylinn’s Quest. An ecchi RPG that can be played with or without H scenes. While I have yet to fully experience the game I have been informed most of the characters Faylinn can hook up with, be they party members or NPC, are female. While cutscenes aren’t voiced, the H scenes are.

Note: The game is currently in Early Access so expect improvements over time.

  • Turn-based combat with 10+ recruitable companions (and relationship building)
  • Crafting system
  • Lockpicking and other minigames
  • Equipment with attachable and craftable components
  • Customizable skills and parameters
  • Recruitable companions with dialogue, plot and CG scenes
  • New game plus and Post-game content
  • Plenty of quests and choices to make
  • Many characters to romance or develop LGBT-friendly relationships with
  • Multiple routes and alternative endings
  • Gallery with over 100 illustrations!

Besides turn-based combat the game features an old-school style of movement across areas and dungeons. Think something like a 1st person dungeon crawler except players move around and interact with stuff (treasure, traps, enemies, etc) by picking on screen choices.

Faylinn’s Quest is available on Steam (Free NSFW Patch) and itch.io. NSFW Warning for both pages.

Update: As some who played the game mentioned despite there being more girls than guys to hook up with do keep in mind several of them are bi. If this does not upset players then go for it. Het can be avoided but does not mean it won’t come up.

Foul Play New CoverNext up is Foul Play by Bandit Visual Games. Here “plreaders” can choose to go after a clever and seductive thief or your stern but quite lovely boss. Sadly a certain other lady in the game cannot be courted…yet. Good sales might change that in the future.

You play as a straight-laced detective who has always been bound to the rules, both in your personal and professional life. You are highly skilled at discovering criminal patterns from behind a desk, but your proficiency is put to the test after being pulled into a top-priority investigation by your new hot-tempered boss. Ever the optimist, you take on this new mission with zeal. But now, you must now track down an assassin who is unhinged, flirtatious, and obsessed with pushing you to your limits. To make matter worse, you can’t help but feel distracted and inexplicably drawn to the two very different women who have entered your life so unexpectedly. Whether you give in to this curiosity, and whether you succeed in your investigation, is up to you.

A morally conflicting visual novel that portrays realistic coming-out experiences, women dating women, criminal situations, and facing the consequences of your decisions.

Choice-based game with 5 possible endings and multiple bonus scenes.

2 romance-able women with opposing motives.

All original character art with over 20 in-game outfits.

14 original, beautiful, and UHD CG scenes. 7 original, HD backgrounds. Unlocked art is available in the menu gallery.

Over 90,000 words and around 7.5 hrs total game time.

View character stats and unlocked information about them.

Accessibility options include: Sound captions, image captions, self-voicing features, textbox opacity, OpenDsylexic font, and font size.

Foul Play can be purchased on Steam (Free NSFW patch included) or itch.io.

9MM Girls BannerThird is 9mm Girls. Visual novel based on the webcomic of the same name, by Soliko 6.

A mystery story set in a world where demons and celestials roam. Multiple people had gone missing with corruption and the supernatural connected to potential leads. As an unnamed protagonist “plreaders” interact with the various ladies and one NB (I think) person. The plan is to launch a Kickstarter in 2022. For now there is an available Demo HERE to give the interested an idea of what to expect. Should you enjoy what there is to offer there is also the aforementioned Webcomic. Get a glimpse of it HERE along with the uncensored version on sale HERE.

Check out links to other Soliko 6 stuff on their Linktree HERE.

Crystar Logo

Fourth. Crystar is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2022 courtesy of NIS America. Check out my review of the PS4 version HERE to get a better idea of what to expect.

Maglam Lord Cover

Fifth. PQube announced they would be localizing MAGLAM LORD to PS4 and Nintendo Switch on February 2022.

  • Take on the role of a Demon Lord, as your body becomes a mythic weapon to restore your former powers

  • Genre-defying gameplay with fast-paced and intuitive hack ‘n’ slash style real-time combat

  • Craft and customise weapons, forging unique blades with a huge variety of special effects and decorations

  • Find your true soulmate as you fight alongside your allies and build relationships with dating sim elements

  • Choose a male or female protagonist, each with unique art and voice acting. (This of course means BL and Yuri romance options, yes)

  • 20+ DLC packs with content from franchises such as the ‘Tales of’ Series!

