Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de aru 3.3: Rogue Yuusha

Title is a reference to another spinoff to a major series.

Aya plants divine seed

We continued the “Mebuki wa Yusha de Aru” story after the battle with the Stardust swarm. Aya was escorted to a remain of the Earth as she planted a divine seed and performed the ritual to help it blossom into a new Divine Tree. However, though victorious many Sentinels were physically and emotionally scarred from the battle. Mebuki and Aya saw them leave and just as quickly the Taisha replaced them with other girls. This of course angered Mebuki as she tried to hold as much of it back.

Hero Club CameoAs our six heroines discussed their ongoing side-campaign Suzume revealed that at some after Karin joined the Hero Club she went to check them out. Apart from Karin, who intimidated her yet was still a mega tsundere at that point, she thought they were all pretty cool. Mebuki strangely wanted to hear more about them, contrary to how she used to be. More on this in a bit.

Shizuku Version 2During another Stardust attack we learned Shizuki had another side to her. The usually soft spoken Sentinel had a berserk mode of sorts. She reminded me of Fuuka from Kandagawa Jet Girls.

Mebuki doing her best to keep everyone aliveMebuki, who at first wanted to become a Hero for pride and self-worth, found a greater purpose as captain of the Sentinels, to complete the mission, ensure the survival of all her teammates and prove to the Taisha they weren’t “expendable”.

Mebuki X AyaAs eagle-eyed viewers noticed last episode one girl who kept a close eye on Mebuki the entire time was the miko Aya. After numerous battles she saw how heavy of a toll it had on Mebuki’s body and willpower. She and the others gifted her with a heart shaped box with all their signatures as a show of their strong bonds. However, it was Aya who wanted to form a stronger bond with Mebuki, hence why she invited her on a date to get to know each other better. We already knew how much Mebuki’s father influenced her despite his intimidating outer shell. Aya meanwhile was raised from a young age to be a shrine maiden willfully serving the gods. However, as we can see she clearly wanted more out of life hence this date.

Mebuki shows her cute sideShe was treated to Mebuki’s love of model building from castles to tanks. Near the end of their date Aya clearly wanted to tell her something important but held back.

Mebuki determined to find a way to save AyaThe next day Mebuki had a feeling why Aya held back as the Taisha informed them Aya’s was to be sacrificed for “the greater good”, meaning Lord Shinju’s power had greatly weakened. Besides that the Sentinels were ordered to retrieve the new Divine Tree to stabilize Lord Shinju’s power. Mebuki of course was furious because what she hated most seemingly came true, the Taisha treated the Sentinels like expendable pawns. She’s determined to find a way to save Aya (her pretty much girlfriend) from her unjust fate.

Good stuff yet again.

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4 Responses to Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de aru 3.3: Rogue Yuusha

  1. skydragonx8 says:

    Definitely am enjoying Mebuki’s story, her group is very likeable like the past groups. Suzume is still the absolute highlight of the group, she is just so over the top and fun.

    Also seeing her Mebuki’s dorky side was definitely really nice cause she was cold originally but then became the commanding leader of sorts so seeing her dorky side with Aya made me smile.

    Also YESSSSS Mebuki and Aya are so cute together!!! Though ofc it wouldn’t be a Yuuki Yuuna story without the twist, Mebuki got to save her waifu stat!!!

    Another thing I am happy we got to see our favorite hero club dorks even if it was for a short amount of time.

    Looking forward to more

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Mebuki likes model kits

    As a gunpla builder, hell yeah model kits are a hell of a drug lol

    Also that ending really threw me in for a loop!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Symphogal says:

    I’m loving Hero Club 2 and learning all about them each character is very fun, interesting and very different from the original hero club. It is interesting how Mebu’s team had to work so much harder than Yuna and the others to becoming heroes. But what Mebu and the others who strive to be heros fail to understand is that Being a hero isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and that the Taisha organization is a joke.

    Plus Mebu (Togo’s twin) is so cute and ocd obsessed with meticulous things (just like Togo it’s adorable) and is a great leader. Although I feel bad for her, and Karin taking her place. Even though Karin did get lucky, being a part of the hero was great for her character development, she grew most from the club (I lovee Karin the most🤩).

    After Watching such sad events in Washio and Hero chapter Mebu and hero club 2 just don’t know what their getting into.


  4. K says:

    Rouge One, I take it?

    Honestly, I shouldn’t have been surprised that there were other Hero Clubs out there. I just assumed that Fuu’s Hero Club was the only one in existence, but Suzume dispelled that notion. Her meeting them, except Sonoko, was a fun time, though.

    Mebuki and Aya’s little date was cute and quite revealing. Of course, you gotta hand it to the Taisha for having the great ability of tossing out despair bombs like it was nothing. Mebuki’s gonna have to give it her all to save Aya from her fate, the problem of course being that miracles are quite sparse in that world.


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