Aquatope of White Sand Episode 16: Women in the Workforce

It’s about time to see what’s Chiyu’s deal. This better be good.

Dr Takeshita Returns

We got a surprise visit from Dr Takeshita. The veterinarian who had a child early in the first half of the show. Fuuka was happy to see her but Chiyu had the opposite reaction. Dr Takeshita thought she looked familiar. The first clue about her issue she had a specific shift. One of the baby penguin eggs was close to hatching so the boss had the three in charge stay overnight but Chiyu reminded him about her shift. He would change the schedule to not include her. This didn’t please her either but she kept quiet.

An interesting little tidbit was Dr Takeshita being lucky she found a childcare center for her son. The reason was she enjoyed her job and probably brought in the big bucks for the family. This was interesting because recently I listened to a podcast discussing women in the US workforce and the difficulties they faced, especially mothers, both single and married, due to lack of childcare.

Back to the story. The baby talk reminded Fuuka of the mama penguin’s baby hatching soon. When she showed Kukuru and Karin the schedule our favorite hothead noticed Chiyu’s name wasn’t there. She got annoyed by what she thought was “special treatment” and without considering the reason rushed off to confront her. The confrontation went as well as one would expect. Fortunately we wouldn’t have to wait long for the big reveal.

Chiyu's son ShizukuAt this point I was like “Being a single mom in her (probably) 20’s isn’t a good excuse to be an arrogant bitch at work. Yes. I get her not wanting sympathy but again it’s not a good excuse to be a jerk toward the Gama Gama peeps, especially Kukuru, because it didn’t look like they went through as many hardships as you”.

Kukuru acting a bit selfishWere they seriously writing Kukuru to be the bad one this episode because she took the opportunity of  Chiyu asking for the day off (to care for her sick son) as a chance at a future promotion? After a successful presentation about penguin maternity she asked the boss (Not Mr A.D.) to take care of Chiyu’s responsibilities while she’s away. He let slip she’s caring for her son. He tried brushing it off but Kukuru heard loud and clear.

Chiyu berates KukuruTo everyone’s surprise Chiyu reported to work after all. When Kaoru mentioned what Kukuru was up to she’s like “How dare you try to take my spot! I want (need) this job damn it!”

We knew about her struggle. The next question was why keep it a secret. Part of it was because at her old job she had to take a lot of time off to care for Shizuku but was eventually fired. My best guess was when she explained the situation her employer wasn’t very supportive. Still not a good excuse for being a bitch.

Kukuru about to care for Dr Takeshita's babyKukuru called Fuuka and was like “I still don’t like her but I want to try and understand her so I’m gonna care for a child too”. That being Dr Takeshita’s little cutie.

Fuuka visits ChiyuFuuka did her part by approaching Chiyu directly. You know everything I mentioned up above? All those rants against Chiyu? I predicted all that long before she revealed her backstory. Everything I said was EXACTLY what happened. Graduated at 18, had a child at an early age, got married, got a job at an aquarium, they weren’t super patient with her so she got fired, husband left her for another woman, got a new job at Tingaara, kept her son a secret for as long as she could, resented the Gama Gama peeps (especially Kukuru) for not being as serious as she was. I obviously empathize with her struggles. I really do but if I were in Kukuru’s shoes the best Chiyu would get out of me as a coworker is to begrudgingly work together. Become her friend though? Maybe in a year or two if we’re still in the same company.

Anyway Fuuka told her in her supportive future girlfriend way “You got Kukuru all wrong. She does her best to understand her coworkers and help them. That’s why she’s caring for a child right now.” As for how it went with Kukuru and Baby Takeshita? I don’t need to post a screen shot because it should be obvious. The important thing was she realized “Damn! Moms are hardcore.”

Kukuru, Chiyu and ShizukuOne last time. I empathize with what she went through but she’s got a ways to go. Won’t guarantee I’ll like her. I’m just surprised that this episode aired in the same week I checked out the podcast covering this very topic. Cool and spooky. Pretty good episode with a strong theme.