  • Coming to the West for the first time on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4

Waking up in a new world, you discover that you are the last of your species… an endangered Demon Lord, powerless and alone. Embark on a quest to restore your powers and reclaim your former glory.

Forging mythic blades and unbreakable bonds, ‘MAGLAM LORD’ combines action RPG elements such as real-time hack ‘n slash combat with dating sim mechanics and story-telling.

Brought to you by D3PUBLISHER, developer FELISTELLA, and writer Kei Miyakozuki of ‘Summon Night’ fame, as well as stunning character design and illustration by lack, who designed “Okada Izo” in the game ‘Fate Grand Order’!

Unsighted CoverLast but not least we started 2021 with an SNES inspired action RPG starring a lesbian in Sword of the Necromancer (Available on Nintendo Switch and Steam) and we are close to the end of the year with another one in UNSIGHTED (also on Switch and Steam), by Studio Pixel Punk.

Traverse Arcadia your way. Save your friends. Time is ticking.

Alma is an Automaton that awakens to a world in ruin after the war with the humans. Anima, the resource that gives Automatons sentience, is running out and turning Alma’s friends into mindless killing machines, the UNSIGHTED.

UNSIGHTED invites you to master it over multiple playthroughs to find the real catharsis the game has to offer. Can you save everyone?

Key Features

  • EXPLORE YOUR WAY – The world of Arcadia is massive and ripe for exploration, with many shortcuts to discover and maps both above and below the surface of the world. When one path seems too tricky, find new uses for familiar weapons and tools.
  • RICH AND VARIED COMBAT – Build your perfect loadout to suit your playstyle. UNSIGHTED allows players to equip weapons in various ways, from dual-wielding swords to shuriken and shotgun combinations. Alma will need to use perfectly timed combat actions to trigger faster reload speeds or a massively damaging parry to survive in the city.
  • CRAFT AND UPGRADE – Upgrade Alma through an extensive upgrade tree via chips you’ll find throughout your journey. Chips can be crafted or discovered, and each offers different bonus effects. Experiment with nearly limitless builds from the fast and efficient to the powerful and stylish.
  • CHOICES MATTER – Alma’s withering life force ticks away in real-time and is the driving factor in the story of UNSIGHTED. Tarry too long in one spot, and you may find that critical NPCs have already become Unsighted before you meet them. Save or drain other Automatons of their anima for your survival. The constant passage of time can result in vastly different endings and allows for further playthroughs to stay fresh and exciting.
  • HIGHLY REPLAYABLE + CO-OP – In addition to the main story UNSIGHTED also features additional challenge modes, BOSS RUSH and DUNGEON RAID. You can also bring a friend along your journey through Arcadia through full-featured CO-OP.

As readers noticed when I brought this game up one of Alma’s friends is very close to her. Let’s just say the two were honored as part of a certain day of visibility.

Elevator Game with CatgirlsBonus Round in the form of the Kickstarter project of The Elevator Game with Catgirls, by No Bread Studio.

Plot Summary:

Based on the Korean urban legend, Elevator to Another World, The Elevator Game is a ritual that is said to give the player access to another world by following a strict set of rules.

Motivated by a bet made with her classmate, Asahi’s girlfriend Kirin decides to give the game a try, and drags her along for company. As Asahi waits outside of the building that Kirin chose to perform the ritual in, she starts to experience some confusing and inexplicable things…

Kirin fails to return that day, or the day after. Feeling somehow guilty as though Kirin’s disappearance might be her fault, Asahi determines to try and find her missing girlfriend… by playing the elevator game herself.

Where will your choices take her?

This is a Point and Click game that with bad ends around every corner as players uncover clues to solve the mystery in hopes of helping Asahi rescue Kirin. Learn more by visiting the KS page HERE. Demo included HERE. The main goal was successfully funded but there is still a full voice acting stretch goal to reach.

That’s all for now. Maybe there will be more soon.

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3 Responses to October 2021 Yuri Game News Bonus

  1. Kurona says:

    A bit of warning about faylinn quest, the game makes it very clear that it wants you to have het sex and it will aggressively push quests or scenarios that will end up that way on you. Also your potential girlfriends never stop talking about dick.


    • OG-Man says:

      Good tidbit to point out, yes. It’s an eroge with male interests so making most of the girls bi isn’t surprising. I’ll add the warning just in case.


    • qorl says:

      The bi part and quest pushing part I can deal with as long as the het’s avoidable. But that last bit is gonna be…really freakin annoying.


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