PS: I also learned Shizuku is another name usually associated with girls that boys in Japan can have too, similar to Yuri. I’m sure there are others.

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12 Responses to Aquatope of White Sand Episode 16: Women in the Workforce

  1. skydragonx8 says:

    Definitely another good episode, I am glad we got to know Chiyu more which is nice, being a single parent is tough for sure but still it doesn’t give her a good excuse to be so damn bitchy to everyone especially Kukuru plus if she had opened up about it there were people there who was willing to help. Like you said I do emphasize with her cause it is indeed super tough being a single parent but it is definitely gonna be a while till I actually start liking Chiyu.

    Seeing Kukuru wanting to try out babysitting was cute, the minute Takeshita-san left I was like so it begins lol, but yeah Kukuru wanting to experience that to see how it was and wanting to help is just so kind of her, that is Kukuru for you. Also Fuuka being the supportive and caring girlfriend she is, she told Chiyu about Kukuru and what she is like!

    Overall it was a really good episode with a deep theme for sure and I can’t wait for the next episode!

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  2. Mauron says:

    Is Aquatope going to give me my gay mom fix of the season? Either Kukuru babysitting in preparation for the future, or Chiyu parenting while flirting with one of her coworkers will do.

    I have no clue how Tingarla is managed, but I’m still convinced someone is trying to sabotage it from the inside.

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  3. yoorie19 says:

    This episode really changed Chiyu’s image in my own and my friends’. A story about single mother with a kid never fails to grab our empathy.

    The interesting thing I noticed after watching the episode was when Kaoru gave Chiyu an apple. I was like, “it’s so random!” when watching it for the first time. Yet, my search told a different story. Apple is known as a love symbol. So, after reading once again the context of their dialogue there, I concluded that Kaoru has some kind of affection towards Chiyu. Lol .

    Well, we never know the future. But, I kinda want to see the handsome girl got the single mother into her hand. lol. A prince with a wounded but hard working princess never be a bad pair.

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  4. Nick says:

    I have pretty mixed feelings about this ep. On one hand I feel some empathy for Chiyu as raising a child can be tough (not talking from experience but it just looks like it would be tough) but on the other hand I’m trying to reason if that’s a good enough reason for how she acts towards the Gama Gama crew. It’s nice that we finally got her backstory and I’ll give them credit for giving her a slightly different backstory than what we usually see in anime, but I honestly don’t think this really changes my views about Chiyu all that much. Maybe this is rhe start of her redemption arc and over the next while she’ll become a more likeable character, but for now she’s still the same in my eyes.

    Was nice to see Takeshita again. I’m glad she wasn’t just a character we saw once and never again. Hopefully she’s around more now that she’s working there too.

    I don’t think Kukuru was a bad guy this week. She just saw a chance to move up in her job and took it. Happens all the time in life and if the aquarium industry is that tough, taking every chance you get seems like it would be the norm. But like I said, mixed feelings about this ep. Everyone will have something different to take away from this ep.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Some agree with us about Chiyu still having a long way to go before fully redeeming herself. Others of course support her because if there’s one thing I learned about media no matter how mean or evil a character is they will ALWAYS have at least one or two supporters. Then there are those who mainly hope Chiyu and Kaoru hook up. No complaints were that to happen.

      Kukuru did nothing wrong this episode.

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  5. yurimylove says:

    too bad Kukuru couldn’t kick Chiyu out and reunite with her penguins. Haha just kidding. I suspected there would be some sob story about Chiyu. Being a hard working single mom with bitter experience of losing job over it would be tough for sure. Still she could hide her family situation without being all snobbish towards the gama gama members right?


  6. chikorita157 says:

    I didn’t expect a Chiyu redemption arc given how stuck up she is and condescending towards Kukuru. Then again, Kukuru kind of showed animosity towards her initially when she doesn’t seem to like the idea of training her competitor. It’s good that she kind of feels sorry about treating her like crap after finding out her situation.

    Still, I agree that Chiyu has a long way before she fully redeems herself. Still, it’s kind of interesting how they continue this theme of people being a-holes to each other.

    Liked by 1 person

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